Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Acne can causes by nuts
Is it true that eating chocolate and nuts can cause acne?
So, is it true that toothpaste can help heal
acne? Here are the myths that circulate about acne.
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1. Acne is caused by dust.
Acne appears due to the pores clogged by oil, bacteria,and dead skin cells.
2. Eating chocolate and fried foods can cause acne.
To date, no research that could find relationship between acne with any food. During
consumed in moderation, food will not affect acne.
3. Acne can be overcome by frequently washing the face.
Wash your face with soap or gentle cleanser,maximum of 3 times a day. Too frequent washing can face cause skin irritation, and stimulates the skin to
produce more oil, so that the acne even more and more inflamed.
4. Toothpaste helps cure acne.
Toothpaste does not contain any substances that can treat acne. Look for drugs that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
5. Squeeze pimples rid acne is the fastest way.
With squeezed and forced to rupture, bacteria that cause acne it will easily spread to other parts. Moreover, if the hand used to squeeze pimples are not sterile. As a result, not only worsens acne, but also will scars on the skin of the face.
6. Sunlight helps to cure acne.
Sun exposure can cause irritation which makes acne worse.
7. Acne only appeared on the skin of teenagers.
At the age of adolescence, hormones in the body much experience changes. Therefore, acne is more frequent in
adolescents. But acne is not only influenced by
hormone, but also by personal hygiene, diet, pollution,
stress, and genetic factors, so that the children and parents
could still pimply


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