Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Elimination of parking on the road, will be determined next June.
as many as 585 parking on the street along Hayam Wuruk street and
gajah mada street  will be removed, the activity will initiate abolition of parking on the street in specific areas across the capital Jakarta.
This policy is part of the city government's efforts to reduce congestion in Jakarta, the program is in line with the path sterilization program trans jakarta (busway), setting the operational schedule of the truck on the toll in the city and plans implemented electonic program pricing (ERP), to replace the three-in program one.
Establishments transportation agency heads, Udar pristono, elimination of parking on the street will be implemented in all the link that is parallel to the busway lane "We are applying these rules for traffic congestion in Jakarta could be resolved" he said week (05/15) in his office.
while associated with a padlock of vehicles on the road body parking violations continue to be performed "As seen in the Jakarta area all the way, locking that efforts to crack down on violations of parking restrictions in the region Jakarta.
Related to the plan (ERP), DKI will apply after the government issued regulations (PP) from the central government, but it still needed other rules such as the Parliament approval.
A number of people assessing the ERP is unfair, implementation plan prices for motor vehicles is very small press community, the plan will be charged at 15,000 cars, 20,000, while a type of motor vehicles will be subject to tariff-Rp.10.000 Rp.7500.

The objection was made ​​Director of the highway society forum (Forum jaya) Edi hasibuan.
A number of interpreters parking restless following the policy to be applied by local authorities about the parking removal plan on the street, because it will have lost their livelihoods have lived for many years even decades.
"he said next month (June) will apply these rules, we as little people just resigned to it" said one parking attendant at Hayam Wuruk.
Ramdan parking attendant at Hayam Wuruk say in a day can be pocketed in Rp.70.000 from 06:00 to 16:00 hours, Rp.37.000 submitted to the department of transportation and the rest into the pockets.
There are 50 people parking along the street interpreter gajamada and harmony, thus Hayam Wuruk.
Ramdan keep bikes and cars parking in turn, usually Rp.1000 motor tariff, while tariffs for cars rp.2000, said the man who lived the street Setiabudi.
while responding to police action that would crack down on shop owners who parked the vehicle on the road, please do not behave like averaging all the cars parked on the street  Gajahmada surrounding streets, police road map to where the most widely used as appropriate on-street parking, as seen in front of the court country.


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