Tuesday, 28 June 2011

John Wayne Gacy in the history of the famous serial killer in the United States. The man who called the Clown Killer killed 33 boys, mostly it is buried under his house.
Previously,no one expected, people from Chicago, who were friendly and
often dressed as a clown at children's Party was a monster.

By the end of Gacy hasn't. "Kiss my as*" past threats that have emerged from his mouth immediately after the execution of 10 May 1994.
He was charged with rape and murder of 33 boys and male adolescents between 1972 and detained in 1978, 27 bodies found buried in the basement of his house,
and the other found near a river.he call clown Killer,because he is frequently invited to various parties in child neighborhood around to entertain, with clothing and makeup, such as Pogo the clown and the name of the clown He is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the murderer in sequence imposed on most chapters.
Born in Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, he was raised in a Catholic
neighborhood in suburban Chicago.He fought constantly with his father, John Wayne Gay Sr, he would often get physical violence because alcohol is often consumed ayanya , His father was also called by the name Sissy, he tends to be closer to his mother,Marion Elaibe Robinson (Racine, Wisconsin, May 4, 1908 - Cabot,Arkansas, December 1989).
After graduating from high school,Gacy worked serabuan in Las Vegas before returning to Illinois.
He then started a business that made him successful, namely as Sales of shoes in Springfield, Illinois. Gacy married in 1964,
the same year where he first encountered this thing called homosexual.a past years later, Gacy denied that he was gay, which in fact he was a bisexual. He moved to Waterloo, Iowa,where's he became Manager of the KFC restaurant,The family of his wife, Gacy started to sleep separately from it after being accused of sexual harassment against kids in December 1968 and jailed, released in 1970 after 18 months.

Gacy's father died when his on jail at Christmas day 1969 with bezrecidivnoj Gse. after he returned to Illinois,he was able to keep accurate records of his offence until police began investigation into the murder of victim. In 1971 he bought the House at 8213 West Sammerdejl Avenue, he became an artist and party show cleaning in celebration. his wife divorce him in March 1976, serial killings,which began in a month, Darrell Sampson disappeared on April 6,1976, 1977, David Daniel offered to ride when the vehicle waiting at the bus station, but Daniel refuses, his suspicions grow when Gacy offered 7 times, in addition to the proposal ofthe ride, Gacy also danced Mariuana Daniel go with him, Daniel is one of the victims is known other than Jeffrey Ringall. Actually, there is no deep suspicion of Gacy until December 12, 1978, until one day he was investigated for the loss of Robert Piest (15 years), who was last seen with Gacy, a raid at his home on the outskirts of the river in December Plains, finally found some belongings of victims

On December 22, 1978, Gacy confessed to 33 murders and his lawyer showed 31 locations where the victims were buried,they were buried under his house, two of which were thrown in the river Des Plaines. Gacy victims usually stuffed his mouth
with a cloth so as not to scream,after sodomized, strangled them with rope,oddly enough, before the burial,the bodies are stored to be with her during yet decayed victims, the youngest named Samuel Stapleton and Michael Marino, both
14 years old


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