Sunday, 22 May 2011

Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI) will take stern action after learning  Agni Pratistha reasons that appear to pose topless a lot now in cyberspace.  YPI also seeking materials related to actions that Puteri Indonesia 2006.

Ahmad R Subing as Asissten Corp.. Public Relations Manager Miss Indonesia Foundation  when contacted by phone on Thursday (20 / 5) afternoon revealed that the photograph as a matter of course, but because it is a Puteri Indonesia, which should keep the image and likeness, eventually became extraordinary.

"Actually, the usual things like other adult magazines, but because he's so incredibly Puteri Indonesia. So we find out first what is right like that? The reason for what? We are again looking for she's magazine," said Ahmad R Subing.

"We have not seen the photographs, but we know from online media,information that we can be said for the magazine. We are looking for the magazine to confirm whether it is true, "he continued.

The first action to be performed YPI is a clarification on that question. The reason for 'negligence' for which they received a contract to pose a lower image and the image Puteri Indonesia as a whole.

"From the YPI may be clarifying to Agni Pratistha, if true we will ask what the reason, and will we love her advice as Puteri Indonesia must maintain the image inherent in her" he said.

In fact, continued Ahmad R Subing, for the candidate emphasized Puteri Indonesia has been so always keep the image, despite being separated from the YPI. Before they were elected, even while still in quarantine have been emphasizing that.

"Before they've chosen us you know, even from within the quarantine. But sometimes they think it's a matter of course, that's why we love the direction again so that is not followed each other," he concluded.

As it is known that the Agni Pratistha posed in an online media without wearing clothes, and the hall was very annoying to miss Indonesian career.


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