Wednesday, 18 May 2011

After ensuring won the English premier league title for the nineteenth time, coach manchester united (Manchester United) Sir Alex Ferguson is now preparing his team to win the Champions League trophy and the red devil catalan Barcelona giant is now targeting.
Manchester United get the title for the nineteenth time after a successful 1-1 draw at Blackburn Rovers this weekend.
one goal replies from striker Wayne Rooney's penalty kick in the second round in edword park, MU as a team makes the most widely collected Premier League title, Ferguson and his troops beat Liverpool's perennial enemy who collect 18th league title.
For Fergie, so Ferguson is invoked, this title is the 36th title for 25 years of leadership at Old Trafford, the Scottish coach was not yet satisfied, which is 69 years as he life Fergie still wants to deliver the "red devils" won the champions league.
Opportunities exist for Manchester United will play against the giant calatan in Barcelona, on champhion League final, let alone the finals this time held at Wembley Stadium (England), 28 mei to come.
MU has three times won the Champions League, two of them along with Ferguson, that was in season 1999 and 2008.
In fact Ferguson has earned a third chance in the Champions League two years ago, but when it was defeated by Barcelona 0-2 Manchester United on the final match at the Stadion Olimpico, Rome (Italy).
"Champions League is an area where we have to do better again, "said Ferguson.
"We have won more Champions League made ​​the main target of our current" added Ferguson.
"Of course I'm glad we can ensure a degree in the League, this allowed us to have the opportunity to get a degree to-19 times Diliga very good and we want to celebrate again at Wembley" said Ferguson.
MU veteran players like Ferguson, Ryan Giggs who won the league title for the 12th time, very happy because his team can surpass Liverpool's record, said winger Walles, the achievement was a strong capital against the Barca.
"Twenty years ago we were very far from Liverpool, "said 37-year-old players, "the credibility of the players and team spirit are very proud until we can surpass our toughest opponents.


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