Monday, 23 May 2011

"With body painting, people will be aware of the endangered animals. I'm ready with the response of the community because we towed the government and have permission first," said Jupe, met in the East Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ahmad Yani, East Jakarta, Monday

Julia Perez (Jupe) was not afraid of action painting the naked body will reap the controversy. Because the action was done with the permission of the government and within the framework of social campaigns.

Jupe reasoned, the action of body painting is an effective way to arouse awareness of people to protect endangered species. Moreover, Jupe said, he was not painted by male artists, but women.

"Actually it's interesting body painting, so that the community aware of (care) will be the killing of animals. It is also to show to the world that Indonesia care. But the artist girl anyway, I was uncomfortable when a guy," he admitted.

In body painting, a rare animal campaign, Singer of Belah Duren is with her lover, Gaston Castano. Their action was about to be released in December, to coincide with world AIDS day.

"Not to be release

because they have no permission. Everything is still under discussion at the Ministry of Forestry. The target in December, the campaign all day HIV / AIDS," he concluded.


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