Monday, 30 May 2011

Justin Bieber girlfriend  Selena Gomez received death  threats, after photographs showing the couple was making out in Hawaii in circulation. they seem very happy ,Selena once again become the
victim of a jealousy  Bieber fans saw this couple was kissing. "Stay away from Justin. Basic Pedophilia! "the message of  a fan who was mad at Selena Bieber on the social networking  Twitter site.

"I'll kill you! when you sleep on your bed that smells,"the another once threat.Or other threat message that reads. "Selena Gomez you are living in danger, you will die slowly with the sick. "The relationship Selena (18) with Bieber is now open,
and not stealth anymore. Especially after Bieber now 17 years old.

Selena do get a reprimand from the call to the fans Belibers ,Justin Bieber, after they no longer turn a blind intimated  in public.,Last weekend they caught the photographer was a romantic  vacation in Maui, Hawaii.Not only on Twitter alone In another social networking site
 Facebook, a fan writes a message on his wall.
"I hate Selena Gomez, because he was out with my guy. "
As is known Bieberis a singer who is on the rise with his song titled baby baby, capable sold millions of copies throughout the world, it's natural the fans Bieber, annoyed by the presence lover Bieber Selena Gomez


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