Monday, 30 May 2011

Justin Bieber girlfriend  Selena Gomez received death  threats, after photographs showing the couple was making out in Hawaii in circulation. they seem very happy ,Selena once again become the
victim of a jealousy  Bieber fans saw this couple was kissing. "Stay away from Justin. Basic Pedophilia! "the message of  a fan who was mad at Selena Bieber on the social networking  Twitter site.

"I'll kill you! when you sleep on your bed that smells,"the another once threat.Or other threat message that reads. "Selena Gomez you are living in danger, you will die slowly with the sick. "The relationship Selena (18) with Bieber is now open,
and not stealth anymore. Especially after Bieber now 17 years old.

Selena do get a reprimand from the call to the fans Belibers ,Justin Bieber, after they no longer turn a blind intimated  in public.,Last weekend they caught the photographer was a romantic  vacation in Maui, Hawaii.Not only on Twitter alone In another social networking site
 Facebook, a fan writes a message on his wall.
"I hate Selena Gomez, because he was out with my guy. "
As is known Bieberis a singer who is on the rise with his song titled baby baby, capable sold millions of copies throughout the world, it's natural the fans Bieber, annoyed by the presence lover Bieber Selena Gomez

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Barcelona finally established themselves as champions
league champions 2011, beginning with a kick from
pedro  in minutes to 27 first-half scored the ball into the goal manchester united are on guard by van de sar created the position 1-0 to Barcelona, and create a team that was raised by Josep Guardiola the spirit of creating the second goal with a 4-3-3 formation mainstay, and goalkeeper Victor Valdes, Barcelona increasingly confident to beat the red devil in custody by Sir Alex Ferguson.
And in the 34th minute Wayne Rooney finally able to put the ball into the goal Barcelona, making the position a draw until halftime.
second in round Trio David Villa, Lionel Messi and Pedro, playing beautiful with bait bait breakthrough very quickly create a red devil defense is escorted by four defender Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Eric Abidal and Dani Alves over whelmed  and produce a second goal for Barcelona through foot messi, And make temporary position became 2-1 to Barcelona, which played fast tempo game by David villa and his friends produce result to 3-1 through a banana kick by David Villa in minute  to 69, and lasted until the 2nd round completed and also confirmed the champions league champions Barcelona 2011.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Julia perez is preparing to become a boxing ambassador for Pertina (national boxing association), as well as replacing Tamara blezensky in the position as Indonesia's national boxing manager.
After 3 months ahead Tamara blezensky will end his tenure, and Julia perez will replace Tamara blezensky who already have children, Tamara automatic schedule is tight.
"julia perez

while in promoted into boxing team manager trophy president" said Ginting, executive chairman of the President Cup, while at the meet in the Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday.
Jupe flat attitude and impressed not nervous when receiving the offer, and the target of three gold for the under their fosterage boxing team in the Champions trophy president.
"Our target of three gold medal. This is not a burden, I am very excited. We've been providing material and moral support," said Jupe.
"Blessing for me and it's really a positive thing,
really great boxing in Indonesia, let alone the world
we have talent Chris John. And we'll see what kind of
future, for sure I'm thrilled,"

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nadilla Ernesta  hot party photos - Photos bikini Nadilla Ernesta
which circulated widely on the internet until today there has been no
which to discuss it because it's not somethin unusual not visible in photos of hot Nadilla Ernesta was in a party atmosphere in the house who knows together with shes friend with some party photos Nadilla Ernesta is still no definite description who's that perpetuate the moment.

Perhaps for those of you who are curious about  bikini photos Nadilla Ernesta hot  in a reception this evening wondering how does the form cool beautiful star, in I take this opportunity to show photos of hot Nadilla Ernesta can you see details about the location here. Nadilla Ernesta party photo where it is still a
 search carefully for the netter in the entire archipelago.
Seen in the photo bikini  Nadilla Ernesta wearing black and very happy to enjoy togetherness with my friends
  on an edge of a swimming pool with night time.As you will see for himself that party photo
Nadilla Ernesta is in the title in an atmosphere of gloom and so many cigarettes and drink in the title in the event
Photo  Nadilla Ernesta hot  is intentionally in immortalized by one of his friends in that atmosphere.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Acne can causes by nuts
Is it true that eating chocolate and nuts can cause acne?
So, is it true that toothpaste can help heal
acne? Here are the myths that circulate about acne.
Read more for you no more wrong in treating skin
1. Acne is caused by dust.
Acne appears due to the pores clogged by oil, bacteria,and dead skin cells.
2. Eating chocolate and fried foods can cause acne.
To date, no research that could find relationship between acne with any food. During
consumed in moderation, food will not affect acne.
3. Acne can be overcome by frequently washing the face.
Wash your face with soap or gentle cleanser,maximum of 3 times a day. Too frequent washing can face cause skin irritation, and stimulates the skin to
produce more oil, so that the acne even more and more inflamed.
4. Toothpaste helps cure acne.
Toothpaste does not contain any substances that can treat acne. Look for drugs that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
5. Squeeze pimples rid acne is the fastest way.
With squeezed and forced to rupture, bacteria that cause acne it will easily spread to other parts. Moreover, if the hand used to squeeze pimples are not sterile. As a result, not only worsens acne, but also will scars on the skin of the face.
6. Sunlight helps to cure acne.
Sun exposure can cause irritation which makes acne worse.
7. Acne only appeared on the skin of teenagers.
At the age of adolescence, hormones in the body much experience changes. Therefore, acne is more frequent in
adolescents. But acne is not only influenced by
hormone, but also by personal hygiene, diet, pollution,
stress, and genetic factors, so that the children and parents
could still pimply

Monday, 23 May 2011

Doku, the start up that provides credit card processing services from Indonesiana. formerly known as NsiaPay, Their new product launches on Wednesday (18 / 5). Their services now not only for online merchants but all traders in the entire archipelago.

Over the years many Indonesian people have been using PayPal to conduct transactions via the Internet,especially freelancer who often has clients overseas. Although customer service is very difficult to provide services, but PayPal is an option because this is payment method the easiest and most accessible
across borders.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate used by PayPal adverse users outside the United States who need to withdraw funds to their bank accounts, and exchange rate established by this often far below the rates set by banks local.

For transactions with overseas clients or agencies,PayPal has become the de facto method of payment, but for local transactions, in practice, PayPal is far could be the best option.

Most local electronic transactions conducted through bank transfer via internet banking, mobile banking or through the ATM. Unfortunately this also find obstacles,
two largest banks in Indonesia, Mandiri bank and BCA,not allow seamlessly provide facilities online transactions between owners of their accounts.

we hope that what will be launched today Doku,whether it will complete the payment process for transactions internet people of Indonesia who live in the country
or would create a major step toward achieving practicality of it.

Electronic commerce is an important driver for economy and increase the use, rather than indicating shift but the addition of an important layer of transaction
finance. Although Indonesian among the top Internet users 25-40 million, those who conduct direct transactions in Internet is far below that number. One of the obstacles The biggest is the lack of trust between seller and buyer, or the payer and payee. Agent like Doku can provide services that enhance trust.

With the growing online marketplace like, Multiply - which has its own launch event today This - Rakuten said, and other online stores, online transactions
Direct is fast becoming a necessity among users Internet in Indonesian.

Indeed, Doku is not the only service in this segment.We have seen an intermediary which has been adopted by number of properties online to facilitate transactions them online. Kaspay is one example of Kaskus Networks and groups are also Kompas Gramedia develop a similar service, Midazz, which will be launched
the end of this month (june) .

Finally, I do not think people will enroll them in as much as possible intermediary payment and use it, things like this may end with the conditions in which the intermediary refused to recognize funds from one another. On the other hand, these initiatives These payments may have a better sense of the bank, they can work together to ensure the current account smoothly in all conditions.

Clearly, there is demand and need for an intermediary Local for online transactions. Do those who have model is better or more open to be accessed, and where which eventually will become a popular choice, is the subject another discussion. For now, let's enjoy the fact that the online trading space in Indonesia have considerable attention and are the days when the process
payment or tedious manual will soon be left behind era. is a blog that discusses the technology web and the internet from home and abroad, the strategy enterprise IT / Web globally, and also introduced
Indonesia-start up . This blog was founded Rama Mamuaya.

Doku Merchant Package : Introduction Offer will be release on 18 May 2011

"With body painting, people will be aware of the endangered animals. I'm ready with the response of the community because we towed the government and have permission first," said Jupe, met in the East Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ahmad Yani, East Jakarta, Monday

Julia Perez (Jupe) was not afraid of action painting the naked body will reap the controversy. Because the action was done with the permission of the government and within the framework of social campaigns.

Jupe reasoned, the action of body painting is an effective way to arouse awareness of people to protect endangered species. Moreover, Jupe said, he was not painted by male artists, but women.

"Actually it's interesting body painting, so that the community aware of (care) will be the killing of animals. It is also to show to the world that Indonesia care. But the artist girl anyway, I was uncomfortable when a guy," he admitted.

In body painting, a rare animal campaign, Singer of Belah Duren is with her lover, Gaston Castano. Their action was about to be released in December, to coincide with world AIDS day.

"Not to be release

because they have no permission. Everything is still under discussion at the Ministry of Forestry. The target in December, the campaign all day HIV / AIDS," he concluded.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI) will take stern action after learning  Agni Pratistha reasons that appear to pose topless a lot now in cyberspace.  YPI also seeking materials related to actions that Puteri Indonesia 2006.

Ahmad R Subing as Asissten Corp.. Public Relations Manager Miss Indonesia Foundation  when contacted by phone on Thursday (20 / 5) afternoon revealed that the photograph as a matter of course, but because it is a Puteri Indonesia, which should keep the image and likeness, eventually became extraordinary.

"Actually, the usual things like other adult magazines, but because he's so incredibly Puteri Indonesia. So we find out first what is right like that? The reason for what? We are again looking for she's magazine," said Ahmad R Subing.

"We have not seen the photographs, but we know from online media,information that we can be said for the magazine. We are looking for the magazine to confirm whether it is true, "he continued.

The first action to be performed YPI is a clarification on that question. The reason for 'negligence' for which they received a contract to pose a lower image and the image Puteri Indonesia as a whole.

"From the YPI may be clarifying to Agni Pratistha, if true we will ask what the reason, and will we love her advice as Puteri Indonesia must maintain the image inherent in her" he said.

In fact, continued Ahmad R Subing, for the candidate emphasized Puteri Indonesia has been so always keep the image, despite being separated from the YPI. Before they were elected, even while still in quarantine have been emphasizing that.

"Before they've chosen us you know, even from within the quarantine. But sometimes they think it's a matter of course, that's why we love the direction again so that is not followed each other," he concluded.

As it is known that the Agni Pratistha posed in an online media without wearing clothes, and the hall was very annoying to miss Indonesian career.

Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) Golkar Party Priyo Budi Santoso said he did not comment on the alleged involvement of two good Democrats, Muhammad Nazaruddin and Angelina Sondakh, in the bribery case the Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Wafid Muharam in the construction of Wisma Athletes SEA Games 2011 in Palembang. "I'm not good," said Priyo in the event of Training of Trainers  Golkar Party A at the Hotel Grand Park East Java Surabaya, Saturday, May 21, 2011. Related to that, Priyo fully submit to the Chairman of the House of Representatives Alie Marzuki, who is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Democrats.

He added, if there are complaints from the public related to the case, it will ask to check the Honorary Board concerned. "I will ask it to BK. There are reports from the public or not," he said.

Like many reported, the two Democrats, Nazaruddin and Angelina Sondakh, was mentioned involved in the alleged bribery case Wafid. Nazaruddin, as boss Mindo Rosalina Manullang predefined KPK as a suspect on suspicion of giving bribes to Wafid together with Marketing Manager of PT Duta Graha Indah, Mohamed El Idris. While Angie is called the coordinator in charge of Panja SEA Games which share the fee to parliamentarians.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


A mother pleaded guilty to charges of assault against his daughter who was four years old, he was accused of burning her alive in a voodoo ceremony.
Marie lauradin 32 years, are now sentenced to years in prison 17 years  cause arson attempt against his daughter the princess Frantzcia saintil now have a permanent burn scar.
Although the putsi for help and burns serious enough the mother did not seek immediate medical relief assistance, the prosecutor said Richard Brown, a case reported by Reuters.
"very ironic, when a child should receive protection and can feel safe, but actually his birth mother who makes suffering.
Lauradin previously said before the police that suffered burns in children are due to accidents in the kitchen, the mother dodged that a pot of rice on the child, but when in the hospital the boy told the nurse that burns in misery is in because of the ritual voodoo will be undertaken by the mother.
lauradin make prsesi voodoo ceremony by making a circle of fire and put his son in the middle of the circle, his body burned at the grandmother and friend of the family saw it on fire.
The grandmother Slyvenie thssier also sentenced to 3 years in prison forever because reckless acts that endanger the lives of her grandchildren.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today culinary is Tuna with Dabu-Dabu condiment
- 2 tails (800 gram) tuna, slices
- 2 teaspoons soy sauce
- 1 tablespoon salt
- 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
- 3 tablespoons cooking oil

 -  20 red onions
 -  6 large red chilies
 -  10 pieces of curly red chili
 -   6 pieces of red chili sauce 

          Materials dabu-dabu condiment :
  -  4 large red peppers, sliced ​​round
  -  6 pieces green chillies, sliced ​​round
  -  10 grains of red onion, thinly sliced
  -  1 teaspoon salt
  -  1 piece of red tomatoes, cut box
  -  1 piece of green tomatoes, cut box
  -  1 tablespoon lemon juice Cui
  -  1 1 / 2 teaspoon sugar
sexual behavior Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director
Agency for International Monetary (IMF) has long seemed to smell.Who are the victims? Earlier this week, Strauss-Kahn were herded into prison in New York,Rikers Island, on charges of sexual assault. In the case of
this time, one of France's 2012 presidential candidate at least  faces seven charges and could face 25 years in prison
.It was started on Saturday (14 / 5) afternoon, where a officer hygiene Hotel Sofitel, New York, admitted
the existence of sexual harassment against her. Women aged 32 years old  it was thought the rooms are occupied by Strauss-Kahn had empty, so she went straight to clean up.
Suddenly , Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom naked. Surprised, the woman escaped but Strauss-Kahn caught her and dragged her to bed. Resistance by the victim, only made her  taken to the bathroom and forced to perform oral sex.However, victims fight back and eventually succeeded
escape from a hotel room. She then complained to superiors. Strauss-Kahn was finally arrested on charges of
sex crimes, attempted rape and confinement.Police were looking for forensic evidence and DNA.
While the victims were taken to hospital for the autospy report. She also suffered minor injuries.
 This incident was not happening this time only.
Public memory returned back to the events of 2008.At that time, Strauss-Kahn faces associated his affair spotlight with a blond woman who also employees in the IMF. The woman named Piroska M. Nagy, a
Hungarian-born economist.Her story begins in the fall of 2007, when Dominique
Strauss-Kahn started his job as Managing Director  in the IMF. He asked all division heads to give presentations  Certain areas become their focus. One briefing is funding in Ghana. Fund Operations in West Africa is small. But Strauss-Kahn showed his interest in a woman who makes presentations, Nagy, who was 50 years old. In short, Strauss-Kahn affair with Nagy, women already married, became a public issue. Internal Investigations IMF funded clean up errors Strauss-Kahn, despite critical assessment.
In a letter to the Board investigator, said Nagy  Strauss-Kahn has used his power as director implementers to become intimate with him. He also felt compelled  for Strauss-Kahn is very powerful and too senior,
making it difficult for him to say no."I'm damned if I do and damned if I do not," 
he wrote In the letter, Nagy also revealed that Strauss-Kahn is a man with a problem in women.
"This is supported her position as head of a institution in which women work under his command. "Nagy end the relationship after her husband knew this.In spring 2008, Nagy, who worked at the IMF since 1986 even
out and is now working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London.
However, the news is slanted about Jewish men no stop yet. In 2002, Strauss-Kahn was also never
sexual harassment against women. Tristane Banon,31, a journalist and author has publicly states that Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to rape himself during an interview in 2002. He also plans to file lawsuits against Strauss-Kahn, something that actually has been decided nine years ago. Similarly, his lawyer said,
David Koubbi, Monday (16 / 5) earlier this week.At that time, her mother, Anne Mansouret, Socialist Party officials, Banon persuaded not to file a lawsuit against men close to the family and their politics.
It is recognized Anne Mansouret in a television interview.
Fearing he might do the wrong thing, Mansouret tell their conversation like this,"Look, you know, if she was raped, I would not hesitate,but that did not happen. He (Strauss-Kahn) harass sexually, but there was no rape occurred,so until the end of life, that's what happened on your resume '"                                                   Banon talk about the alleged assault in a television interview in 2007, said that a politician, who later identified as Strauss-Kahn, had tried to rape her during an interview to book.she claimed to contact a lawyer, but never
filed a lawsuit because "I do not want to be a girl who has a problem with a politician during  rest of my life. "