Saturday, 21 May 2011


A mother pleaded guilty to charges of assault against his daughter who was four years old, he was accused of burning her alive in a voodoo ceremony.
Marie lauradin 32 years, are now sentenced to years in prison 17 years  cause arson attempt against his daughter the princess Frantzcia saintil now have a permanent burn scar.
Although the putsi for help and burns serious enough the mother did not seek immediate medical relief assistance, the prosecutor said Richard Brown, a case reported by Reuters.
"very ironic, when a child should receive protection and can feel safe, but actually his birth mother who makes suffering.
Lauradin previously said before the police that suffered burns in children are due to accidents in the kitchen, the mother dodged that a pot of rice on the child, but when in the hospital the boy told the nurse that burns in misery is in because of the ritual voodoo will be undertaken by the mother.
lauradin make prsesi voodoo ceremony by making a circle of fire and put his son in the middle of the circle, his body burned at the grandmother and friend of the family saw it on fire.
The grandmother Slyvenie thssier also sentenced to 3 years in prison forever because reckless acts that endanger the lives of her grandchildren.


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