Saturday, 28 May 2011

Barcelona finally established themselves as champions
league champions 2011, beginning with a kick from
pedro  in minutes to 27 first-half scored the ball into the goal manchester united are on guard by van de sar created the position 1-0 to Barcelona, and create a team that was raised by Josep Guardiola the spirit of creating the second goal with a 4-3-3 formation mainstay, and goalkeeper Victor Valdes, Barcelona increasingly confident to beat the red devil in custody by Sir Alex Ferguson.
And in the 34th minute Wayne Rooney finally able to put the ball into the goal Barcelona, making the position a draw until halftime.
second in round Trio David Villa, Lionel Messi and Pedro, playing beautiful with bait bait breakthrough very quickly create a red devil defense is escorted by four defender Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Eric Abidal and Dani Alves over whelmed  and produce a second goal for Barcelona through foot messi, And make temporary position became 2-1 to Barcelona, which played fast tempo game by David villa and his friends produce result to 3-1 through a banana kick by David Villa in minute  to 69, and lasted until the 2nd round completed and also confirmed the champions league champions Barcelona 2011.


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