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          Over it lyrics
 I'm over your lies
And I'm over your games
I'm over you asking me
When you know
I'm not OK

You call me at night
And I pick up the phone
And though you be tellin' me
I know
You're not alone
I'm over your lies
And I'm over your games
I'm over you asking me
When you know
I'm not OK

You call me at night
And I pick up the phone
And though you be tellin' me
I know
You're not alone

That song was sung by Katharine McPhee Hope or better known as Katharine McPhee, a girl born March 25, 1984 in the United States precisely in Los Angeles, California..

Katharine McPhee American Idol runner-up is the fifth addition to being a singer he is also well-known actress in several film. Starting from the world of theater and opera stage, a role once played by him.

among others: You are here, Crazy, Annie Get Your Gun, for wanting a boyfriend she auditioned for American Idol, with fierce competition in the fifth American Idol Elliott finally he was able to bear Yamin beat the runner.

With a song Billie holiday god bless the child eventually he was able to release their own album after winning American Idol to five. He released three albums, including American Idol Encores and my destiny was released in 2006. and the album is now released and circulated Over it

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

John Wayne Gacy in the history of the famous serial killer in the United States. The man who called the Clown Killer killed 33 boys, mostly it is buried under his house.
Previously,no one expected, people from Chicago, who were friendly and
often dressed as a clown at children's Party was a monster.

By the end of Gacy hasn't. "Kiss my as*" past threats that have emerged from his mouth immediately after the execution of 10 May 1994.
He was charged with rape and murder of 33 boys and male adolescents between 1972 and detained in 1978, 27 bodies found buried in the basement of his house,
and the other found near a river.he call clown Killer,because he is frequently invited to various parties in child neighborhood around to entertain, with clothing and makeup, such as Pogo the clown and the name of the clown He is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the murderer in sequence imposed on most chapters.
Born in Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, he was raised in a Catholic
neighborhood in suburban Chicago.He fought constantly with his father, John Wayne Gay Sr, he would often get physical violence because alcohol is often consumed ayanya , His father was also called by the name Sissy, he tends to be closer to his mother,Marion Elaibe Robinson (Racine, Wisconsin, May 4, 1908 - Cabot,Arkansas, December 1989).
After graduating from high school,Gacy worked serabuan in Las Vegas before returning to Illinois.
He then started a business that made him successful, namely as Sales of shoes in Springfield, Illinois. Gacy married in 1964,
the same year where he first encountered this thing called homosexual.a past years later, Gacy denied that he was gay, which in fact he was a bisexual. He moved to Waterloo, Iowa,where's he became Manager of the KFC restaurant,The family of his wife, Gacy started to sleep separately from it after being accused of sexual harassment against kids in December 1968 and jailed, released in 1970 after 18 months.

Gacy's father died when his on jail at Christmas day 1969 with bezrecidivnoj Gse. after he returned to Illinois,he was able to keep accurate records of his offence until police began investigation into the murder of victim. In 1971 he bought the House at 8213 West Sammerdejl Avenue, he became an artist and party show cleaning in celebration. his wife divorce him in March 1976, serial killings,which began in a month, Darrell Sampson disappeared on April 6,1976, 1977, David Daniel offered to ride when the vehicle waiting at the bus station, but Daniel refuses, his suspicions grow when Gacy offered 7 times, in addition to the proposal ofthe ride, Gacy also danced Mariuana Daniel go with him, Daniel is one of the victims is known other than Jeffrey Ringall. Actually, there is no deep suspicion of Gacy until December 12, 1978, until one day he was investigated for the loss of Robert Piest (15 years), who was last seen with Gacy, a raid at his home on the outskirts of the river in December Plains, finally found some belongings of victims

On December 22, 1978, Gacy confessed to 33 murders and his lawyer showed 31 locations where the victims were buried,they were buried under his house, two of which were thrown in the river Des Plaines. Gacy victims usually stuffed his mouth
with a cloth so as not to scream,after sodomized, strangled them with rope,oddly enough, before the burial,the bodies are stored to be with her during yet decayed victims, the youngest named Samuel Stapleton and Michael Marino, both
14 years old
World of pop diva Kylie Minogue was successfully held a concert in Indonesia.

Sentul International Convention Center area, where Justin's main concert was filled with spectators who want to watch a concert titled "The Return Kylie Minogue
Show Girl Tour Approdhite 2011. Kylie concert which was originally to be held at 08:00 and a half hours delayed due to congestion that occurs on the highway towards Jagorawi Sentul.

But the concert was still making happy spectators who attended Shades of blue and sea. the concept Approdhite dancer Kylie and make the show more spectacular.
Kylie brings 24 songs within two hours.

Congestion is felt visitor Aphrodite Kylie Minogue concert tour of 2011. But overall it feels very satisfying concert.
julia perez also known as a singer, also admitted was inspired by the action. "Mad really looked Want saw their advantage, A lot to learn. Clothes that are cool. I'm the typical person who is not a lot of movement while singing,like Kylie So here to see what he looks like when singing."
She concluded.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Soccer team United States (U.S.) tried to retake the crown of the Gold Cup champion (Gold Cup) 2011. Sam's Army as the U.S. national soccer team will meet with enemies of the nickname El Tri Mexico Team Gold Cup at the top of the party in 2011. Such actions are meeting the third time in succession will be held Saturday (25 / 6) when the United States.

Tickets sold out, Rose Bowl Stadium will witness the prestige of the two major football teams of North America and Central America. In 2009, Mexico subvert the U.S. by a landslide score 5-0, earlier in the year 2007 the U.S. won only 2-1. El Tri is still superior in winning the Gold Cup. As of early 1991, Mexico won the championship five times. As for Sam's Army has a four-time champion, in one degree.

Gold Cup winner will be immediately eligible to participate in the Confederations Cup in 2012, national team soccer tournament that brings in every region of the world as well as the dress rehearsal before the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. The U.S. started the journey before it penetrates the end poorly. Panama managed to bend the U.S. 2-0 in the group stage.

"We played much better now, sometimes it helps us to rise from adversity," said U.S. midfielder Donovan London. "We have agreed there is a long tournament, and we finally managed to advance to the finals and a chance to become winners." U.S. must lose Jozy Altidore, the player who contributed two goals for the U.S. during the Gold Cup takes place. Altidore left hamstring injury after the victory over Jamaikan and have to rest four to six weeks.

It is estimated that more than 90,000 will come to the stadium watching the final game. Although held in the United States, it turns out most
spectators who came a strong supporter of Mexico.

"We did have less fans from Mexico," says U.S. striker Clint Dempsey. "Support the audience is necessary, but not an obstacle, I hope one day we will get more viewers Currently, we are concentrating on winning "

Meanwhile, the Mexican midfielder Giovani Dos Santos said, supporters of Mexico's support will certainly be able to intimidate the United States.

"Mexico has always had a mental win, we came to win, we want to remain the champion, or will be sad for everybody," said Dempsey. mainstay of the Mexican striker who played at Manchester United, Javier Hernandez to temporarily become the top score of the Gold Cup with seven goals.

Hernandez has scored 20 goals in all competitions for Manchester United. Mexico has lost six core players. Mexican players tested positive for clenbuterol doping. Meanwhile, defender Ricardo Osorio ill  and cant be play tonight.

Homosexual couples can now proud of. Because the Governor of New York, United States, Andrew Cuomo, has signed a Bill (the Bill) to legalize gay marriage. The signature is carried out before the New York Senate approved the Bill. According to the Associated Press on Saturday (25 / 6).

Bill can pass once through a voting process conducted by the members of the Parliament of New York with the results of 33 votes in favour and 29 votes against.

It took 30 days before the legislation came into force. Today, gay couples from all over the world can come to this city to legalize their relationship. Cuomo has made efforts to legalize the Act, welcomed the approval.
Gay rights activists rejoiced by dancing in the streets of New York. The adoption of this draft law which makes it to New York as the sixth State where same-sex couples can marry.

This adds a long list of reasons that would be a great city a haven for gays. Previously, the latest results of the survey show that New York is the most popular city and even become the main objective of worldwide gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.

New York, officials hope, the results of the study tourism can be a tourist attraction for domestic and foreign EE.UU. President Barack Obama praised the lawmakers in the State of New York are fighting for legislation to legalize gay marriage.

Obama added that the legalization of gay rights is part of democracy. "I think that gay couples deserve legal rights that other couples in this country," said Obama in his speech at the Manhattan fund-raising event on Thursday (23 / 6).

In his speech, Obama also said that progress on the rights of gays may run slow. However, said it will be a day in which every citizen of the United States.UU.

either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), would be free to live and love according to his will. The same policy has also taken the United Nations (UN). For the first time UN declared the rights of gays, lesbians and transsexuals. This support has been exceeded, in a meeting of the Council on human rights (human rights), Geneva

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Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh, who is in Saudi Arabia due to injury in the attack on the Palace earlier this month, will return to Sanaa in the coming days. " President now rests in a military hospital in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, his condition is stable and good, " official of the ruling party on Friday.

A senior official of the ruling party said earlier this week that Saleh would return June 24, but later said the President to undergo cosmetic surgery for severe burns on his body and needed several days to return home.

As every Friday, for and against the protestors gathered in the field of public administration in Sana'a to urge to achieve their political demands.

Protesters against the Government, said they want a Presidential Council of transition to the post-Saleh. "we believe that Saleh could not return or to rule this country again", said Adel Al - Yazidy, an activist of the protests. "a provisional Governing Council must be composed of all political forces, which will be the beginning to the end to a prolonged stalemate," he added.

Meanwhile, pro-government protesters staged a demonstration on the same scale in the square near the Palace of Saleh, carrying posters of President and chanted slogans condemning the attack 03 of June, according to State television. Officials of the ruling party on several occasions, said Saleh "continue its constitutional duty as President of Yemen, after returning from Riyadh".

Sporadic gunfire and Fireworks you can listen to in Sanaa recently at night, according to government officials is a kind of celebration for
Saleh healing. the 69-year-old President faced a five-month protest with a demand to resign. A Saudi diplomat in Sanaa told Xinhua that the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in support of the political changes in Yemen, on the initiative of the GCC, which mediates during the deterioration of the situation Yemen can influence the Governments of the countries of the Persian Gulf.
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Peter Falk, 83, American actor known for his role as detective male Columbo in the television series, died Thursday night at his home in Beverly Hills, said in a statement issued by the family.

Peter Falk suffers from dementia or loss of memory for several years. The actor won an Emmy award on four occasions for his role as a detective who impressed smartass, but intelligent.

Falk at naminated to receive the award Oscar for best supporting role in 1960 and 1961 for her role in 'Murder Inc, cinema and ' gangster for a miracle "In 1987, he
played a decisive role in the film the Princess Bride, Falk plays a grandfather to entertain his grandson who was sick of a story that combines the experience of management of the sword"the Giants, a daughter and rats are horrible.

But his fans always remember him as a thug show shabby detective, Columbo. Columbo was first present in the middle of television viewers in the United States in 1968 and later produced the NBC series which appears every third week of every month in 1971 until the series ended in 1977.

Role as a champion Columbo actually written for the actor Bing Crosby, but managed to make Peter Falk Columbo is synonymous with the role and bring success to the age of 70. "Flood Victims" Some media reports, Falk refused to film the weekly series made into a film because the workload will be heavier.

During the making of this series, the actors always wore a jacket that became his trademark up to date because it is too often used. In an interview, he told detectives his face wrinkled like a "flood" "You'll fall sorry for him (Columbo) He is like someone who does not know anything.

but actually is a person who knows everything. Behind the cluttered appearance, he is a brilliant thinker "Peter Falk Michael, born in 1927 in New York City, parents have a clothing store business She underwent surgical removal of the eye at the age of three years from cancer,While career agents warned that the eye fake can be a barrier to his career in television In fact, he became a crowd favorite.

because of the role of the famous characters. Peter Falk undergoing intensive care 24 hours a day in the last few years.

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Genetic factors play an important role in the processes of autoimmune, HLA-B8 and HLA-DR3 on Caucasian race, HLA-Bw46 and HLA-B5 in the career of China and HLA-B17 in blacks.

Environmental factors also play a role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Graves disease. 
Viruses that infect human thyroid cells to stimulate the expression of DR4 on the surface of the thyroid follicular cells, apparently as a result of the influence of cytokines (especially alpha interferon). Rod shaped gram negative infections Yersinia enterocolitica, that causes chronic enterocolitis, is suspected to have crossed with the thyroid gland otoantigen reactions.

Antibodies against Yersinia enterocolitica demonstrated that a reaction with TSH-R antibody crossed in the membrane of the thyroid cells that can trigger an acute episode of Graves disease. High iodine intake can increase levels of immunoglobulin iodide which is more inmunogénica which increases the tendency to the emergence of autoimmune thyroid disease.

Doses Signs and symptoms of Graves disease, there are two large groups of images and ekstratiroidal hormones which may not appear. Characteristics of form hormones due to hyperplasia of the thyroid goiter and hyperthyroidism due to excessive secretion of thyroid hormone. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism in the form of hipermetabolisme demonstration and excessive sympathetic activity. Patients complain of fatigue, tremors, could withstand the heat, sweat more when wet, hot skin weight loss despite increased appetite, palpitations, tachycardia, diarrhoea, muscle atrophy, and Mademoiselle. weakness.

Ekstratiroidal manifestation of infiltration of the skin of oftalmopati local and generally confined to the lower extremities. Oftalmopati 50% to 80% of patients is characterized by bulging eyes, eyelid fissure expanded, reduced opening and closing, delay palpebral (eyelid the delay in the next movement of the eyes) and the failure of convergence. Classical clinical picture of the Ant Graves disease
the single includes three hipertitoidisme, diffuse goiter and eksoftalmus. Changes in the eye (oftalmopati Graves), according to the American Thyroid Association is classified as follows (known by the acronym NOSPECS)

       Graves' disease is tiroktoksikosis form (hyperthyroidism) are most often encountered in daily practice. Can occur at any age, often found in women than in men. Signs and symptoms of Graves' disease is most easily recognized is the presence of goiter (diffuse hypertrophy and hyperplasia), thyrotoxicosis (thyroid gland hypersecretion / hyperthyroidism) and is often accompanied oftalmopati, and accompanied dermopati, though rarely.

Pathogenesis of Graves disease has so far not known with certainty. However, genetic and environmental factors thought to contribute to the mechanism that is not definite increased risk of  suffering from Graves disease. Based on the characteristics of the disease, Graves' disease are grouped into autoimmune diseases, among others, with the discovery of antibodies to the TSH receptor (Thyrotropin Stimulating Hormone - Receptor Antibody / TSHR-Ab) with various levels.

        The definition of cases being Basedow's disease (WWV difusa toksika) is the most frequent cause of tireotoksikoza is a disease that is usually characterized by a otonium a autoantitel, that have similar working TSH thyroid. Patients with Graves disease are typical symptoms of hyperthyroidism and special additional symptoms of increased thyroid gland/diffuse goitre, oftamopati (eksoftalmus/vypučennye eyes), and sometimes with dermopati.

The etiology of  Disease Graves is one of the autoimmune diseases where the cause is known. This disease has a strong genetic predisposition, of which 15% of patients have a close family relationship with the same disease. About 50 per cent of families with the disease, Graves thyroid autoantitel was found in his blood. Disease discovered five times greater among women than among men, and can occur at any age. The high incidence in aged between 20 years to 40 years.

In the pathogenesis of Graves' disease, have stimulated T lymphocytes to antigens located within the thyroid gland which in turn will stimulate B lymphocytes to synthesize antibodies to these antigens. Synthesized antibodies that will react with the TSH receptor in thyroid cell membranes so that it will stimulate the growth and function of thyroid cells, known as the TSH-R antibodies. The presence of antibodies in the blood circulation has a close correlation with disease activity and relapse. Otoimunitas mechanism is an important factor in the pathogenesis of hyperthyroidism, oftalmopati, and dermopati in Graves' disease. Until now there are three major otoantigen known of the thyroid gland thyroglobulin (Tg), thyroidal peroxidase.

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Melissa Ann Smith was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His family later moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan when she was 13.
She served as a leader on the stage of production such as "Cinderella," "Beauty and the" Beast, and "Cabaret".she also is a model, and at age 16, she won second place in the National Competition of Miss Photogenic. It took him into the modeling industry. After failing to get into the new Danity Kane and The Pussycat Dolls on the reality TV show Make three Bands and Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For Doll Next she became a solo artist, working with producer Rex Rideout and released
their first single, I Believe on iTunes on 10 June 2008.

Melissa Molinaro talks about his music on the Web show Bad Ass Frank Show.Lost In Love song was featured on the 2008 compilation album The Soul of Music USA Pound fluid Inc. She later gets a major role in the action film, starring and directed by Dolph Lundgren called Command Performance in which she played Venus, a big music star who became hostages after the concert Moscow charity turns bloody. Lost In Love song will also feature in the film. She also auditioned for a role in Bring It On all five films, but clashed with the movie Command Performance.

She guest stars in Slavi Show to promote the film. Command performance at the Ischia Film Festival premiered on July 19,2009 and later released on DVD on November 3. She appeared briefly Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles premiere of Michael Jackson This Is It and a guest star on Fox's sitcom Brothers.
She is a model for Nappytabs. She is also in the pilot episode of the reality of Aubrey O'Day Aubrey O'Day Show event.

sHe auditioned for the role of Miss Celia for the film based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett Help. She starred as Melissa Wall Ball to star in the film and the sequel as Honey dance Carla 2. She recently changed his name to Melissa Molinaro.

 Watch Melissa Milanaro video

Lossing your Religion

People who believe in certain religions also want to allow
others to go with him. Then the religion spread, in
discourse, propaganda. This was done in earnest for the
sake of his religion. Has been, is, and will happen. This
means diligently coloring their world. No major clashes occur
infrequently because of religious background. Religion rules
the world is a fact that can not be denied.

In addition to this fact, the story has also registered a
strong person, sometimes too brave to die, because believing
in something that is gained because the thought of him. This
is a thinker or a philosopher. Some deep thought, then, one
day came to the conclusion that to be true. These truths affect
their actions, the belief in the conclusion that the form of
his attitude. Socrates could die by drinking poison, as a
punishment for him, while preserving the truth of philosophy
he considered correct. The belief that the philosophy followed
by others. I wanted to follow, even philosophers feel obliged
to disseminate their views. People that follow also formed
their attitudes, their actions are determined by the opinion
of that philosophy, and insight into their lives. They are
also color in the world.

Religion and philosophy of the two forces that the color of
peace. Anyone wishing to understand the world, he must
understand the religion or philosophy that characterizes the
world. People must understand that the power.
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Once Adam and Eve in paradise, according to Islam and other religions. Then, God wants to live in the world for a while.
God said to Adam and Eve: output around the world. Do concerns arise, how to live in that lost world? God gave him security: then if Adam and Eve had come to the world, God send instructions.

The content of the instructions on how to live in the loosing world. Rules on how to live in a loosing world this is called religion. On the basis of the literature, we know that the definition of both religion. Of the many definitions that appear to be divided into two groups.

The first is the definition of religion that places emphasis on the aspect of a sense of faith or belief,The second emphasizes the rules of their religion as a way of life,The combination of both is probably a more appropriate definition of religion.

Religion is a system of beliefs and practices in accordance with these beliefs,You can also loosing religion is the rules on the way of life,
physical and mental.

State of the world such as this is not a color. The strength of the color, the first is the religion, and the second is the philosophy. The people who painted the world, so there are only two prophets and sages and philosophers. Are science and
technology also the color of the world? No.

The science and technology neutral in the scheme. Experts in science and
technology to use science and technology to color in the world based on the philosophy of life, vision of life that there are only two: religion and philosophy.

History has shown the existence of a brave man to die and their religion. People sacrifice wealth, mind, energy, or even of life and the confidence that has been followed.
There are also people who were burned alive by people who feel that their
religion is touched by that person. Also people willing to dry and flanked by large stones

the religion.
that followed. People with diligence placed a wreath at the Tomb, to burn incense in the high lands or in the corner of the House and because of their religious beliefs.
There are also people who are prepared to bury his daughter alive due
to the confidence that has been followed. In this way the reality.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

leading U.S. film critic Roger Ebert refused to apologize for comments made on Twitter hard drinking following the death of anti Jackass star Ryan Dunn on Monday. Dunn and another passenger were killed when their car - Porsche 911 Dunn - hit
a tree and caught fire in West Goshen, Pennsylvania. 34 years was driving the vehicle, has appeared in all three movies Jackass, along with three-season TV show MTV gave them birth.

Several hours before the accident, Dunn has tweeted a picture of him drinking with friends to his followers. Ebert later commented: "Friends do not let the bastards to drink and drive"
through Twitter, spawning a direct response from some of his
followers. Celebrity blogger Pariz Hilton is one of the first to show that reviews film critic, may have been done too quickly after the death of Dunn, but Ebert then cirikal in response to: ". Paris Hilton readers will agree with me, and not with Peres on my chirp on Ryan Dunn he drank, he managed, two dead " Dunn, certain tattoos, according to witnesses at the scene when the corpse was pulled out from
under the rubble, Ms. Dunne from Jackass Bam Margera roles called local reports.

Radio to confirm that he was killed in a car accident Dunn co-star Johnny Knoxville Jackass cirikal: "Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn my heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie RIP Ryan, I love you buddy "initial police report West Goshen" POLICE Quoted

speed as a possible contributing factor in the death of Dunn and his friend, but. not to mention alcohol. Dunn will start a new TV show on USA Network G4, Proving Ground firing.
The aim is to indicate the end of the movie and video game business falls in the real world. "Everyone in the shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news that Ryan Dunn has died G4," the network said in a statement that indicates that continues.

"Signature Comics Ryan intelligence and meticulous approach to create an exceptional talent and work as Proving Ground G4 host Ryan certainly clean. Unfortunately for his army of fans and we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends during this difficult time."

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Images fromMiss America 2011 Teresa Skenlan used his Crown to facilitate
the works and to pay tribute to our community for a week. Miss
 America 2011 Teresa Skenlan to visit soldiers at Walter Reed
Medical Center in Washington, district of Colombia, on behalf
of the USO Metro, Teresa visited our wounded soldiers at Walter
 Reed Medical Center. Teresa was honoured  to be able to spend
time with people who are exceptional and girls, and thanked
them for their service to our country. Teresa visits primary  school pupils in elementary school the day after
Fort Belvoir, Theresa visited the elementary school, where  they celebrate the month of the child   Military, which  respects the children, the families of military personnel for  their service and sacrifice for our country, as well as. Teresa visited four different classes of the second class, and read  "where the Wild Things Are " for children.

That night, Teresa was guest appears in USO Metro Annual Awards Night 29. In the evening is dedicated in honor of prominent  personalities from every kind of troops, as well as their  emergency support services to our members through a program  of voluntary and countless USO-Metro charity, with special
emphasis on the families of military personnel. More than 1000  guests packed Ballroom Ritz Carlton on unforgettable night  complete with a keynote speech from Admiral Mike Mullen.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. Guest features include:  actor Gary Sinise, Super Bowl Champion Michael Strahan, and  country music star Joe Nichols. Miss America 2011 Teresa Skenlan and CEO of Keep America Beautiful, Matt Mckenna from DC.
               Teresa went to New York to participate in the great American  Cleanup Keep America beautiful in the case of New York kickoff.

Teresa and Miss New York Teen Alison Stroming position to act  on the stage to celebrate and recognize the national volunteer  week and New York have warned about the importance of cleaning,  landscaping, recycling and volunteers. While on stage.
Immediately  after the events with Keep America Beautiful, Teresa has take on the reform of education Scoreboard Night American channel  Fox business. Watch and discuss why home choice of educational
institutions is key here. Today Teresa in New York to  participate in the Youth Service America global youth service  day in New York.

If you miss an interview on Fox News Channel  and Fox Friends, contributing to a wonderful event,
Theresa also spoke about the review he wrote to develop partnerships with the hand that feeds the United
States and the importance of agriculture and agriculture to of our society. Teresa summary output in Nebraska, as proposed  by the Nebraska Cornhuskers, among the 85.000 fans.

Monday, 20 June 2011

This beautiful star Megan Fox Megan Fox finally had to give  self a kick from veteran director Transformer3 Steven Spielberg once said fire Transformer3 Megan Fox in the movie, which will appear next July 3 in respect of words which insult.

   for Director Michael Bay, which compares with Hitler in  interviews to the press, and no doubt must be removed from the Transformers actress Megan Fox 25 years it has been removed  from the film and replaced by British model Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Megan Fox appeared to leave the third series of the  film, to pursue other acting opportunities. But before the
premiere of Transformers 3 Director 4 July Bay showed for the
first time that he asked to get rid of actresses.
" you know, Hitler. Steven (Spielberg) said: the decision to  summarily dismiss him now ". Spielberg was executive producer  of the film, starring: Shia LaBef found himself in two .

      first Transformers movie  and that role led him to become one  of the sexiest women in the dunia.Dia played an important role  in the third film, but shortly before the start of production  he was interviewed by the British magazine Wonderland. In an  interview that he wanted to be like Hitler on Bay Megan Fox
finally abandon yourself in Transformer3 a kick from a veteran  film director Steven Spielberg once said

Megan Fox fired from Transformer3 film which appears  next July 3 in respect of words which insult for Director  Michael Bay, which compares with Hitler in interviews to the press, and, of course, Megan Fox Transformer should be excluded from

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bus stations in Jakarta was not only a source of congestion  and traffic chaos, as well as a nest of criminals make the  offender. As in the Terminal, Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta.
Although often disciplined dozens of public transport remains  desperate stop under the elevated track of Kampung Mlayu.
just to the West and East of the Terminal. As a result,traffic in the region, in both Western and Jatinegara ,
Jatinegara Road East, always get traffic jams and chaotic traffic flow. This condition also occurs in terminal area,West Jakarta, Grogol Pulogadung and Rawamangun, East Jakarta,Senen and Terminal, Central Jakarta.

City Council member B Nur Sajim evaluate interference Afni criminals used to do evil. Pickpocketing, soporific, and theft is a crime that is often found in the Terminal. " it happens every day ", "he said. Thus, he expressed to remove the clutter and crime, it should be a Terminal in the town moved to a more decent, spacious, and has many access roads.

NOT WORTH a Separate United States Department of transportation (Transportation Agency), Special teritorry of jakarta, Pristono, don't dismiss Strike if chaos is because many terminals are not worth it.
Especially capacity and access roads.

It exemplifies the Pulogadung Terminal. The terminal was built 34 years ago, could no longer accommodate Park buses to and from the city, as well as transport. Vehicles spilling out of the area, therefore, often a source of traffic congestion.

Not to mention, the indiscipline of drivers who accidentally in hung, and the presence of foot-5 traders on the road,Practical, everyday flow of traffic congestion occurs around terminal or at JL. Raya Bekasi and JL. Pioneer Independence. The data showed 800 buses operating in the country. The interurban transport 200 units and 600 units in the City Park. While the KWK and Mikrolet as 600-700, and 25-35 Busway.

"we estimate the potential and capabilities of the Terminalin the city centre. Ideally, the Terminal in the suburb of ",he said. as Terminal Grogol chef , all buses will be relocated to Terminal AKAP ( inter-provincial inter-city) Kalideres  20.
TERMINAL in Jakarta alone there are currently four major Pulogadung Terminal, Terminal
at least Terminal Cd exactly. Rambutan, Kalideres Lebak Bulus Terminal and Terminal. The Terminal in the city there are currently 20 places spread across five municipalities.

The public transport more than 859 692 units. we estimate the potential and capabilities of the Terminal in
the city centre. Ideally, the Terminal in the suburb of ", he said  as Terminal Grogol, all buses will be relocated to Terminal AKAP Kalideres 20. TERMINAL in Jakarta only Has now at least four major Pulogadung Terminal.

Bus congestion problems in jakarta

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Barbie Ernesta new star on the rise at this time was born in
Medan beautiful artist 24 years ago began his career in
the world model, Ernesta Nadila born pair Jesse Hamid and

Irene Imelda Iknata bloods that field of palembang and starred
in several major films, including " Wonder " Ancol bridge and
ghosts. Currently  Nadila Ernesta as student of lecturer at
scientific Fashion Indonesia. From childhood he was active
in the last part was recorded as a principal Ora secondary
school students, etc. Lab in 2006. The recent spread of
photos from the Internet, a friend of Barbie Barbie Ernesta,
who is also a well-known singer NML from Enno",
shows a private party at the home of a friend,
wearing only a bikini.

By wearing a bikini Nadilla Ernesta be more hot college student like this Fhoto

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

How to avoid offense inside the bus, a more detailed look at
how they target us, here are tips for travel on public buses,
so you avoid the evil that haunts you,and you will no watch harassment on bus happen to you.

1.Do not select a complete public transport. Bus or other
public transport, which contains a full description,
potentially infiltrated by criminals as pickpockets,
snitcher also the intention of meddling hands behave
abominablemente. If until after a few minutes and you are
riding in vehicles that will not come or if you are traveling
on a bus that always will be filled, that can protect your
baggage loading in. Try one in one hand another
free State / nothing, tenure, apart from clinging to the seats
or the squeeze on the bus, the other can be used to defend
ourselves when the damage.

2. Do not use excessive jewelry.
Necklaces, earrings or a thief of gold ring invite the action
of the crime.

3. do not look like a weak person, because it would be a crime,
to be sure, that would convince the offenders.

4. If at any time you are stuck, or unpleasant situation.
Suppose you're in Public bus transport and you suddenly
realize all passengers descended, look carefully around if you
don't feel comfortable straight and move towards more
passengers on a bus.

5. At shop sit, shop or larek or total
area, if you wait for the arrival of the bus, don't stand
still desert roads.

6. avoid choosing to sit near a window, sitting less
profitable because of the position, you will be blocked
if there are people who are evil. Poigraj will sit next to
whom you give so that other people will sit at the window.
Or, when you ride the bus you can people sit at the window,
say, excuse me, to say his goal so close, so as not to
disturb you don't have to sit by the window.

7. in some cases, you will be forced to sit by the window,
no need to worry about where all your valuables safe, a small
chance that your item was stolen or lost.

8. to the extent possible sits behind the driver, or near
the exit, it is helpful to you in an emergency can ask for
help to stop the vehicle or the driver can run as fast as

9. unplug your IPod or your headphone sound. With the
exception of concentration you can look around. IPod sound
sharp ear can cause you haven't heard threats around you.

10. Don't slept on the bus! you always how ever try
anyhow, if you are not accompanied by friends or people
you already know. If you're going to sleep on a trip, make
sure that all valuables in a safe condition.

11. A crime
always going to come at any time and anywhere, the most
important prayers before travel.

thats for a tips to day how to avoid

Monday, 13 June 2011

Police continue to search for today's 14-year-old girl was  missing when the ship he was with two other adolescents upside  down Saturday night in Lake Macquarie. Acting Inspector Stuart  Mann, Newcastle, said last night that police had serious concerns about the girl because of the conditions and duration
of this period in water. Quality inspector Mann said that when it rained three statements, up to 25 knots wind. " personally I puzzled why you go in such an environment, especially if you
want to go for a hike. They are quite troubling conditions "

he said that she realized that she was not wearing a life jacket. Police were forced to suspend search 16 hours 15 yesterday due to bad weather and poor visibility. Teens lots of Fennel Bay about 4 am on Saturday with plans to camp at a nearby island, before the boat capsizing. After some time they decided that 17 years from Northern Lake Macquarie would swim to shore. However, the other adolescents also decided to try cruising. Youths 17 near the coast to the sea at Green point reserve up to 30 and 7 am to audible warning devices for
neighbours, before taking to a hospital in Belmont.

vision equipment and three ships of maritime rescue of NSW. They were able to rescue to 16 years in the waters near the brands point around 20: 00 and then find a stranded ship off the coast of Green Point reserve beach. The child was attended by NSW ambulance paramedics and taken to hospital, John Hunter.

The police recorded until 2: 00 am yesterday before calling the search until the first light. Grieving relatives gathered at the beach of Green Point reserve and expected news.
Neighbors who came to help the teen said he found the child in the street asking for help to shouts. "he said to the other boat to see and not fail to help", said. Anyone with information are urged to catch up in contact with the Lake Macquarie police through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Mrs.Saimi hom
SURABAYA | SOLAR - Ny Siami (38) were expelled hundreds of residents after the short-lived Master II SDN (elementary school) reporting that forced his son, to the, providing a spreadsheet of tricks his friends when A, 10-12 May 2011 and, finally wishes to residents. Siami had left his home in St. Gadel Sari barat because not stand the pressure and the citizens of wave test. They are now displaced in Solo. Women are known to the difficulty of work that invites you to her husband and their two children. It is only the hometown of her husband Siami, Widodo. "my sister was immediately contacted last night." You can not withstand the conditions that they happen to his family. As he didn't want to eat. My sister wanted to live in peace ", said Satim Heri Santana, brother Siami Friday (10.06). "to my knowledge, to the and his brother are also invited to take the bus alone", added Satim.

He said post-riot during a meeting with residents in the Hall RW, Head village Gadel 02, Widodo Siami and her husband did not dare go home. Siami and his family secured in Mapolsek after the riot. For more than two hours old Al lives in a police station. They were asked to wait for safe conditions of his village. But until about 14:00 pm still does not help, so the family of Al decided to Gresik then solo. Gresik is Siami birth field. Surya monitoring, houses painted cream with Siami new fence that still seemed to be locked. Also in this House do not appear in it. On Warisah, a neighbor whose house had an affair with Siami, unoccupied house on Thursday.

Until Friday afternoon, still many people who talk about Siami stories and Al. On average, they still blame Siami family. According to residents, cheating is common for young children. Warisah admit, before people really sympathize with the family Siami. He was known as a hard worker to the curtain tailors. While her husband, Widodo, working in Margomulyo industrial complex. This family is only six years of living in the West Sari Gadel. They bought a parcel of land owned by residents and set up house measures approximately 8 x 15 meters. Houses look classy not even last one year. "Family is really a good mother Siami socialization. Even Pak Widodo was elected as vice chairman RT 04," said Warisah back.

Camat Tandes, Suharto said that his Ministry was trying to stifle emotions residents through mediation. Muspika Group also has a personal approach to citizens Gadel. Meanwhile, advanced mediation took place on Thursday evening that his plan failed. Residents who were planning to overrun Siami family will hold a joint legislators mediating and Muspika Surabaya city in the near future. Meanwhile, Siami started to get more support. Among other things, it comes from fellow teachers who are members of the Association of Indonesian teachers (CIC), a professional organization whose members are teachers of teachers throughout Indonesia. Chairman, Satria Dharma is called IGI for resistance against eviction action concerning Ms. Siami family and his son, Al. " We have to fight and defend kemungkaran honesty. Don't let wishtle blower (whistleblower scandal) actually victims of mass anger. We invite all citizens of Surabaya to defend Al and his family. Let all citizens of Surabaya all world to help for the future of education Al, "Knight said in a release to Surya Dharma, Friday (10 / 6).

IGI Secretary General Mohammad Ihsan added, people do not judge Al and his family." They are the heroes of honesty. They should be retained and not thrown out, "said Ihsan. Ihsan said the fraud took place in several regions of Unas." Teachers and students we have to dare to open a fraud all. Be a hero like them. Do not store Unas fraud, "said Ihsan Secretary Child Protection Agency (LPA)., East Java Priono Adi Nugroho said it is ready to accompany Al, Siami children who were forced to give the cheat." We've asked four of my staff to accompany Al, "he was quoted by Antara. According Priono, Al is still the age of the children were not supposed to accept this reality, because if left unchecked would disrupt protracted psychological.

Adj Binmas Polrestabes Surabaya AKBP Sri Setyo Rahayu said the police would act if residents still drive Siami family. According to him, the act of citizens can be categorized as unpleasant action. "This is state law, so it does not act arbitrarily to disrupt security and order. The police can act decisively when necessary," he said. Sociologist from the University of Airlangga (Airlangga University), Surabaya Bagong Suyanto rate, population and reporting of cases of mass cheat on SDN Gadel II District Tandes, Surabaya, both victims of Unas. "If I see it, both parties have become victims of the phenomenon in the world of education that occurred recently, because they are afraid of either excessive national exam," he said on Friday (10 / 6). However, he said, Gadel public reaction in dealing with cases of mass cheat SDN Gadel II pretty much as it can lead to criminal matters.

Bagong also said, this case can be traumatic experience which will impact on the self-al. " poor families were reporting. The Government should provide security assurances, safeguards and go to school with easy, otherwise it will become his own trauma for the victim ", "he said. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini said Siami family and his son, Al is an honest family, but society is not ready. The problem of dismissal sanctions against the headmaster and two sixth-grade teacher at SDN (elementary school) Gadel 2, it already has its own rules. " of the time in breach of State examinations, that is, that all parties should accept his ", he said. When asked if the public does not work, and filed a lawsuit, Risma invited, because these decisions in accordance with the rules.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dewi Persik openly admitted the hymen in Egypt surgery.Apparently, there are specific reasons that make women join this feeling of the controversial operation. Apparently,vaginoplasti Depe suffer for the sake of his new film.

"at first, gave me the offer " Goddess I can not afford 1 million IDR for the operation of the virginity of the film believe that the goddess did not want to, but agreed to stand and shook hands with me said:"Yes, want to,for the sake of the professional myself as a movie star ".

said KK Dheraj, Goddard film producer for Birenews, Thursday,June 09, 2011.
Dheraj admitted surprised by the reaction of the former wife of Jamil Saipul this. Goddard said he did not expect to agree so quickly. Initially, he suspected Depe would not dare do it.

"He did not hesitate or waver when offered surgery," he said. When asked about this, Goddard claimed willing to undergo such surgery is not only because the
interests of the film. He did it to her husband later.

"I did all this to my husband later. The long-term," he said. Interestingly, the surgeon was not just any doctor.

The owners see this rocking choose doctors based on the opponent in the 'Ghost of the Virgin Girlfriend' movie. They are the Philippines model, Misa Campo, and pornographic actress from Norway, Vicky Vet. "Because the doctor at all,
so I believe," he said.

To be sure, peach, he said, the pain was worth with a safer feeling. "for the sake of wanting to be Virgin, to endure the pain again." "Now let me status of widow, but I was a Virgin, never again," he said. Operation of peach constant
goddess after receiving a remuneration amounting to 1 million IDR of the producer of "Pacar Hantu Perawan" of the film, K2K productions. "the point that
my promise to pay when the filming of the video clip secret."

" I never said that it was going to make the virginity of the surgery, finally, the time is now " he said.

It was in and out of the ground. Efforts to communicate with Mars Rover stops bogger this spirit today. NASA has decided after more than a year of silence from the robot and in winter a Martian stressful Is that cooling
the heart so many critical components are damaged.

it's a sad day, Richard ' said Len, Director of operations at the Canberra deep space communication complex, operated by NASA tracking station in CSIRO.
contact Spirit changed in March last year. Although the solar panels they are not in the best position to extract energy from the sun, is expected to emerge after the winter in August.

Mr. Ricardo said, at first, trying to restore communications
made about once a week, but the effort was enhanced this year.In March, when the Sun was in the best position in the sky of Mars, is called''several times a day,he said. Spirit and its twin, is used, which landed on Mars in January 2004, well
above expectations.

Their mission designed to last three months, but more than seven years later is still an opportunity to explore the planet.He is now 29 km.

It was quite an achievement,said Mr. Ricardo. Six wheels became stuck in the dust of the Spirit in April 2009 but still managed to make the discovery while stationary.

Dirt traps do not have some soluble iron compounds,which states that water, perhaps from melting snow, has been seeping into the ground in the past. NASA said the possibility of reconnecting with the spirit now considered very low,and you have to use his communication stations above ground and two Mars orbiters to prepare the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will be launched later this year.

A larger rover, curiosity, testing of samples drilled in rock or dig the soil to see if conditions are favorable for microbial life. Dave Lavery, program executive for NASA's solar system exploration, said the spirit will not
be forgotten.

The Deep Space Network can sometimes hear a weak signal when the time allowed Ricardo. Saying that the rover was probably covered with dust.
"I hope one day we'll come back and see how it looks.

A picture book of Genesis by sexually explicit controversial artist Robert Crumb, the biblical character with en "zinloos" voorstellingen relationship
violence, condemned by religious groups.

The book, published this month, brings warning Adult supervision recommended "explained minors "and als" schandalige''satire by his publisher.

Crumb, writer, famous for his creation Fritz cat, sexually getint "ondergrondse" stripverhaal.It was turned into a movie that gets the first X rating for animation.

Crumb said that he did not believe the Bible is the word God. "I took the myth all from beginning to end, with perhaps a weak correlation with historical reality"
he said.

"They were the big story. But for the people to take the text as something sacred, derived from God ... it is enough retreat"

The incident described by R. Crumb's criticized by religious groups such as Christian Institute in England. This is "turning Bible
excitement,"said Mike Judge, of this institution, a religion think tank. It seems entirely inappropriate" to what become God's salvation plan for mankind.

"If you go to your own version of the Bible published should be done with great sensitivity. Bible is a very important verse for many people."

Other religious leaders have not understand "Ik more thought it was satire,''said Bishop of Croydon, the court Reverend Nick Baines. "He wants to say 'this is important, fundamental myth "and it seems to me that he did a good job"

A spokesman for the Community Bible says they did not see this book, but reviews suggest had "echt doing" Crumb with the Book of Genesis. "It may surprise people, but The Bible contains nudity, sex and violence, because contains true stories about real people"

A Church of England spokesman said: "I have not seen book, but I think trying to sell something, to emphasize sexual nature of some scenes seem
A good way to convey the message of the Bible"

Monday, 6 June 2011

to celebrate the departure of the President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh to Saudi Arabia for treatment of wounds in the attack launched by opposition parties.

They gathered in the town square around the city of Sana'a while singing the national anthem-type song patriotic, but around the outskirts of the city of Yemen itself still looks quiet, the surrounding communities are still in covered fear of their economy in the future.

"We will be really happy if President Ali did not return to Yemen" said a young man who did not want to be named.
Meanwhile, the presidential duties in the shake by Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi of Yemen who has held talks with top officials at the military and the American ambassador in Yemen Gerald Michael Feierstein.
"Maybe this is the end of the political career of Ali A pious" said political analyst Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Dakhil.

President Saleh who injured (3/06) and was rushed to use the special presidential plane landed at the airfield and Saudi Arabia, and immediately greeted by senior officials in Saudi Arabia.

President of the pious who went to Saudi Arabia, accompanied by two wives and several children of his.

Saleh suffered wounds in the neck, head and face and take it directly at the military hospital in Saudi Arabia and would check first before undergoing an operation to remove metal fragments in his body.

Yemeni state after a massive demonstration a little safe and not too tense, after President Ali Abdullah Saleh was taken to Saudi Arabia.
But by noon shootout between supporters of Saleh and opposition parties.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sirloin steak from japan ,beef steak sensation from the land of cherry, pamper your tongue enthusiast steak,Sakura beef choice of country living the high mountains of Japan, the cow that was in the allotment for you fans of steak.

That cow is a cow of this type are relaxed without the burden of such work cows that live in lowland mountains of Japan, they only give food in wheat and a variety of vitamins so as not susceptible to disease, and get a special massage treatment once a week.

highland cattle from Japan that are sold more expensive than the price of the cows in general, and make a special price ranges around $ 1,000 more per tail.
But to make your steak does not need to buy a cow right? : LOL:

Here's a tip how to cook beef into a steak:
Prepare 2 pieces @ 150 grams beef sirloin beef.
1 / 2 teaspoon salt.
1 tablespoon butter.

cook together,grated 1 clove garlic, 4 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 1 teaspoon tomato pasta sauce, 1 / 2 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon salt.

How to cook:
Sprinkle steaks with pepper and salt until evenly distributed, heat the butter land scape based thick griddle, put a piece of meat, and cook until both the meat changes color, take a little sauce, rub over the surface of the meat and cook to reduce until the second part becomes mature and the flavor has been sink, remove and serve with vegetables.

1. Any type of beef that meets these demands and use to make steak, cut meat in a way against vein so that the meat is not hard, choose the type of soft meat like sirloin or topside steak for maximum results.

2. if steak is served in big chunks, soak in a spice for seasoning longer seep into the meat and give softener meat (papain powder) so that the texture of meat is not hard.

3. Do not cook meat because the texture of the meat will be too loud and distinctive sweet taste of meat is lost.

4. freeze the meat in freezer for one night for the texture of meat become tender.
Happy cooking.

Friday, 3 June 2011

More than Hundreds of companies are ready to enter the United States to Indonesia and improve various working together to increase the income of the country. Enter American companies will be very effective, especially since American companies are superior in many respects compared with companies in Indonesia.

According to the Ambassador of the United States, Scott Marciel, Tuesday, May 31, 2011, there are more than 300 companies in the United States who are interested in doing  business in Indonesia. It's not because Indonesia is one of  the eight priority objectives of American business. " cooperation with Indonesian trade last year reached  20 billion. US dollar . United States (102.5 billion), said "Marciel

Marciel said that cooperation profitable deal with Indonesia remains relatively small compared to the United States cooperation with Malaysia. Neighbouring countries, which covers only 12 per cent from Indonesia, said Marciel, benefits from cooperation with the United States to reach  40 billion. $. United States (Rp341, 7 billion). With the entry of American companies in Indonesia.

it will help increase the benefits of cooperation between the two countries, Furthermore, he said, US companies a more powerful capacity  than many similar companies around the world. " Companies
in the United States than in the field of innovation, technology, production of high quality and method with

high standards of ", said Marciel  In terms of management  company in the United States also stand ready to provide various training.

especially in agriculture. Marciel  said ,the United States sees great potential in this area, especially because one of Indonesia's future visionfood security.
"The companies in the United States."
"also see the law on Indonesia, who did not receive  against bribery and corruption", said Marciel. "It sounds a
 little arrogant, but it is important." Companies in the
United States.. "are the best companies in the world," he added. In response to the false allegations, which is

not the monopoly and competition from companies in the United States.. that they are not in equilibrium with
an Indonesian company, Marciel said that this is particularly.

 important as the whip of the competition in a better direction. "competition is very useful, if there is no
competition, then the price will be more expensive," said Marciel.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

 New composition of manchester united players
Last month Manchester united "red devils team" has been in crowned as the most successful club in English, but they were forced to its knees in the league champions in the final.
By conquering Liperpool achievement title from Manchester United is 19 league titles in the primary, but whether they can compete with the giants of Spain, Italy and Germany in the European cup?

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson could never forget his team's defeat at Wembley, slick game that they could not block the rate show play game Catalan artist pep Guardian upbringing.

after domestic competition really successfully, the man born in Scotland was of course the Champions League title challenge next season, it's time to clean and make the team more solid in midfield and the front.
Duo Nemanja Vidic and Rio ferdinand in defense is still very tough, unfortunately the strength of their midfield is still not comparable with other European giants.

"We will perform better next year, and it is not easy" said 69-year-old manager.
strength of red devil will go far declined to retirement Gary neville, Edwin van der sar, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Ryo ferdinand.

old traford welcome a new era, the revolution underway and club owners spend as much as 50 million pounds sterling in the stock transfer of players.

Thy will be very busy at the end of this season in the transfer market players, Dimitar barbatov that are sold for 15 million pounds not including the cost of 50 million pounds.

Bulgarian attacker was deeply regrets the decision that Fergie did not even enter his name into the list of players against barca yesterday, indeed a new contract end of next season but Chelsea will not let him go free.
Ferguson is an expert in building a new squad which is more solid and capable, with a record of 12 league champions trophy primary and two Champions League is proof of ability Ferguson, and usually the new players will shine the next 3 years.
Players name were ready bought hes famous, such as Atletica Madrid goalkeeper David de Gea, Wing Aston Villa Ashley Young, midfielder Wesley Sneijder and Inter Milan play maker Hotspur Luka Modric.

Looks like Giggs and Scholes require commensurate coating midfield for Manchester United are stronger.

Indeed, to cover weak midfield for Ferguson insisted Wayne Rooney is more into the character attacking, speed and feed on ripe can be received well by Hernandez.

Young is an alternative to the retainer wing Udinesse Alexis Sanches United also smitten with the game's Impressive young striker Everton Jack Rodwell, as well south champion star   Chamberlain.

Action email hacking hackers American high officials.
This time the victim does not bear responsibility

page Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to the target, as a result a
number of important files went into the hands of hackers.
piracy action by the target electric google mail service
providers, by depriving one account and state officials to
copy all the addresses from clients and colleagues address
these bigwigs easily hackers can master his other victims.
The victims were other than the country's top brass is to
include bureaucrats, military and Chinese activists.
According to news obtained an email that the attacks
were carried out in groups and accusations led to Jinan,
Shandong Province. china
The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and related
agencies hands of investigating this case and will
continue to be developed, "We do not believe that the
account executives in the United States could collapse"
says Caitlin Hayden of the U.S. National Security Council
to the WSJ.
Mila Parker one of the supervisory staff in Washington
had warned the google that there will be attacks from the
He also gathered evidence about it and calling the attacks
is "man in the mailbox"
From gather information on one of the attackers seized the
account executive and later with the account executives that
spoils the results, they contact the contacts inside and
convince the victims to upload important documents that stayed.
He said this is not new but very effective way of distributing it, and he showed "The draft US-China Joint Statement" that is spread through gmail and the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Defense, Intelligence of defenses and when they download the file, then they will in sleigh toward fake gmail log in page and they easily get the password of the gmail user.

events that ultimately lead to the United about "cyber war",
and claimed the attack was a "war".

British Defense Secretary, Nick Harvey said "Events in
cyberspace in the future will be a battlefield that can
not be avoided in

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Recognition of a senior general in Egypt was a shock, a recognition of the Egyptian generals, that virginity tests carried out during the regime of  Hosni Mubaraq demonstrators lau women in early March, a number of demonstrators  the detained demonstrators Anti Husni Mubaraq had done in female detention camp.

The allegations appeared in the letter report prepared by Amnesty International about the virginity tests at Husni Mubaraq regime, on 9 May and Women demonstrators in Cairo, Egypt were beaten, electrocuted and at the strip on his clothes and threatened them with charges of practice prostitution by the army at that time and had to undergo virginity tests.

The officer on duty at the time was Major Amr Imam claimed that no torture and that virginity tests, there was indeed a woman who was arrested 17 demonstrators.
Egypt senior generals who did not want to be named confirmed more about the report, "The women protesters were not like my child or your child, they stay in tents with the men in the field Ut-Tahrir, in camp  also found Molotov cocktails and drugs" Egyptian generals said it.
According to her virginity tests were intended to ward off things that are not in want, to avoid allegations of the protesters will be women that when they were in detention by the authorities they were raped and in lewd, we do not want them to say to the general public

that they were attacked and raped, it was the purpose of the virginity tests "he said again.
And after testing nothing is still a virgin according to him, without explaining how the testing process and how many people who live it.

Earlier a female demonstrators claimed that he was one of those who undergo virginity tests, he tied at  museum by the soldiers and also in supine on the floor and in the slap and accused of being prostitutes.
According to the demonstrators, they were in forced virginity test conducted by a male doctor and if they reject them at mayhem and shocked with stun guns.

Egypt party itself has not given official information about the incident virginity test female demonstrators.