Monday, 23 May 2011

Doku, the start up that provides credit card processing services from Indonesiana. formerly known as NsiaPay, Their new product launches on Wednesday (18 / 5). Their services now not only for online merchants but all traders in the entire archipelago.

Over the years many Indonesian people have been using PayPal to conduct transactions via the Internet,especially freelancer who often has clients overseas. Although customer service is very difficult to provide services, but PayPal is an option because this is payment method the easiest and most accessible
across borders.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate used by PayPal adverse users outside the United States who need to withdraw funds to their bank accounts, and exchange rate established by this often far below the rates set by banks local.

For transactions with overseas clients or agencies,PayPal has become the de facto method of payment, but for local transactions, in practice, PayPal is far could be the best option.

Most local electronic transactions conducted through bank transfer via internet banking, mobile banking or through the ATM. Unfortunately this also find obstacles,
two largest banks in Indonesia, Mandiri bank and BCA,not allow seamlessly provide facilities online transactions between owners of their accounts.

we hope that what will be launched today Doku,whether it will complete the payment process for transactions internet people of Indonesia who live in the country
or would create a major step toward achieving practicality of it.

Electronic commerce is an important driver for economy and increase the use, rather than indicating shift but the addition of an important layer of transaction
finance. Although Indonesian among the top Internet users 25-40 million, those who conduct direct transactions in Internet is far below that number. One of the obstacles The biggest is the lack of trust between seller and buyer, or the payer and payee. Agent like Doku can provide services that enhance trust.

With the growing online marketplace like, Multiply - which has its own launch event today This - Rakuten said, and other online stores, online transactions
Direct is fast becoming a necessity among users Internet in Indonesian.

Indeed, Doku is not the only service in this segment.We have seen an intermediary which has been adopted by number of properties online to facilitate transactions them online. Kaspay is one example of Kaskus Networks and groups are also Kompas Gramedia develop a similar service, Midazz, which will be launched
the end of this month (june) .

Finally, I do not think people will enroll them in as much as possible intermediary payment and use it, things like this may end with the conditions in which the intermediary refused to recognize funds from one another. On the other hand, these initiatives These payments may have a better sense of the bank, they can work together to ensure the current account smoothly in all conditions.

Clearly, there is demand and need for an intermediary Local for online transactions. Do those who have model is better or more open to be accessed, and where which eventually will become a popular choice, is the subject another discussion. For now, let's enjoy the fact that the online trading space in Indonesia have considerable attention and are the days when the process
payment or tedious manual will soon be left behind era. is a blog that discusses the technology web and the internet from home and abroad, the strategy enterprise IT / Web globally, and also introduced
Indonesia-start up . This blog was founded Rama Mamuaya.

Doku Merchant Package : Introduction Offer will be release on 18 May 2011


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