Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Syahrini singer admitted surprise when I discovered obscene pictures and a number of images lovingly with singer Gleen fredly and presenter Daniel Mananta widespread in public, not just syahrini, sister and manager, and rani also shocked, photos kiss and pose obscene also spread across the internet .
"if the shock would be surprised" said the familiar call from Aisha Rani rani when contacting by  birenews, there are eight photos gonzo Syahrini and Rani are scattered in public.
Rani did not expect there will be a nasty photo spread it to the public.
still in shock at this time because Syahrini not be requested details about the obscene photo case syahrini, "Will there be time for the interview, we find the time tapat" says Rani who was also unable to give details about the photo gonzo syahrini and himself and plans to bring this issue to the table green.
"We and the legal counsel had made ​​statements to the police last night (Saturday night) Rani said, so far shes sister gig schedule is not disrupted after syahrini spread obscene images" do not disturb "said Rani and hope dispersers syahrini images captured.
legal questions asked Warsito Sanyoto pack (syahrini attorney), when contacted by reporters phone  Warsito is  inactive.


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