Saturday, 25 June 2011

Peter Falk, 83, American actor known for his role as detective male Columbo in the television series, died Thursday night at his home in Beverly Hills, said in a statement issued by the family.

Peter Falk suffers from dementia or loss of memory for several years. The actor won an Emmy award on four occasions for his role as a detective who impressed smartass, but intelligent.

Falk at naminated to receive the award Oscar for best supporting role in 1960 and 1961 for her role in 'Murder Inc, cinema and ' gangster for a miracle "In 1987, he
played a decisive role in the film the Princess Bride, Falk plays a grandfather to entertain his grandson who was sick of a story that combines the experience of management of the sword"the Giants, a daughter and rats are horrible.

But his fans always remember him as a thug show shabby detective, Columbo. Columbo was first present in the middle of television viewers in the United States in 1968 and later produced the NBC series which appears every third week of every month in 1971 until the series ended in 1977.

Role as a champion Columbo actually written for the actor Bing Crosby, but managed to make Peter Falk Columbo is synonymous with the role and bring success to the age of 70. "Flood Victims" Some media reports, Falk refused to film the weekly series made into a film because the workload will be heavier.

During the making of this series, the actors always wore a jacket that became his trademark up to date because it is too often used. In an interview, he told detectives his face wrinkled like a "flood" "You'll fall sorry for him (Columbo) He is like someone who does not know anything.

but actually is a person who knows everything. Behind the cluttered appearance, he is a brilliant thinker "Peter Falk Michael, born in 1927 in New York City, parents have a clothing store business She underwent surgical removal of the eye at the age of three years from cancer,While career agents warned that the eye fake can be a barrier to his career in television In fact, he became a crowd favorite.

because of the role of the famous characters. Peter Falk undergoing intensive care 24 hours a day in the last few years.

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