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Financial factors in mind often that someone decides to marry or remain a single State.

The amount of the cost of several projects of law, the housing needs of children, to the education of insurance can be a scourge for finding a partner. Make no mistake, a study in Britain shows something very different. Life as an expenditure of money one over which they married. On average, a single £ 3,500 more profligate to those who have a family. Investigations
carried out financial entities in the cooperative United Kingdom discovery, the cost of living
per year on average, only a little less than £ 14,000 per year. All rates are usually based on
the draft law is not important or significant as going out to eat and exercise in the gym.

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On the other hand, someone who has been married has a level of expenditure, about £ 10,500.
This is because the bills, taxes and other fees are divided between the couple. If the expenditure
incurred is not important, waste a single-digit increase, reaching more than £ 5,000. The
researchers also found that married couples more often for shopping or eating out because
they have fewer bills. In fact, single people should pay extra taxes on foods they buy.
The study was conducted on 1,000 adults in various segments of society. Found, singles spend
at least 51 percent of their income. Compare with people who have been married, only 30
percent of revenue. UK Statistics said the number of single people increased by about 145
thousand people per year. And now, the population is getting older. Ed Mayo, secretary
general of the British Co-operation, said all people experience greater pressure on household budgets.

"But, more single people than married people suffering than before," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.
He mentioned, in order to overcome the additional burden, the people who live alone can do simple
things such as sharing or renting a car on the way home with friends. The study found one spent about
£ 7,400 for housing, and those who are married £ 4,000. All kinds of bills reaching £ 3,200 singletons
than married couples £ 2,000 per year. Sole spend £ 14,000 per year for food from around £ 10,000 for
couples. Expenses are not important for single people than married couples £ 1300 £ 820 Single £ 738
spent on appearance such as hair, clothing and exercising in the gym. But people who are married spend
a lot more, nearly £ 22,000.

Betty Broderick became famous in 1986 when she shot her ex-husband and her husband's girlfriend, his actions make the wife refused to folk hero: she had

financially supported her husband through school, raised their children and help to achieve wealth and distinction as a lawyer San Diego, California , only to be discarded when it loses such a handsome young man. And Broderick gets custody of children and community property laws mocking, suggest the authors, without interference from the local legal community.

When the defense argued that her ex-husband had abused Broderick
And psychologically, the jury hung. Repeat the results in conviction on charges of second-degree murder and the maximum penalty, 32 years to life in prison. Schwartz-Nobel, Mary Beth Whitehead with, the story Mrs.

offer less than the true-crime study compared, in his words "a journey into in the soul of a woman. This view Broderick as the victim, she was raised in a society that taught to trust their future wedding of the Prince. Elizabeth Broderick followed all rules.

She married young, and supports her husband, when she received the degree of doctor of medicine degree.
She raised their four children and mother superior of the American dream. Then she decided when her husband, Dan, 40, she no longer needs it. she began a subtle psychological warfare against his wife of 20 years, she's was convinced that this is an old, thick and dumb.

She believed him. That she's did not believe that he would give his life together and married a young man of 20 years.
And Broderick used his power as a lawyer and a doctor of Elizabeth on the future of the apparel,
home and children. she's uses the force he left: 5 November 1989, she entered the room.
The Noble Duke of York, KG, visited Indonesia in 5 to 7 April 2011 as the British Special Representative for international trade and investment. During his visit to Jakarta, his Majesty met with the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Foreign Minister, Coordinating Minister of economy, the Minister of finance.

Minister of Commerce and head of the investment Coordinating Board. His Majesty also met with senior representatives of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, also number visiting for events with British companies and Indonesia, including a meeting with the Alliance of low-emission of carbon business Indonesia (ALBI) and the meeting of infrastructure, to support.

the development of bilateral trade relations. Ambassador Martin Hatfull said:
"The United Kingdom is committed to strengthening ties with Indonesia." The development of trade and investment has become an important key to the achievement of it.

Visit the Highness Duke of York to Indonesia in his capacity as Special Representative of the United Kingdom trade and investment is an important step ". Duke of York was invited to the role of the Special Representative of the United Kingdom for international investment and trade in 2001, after serving 22 years of service in the Navy.

Working in close cooperation with the Government, and, in particular with the UK trade and investment (UKTI),the role of honor include: to promote the UK as an attractive investment location for foreign investors to establish more favourable conditions of business for British companies that invest in overseas and help British products from leading companies developing markets and potential.

To meet this challenge, the Duke of York is not paid, although some of the expenses of the authority of the Special Representative is supported by UKTI and transportation departments.

The demand for Noble increased service since 2001. Duke of York has been involved in a number of large transactions on behalf of the British company that led to some success. Duke of York's program focuses on the markets in which the role provides a very significant impact in an effort to create and develop relationships for the sake of British interests.

The main markets are the focus of attention is the Middle East, Central Asia, India, China, and North Africa.
Noble believes that with the support of British exports would create jobs in the UK and abroad.

Honor Role ranged from direct involvement in meetings with ministers and senior officials on behalf of the British company to build long term relationships and promote UK expertise and experience at the highest level.

Duke of York's role is considered vital for British companies, particularly in
some regions such as The Middle East, where its long-term commitment to this work enabled him to gain access to decision makers at the highest level.

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Lawyers, better known as the counsel must be a noble profession, if they are properly.
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Unfortunately, many of whom have fallen low level work justifies any means, bribery of law enforcement officials and the police,Prosecutor or judge that his client won. Lawyers caught red-handed practice probably just a little dirty.

The practice of giving money from lawyers in the public prosecutor in the trial, the tape showed the existence of extortion by the Prosecutor. Although the lawyers caught red-handed bribing only slightly,but the fact a lot before.

The reason for this diversity from a to z, I recall the story of a college people who was direct, Idealist, let's call it advocate, who had a profession of lawyers and opened his own Office, but then pop wheel to another. I once met and asked why the change of course. advocate said about corruption, extortion, the squeeze-squeeze has become a daily ration.

any way reliable as your argument as a lawyer, if you do not have the money then you will lose, Ge good lawyer or bad,it's part of the legal description of the world.

Because the use of the hijab or veil is banned in France last month, French police had stopped 50 women who wear veils in public places.

Over 27 people were fined or given a choice of French citizenship training,One of them, Marie, she said, the police stopped the car while driving and wearing a headscarf.

She was given the option to pay a fine of 71 Euros or Citizenship classes. She chose to pay a fine of not wanting to appear in public without a veil. She said it had received much ridicule road, but she will not release the hood.

Minister Claude Gueant said concerns about the headscarf ban is unfounded,
Gueant said the rule was unenforceable, but so far no problems.

He said there were American woman who was arrested at Charles De Gaulle Airport outside Paris between the people arrested for wearing a headscarf. Before the ban was imposed, the French government estimates that there are only about 2,000 women who wear the veil in France.

But the government insists the rules are very important to ensure conservative Muslims who abide by the rules state that separates religion and state and also for security reasons and protection of the rights of women.

A neighboring country Belgium France is also a step forward in enacting a similar ban, which the lower house of parliament approved a ban in late
April. But the ban remains controversial and divisive about five to six million Muslims living in France.

Some moderate Muslims support a ban,But others, like Yamina 24 years old,who want to wear a veil that covers full or genitals but not wearing the hijab, against it, I thought it was an unfair decision. Because it is not the hijab that interfere with the French government, but Islam, "he said. Internet Service reported that the ban has sparked calls for an Islamic militant Internet site took up arms against France.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden that U.S. special forces killed this month called on to oppose headscarf ban in France.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia citizens in dialogue impressions were surprised, former Treasurer of the Democratic Party,Nazaruddin with television stations. This is the reason these escapees still are not tracked.

Many must be wondering where Nazaruddin call?,According to observers in the field of information technology when Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, technically, practicing Telematics already know how to track it down.

Taking into account modern communication technologies are already digital, the phone with the length of the course can be traced Nazaruddin,Then why Nazaruddin didn't know about this? Nazaruddin is currently the most wanted people in Indonesia and at every step of any trail, which leads to its existence is very pricing
information. Thus, he had to try really anonymous (identity unknown). Nazaruddin not so naive to dare to call without ensuring its security.

On the basis of the sound quality of conversations that occurred,Nazaruddin rang from the mobile device. " more likely, he had to call using the calling card.
This can be known through some things. Firstly, to communicate with people who use CC has sound just like the picture that is in there, Nazaruddin pause.

Secondly, the CC is the easiest way to communicate securely and anonymously as you can buy anywhere, even without units. Third, the CC usually uses VoIP technology (Internet connection).
Nameless, using the infrastructure or the introduction of the digital mediation
through the Internet,In this technology, since the end of analog, the transformation of the sound quality is reduced, especially when the sound of a cell phone rang when spoke at the Metro in 0: 0: 46 to 53
and 1: 1: 22 to 25 seconds.

In addition to the CRIMINAL CODE, other safe methods that can be used Nazaruddin is conferencing (CF),Thanks to this method, Nazaruddin communicate with his partner, his first partner call Metro or TVOne.

After you connect the Metro or TVOne Nazaruddin and can speak and colleagues Nazaruddin silenced. Through the number recorded in the aircraft receiver number Nazaruddin colleagues Nazaruddin,not quantity.

One of the key for the disclosure ofsecrets is the TV recognized, however,Nazaruddin could call directly to the PSTN networks, television station " is also possible, and usually also reduce sound quality ". However, due to the press laws that protect the informant, the police is not simply to do tracking, but looking for data on Telkom to check an incoming call through the PSTN, when the true number,of course, very much. If yesterday Nazaruddin call through his personal cell phone, confirmed the flight later today is unavoidable, Nazaruddin using one of two ways, or even a combination of them, freedom can be much more.

In addition, the telecommunications analyst Budi Raharjo said there are several ways to do tracking Nazaruddin via telephone connection. Tracking can be through phone calls, and tracing the use of base stations.

Using records of calls, the location and other details could be known and obvious. Tracking method can be applied when the concerned telephone calls. But, unfortunately, the capture process using this method requires a very long time.

Tracking via the base station operator can also be done, but the authorities must cooperate in advancing with foreign operators.While I can't exactly point to the place via the BTS, the area where he may be a known fugitive. With regard to tracking the location of the fugitive via BBM BlackBerry Messenger, cooperation with the company Research In Motion and operators abroad becomes a necessity.

If Nazaruddin was abroad, the Government or the authorities could not do anything.
There should be cooperation in advance with operators abroad in order to continue the follow-up can be done if Indonesian Nazaruddin, monitoring can be done very easily.

Chechnya - The interpretation of Islamic law in Cechnya hard. In the latest proposal, Chechnya prohibit all alcoholic beverages, including energy drinks.

Not only that, the Chechen Muslims are also required to wear the hijab while in state buildings.
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the proposal drew criticism, because it violates the Russian constitution,"Drink-energy is proportional to the beer," said Deputy Health Minister Rukman Bartiyev
Chechnya, on Thursday (21 / 7),But Chechnya is not only the first area who issued the ban on alcoholic beverages.

In April, for example, retailers in the region located in the Belgorod Governor Savchenko Yevgenny forbid the celebration of love or affection Valentine's Day for nearly two years, so it does not trade in alcoholic beverages.

The ban has the support of the local Orthodox archbishop, the form of resistance against the tradition in Russia.
In addition, local governments are also urged to voluntarily stop trading of energy drinks.

The ban will soon be a national decision. In the last month, the Russian parliament, the Duma, began debating a bill that would put the caffeine in energy drinks under the same legal footing with the beer, also prohibits
the sale to children.

Some brands of alcoholic energy drinks, has a fearsome reputation as the drink of
choice for thugs in the Russian cities. But the soft drink company claiming anxious over the proposal.

They say that caffeine-based energy drink is more harmful to young people than other soft drinks.

Two teenage boys and girls expelled from school for getting caught having sex in their schools.
Similarly told The Sun on Wednesday (07/20/2011). Two teens each 13 years old was sent home from school those who achieve an annual cost of 30 thousand pounds ($ 413 million) on the grounds of sexual acts is not responsible.

Both teens were allegedly drinking whiskey from a local store Waitrose. "There is concern from parents about the dangers and why this is happening," said a source.

This is a prestigious school and a host of famous names such as singer Lily Allen ever attended school there. Famous actor Daniel Day-Lews and model Sophie Dahl has also been studied in school.

A spokesman from the school,located in Petersfield,Hants, England said the action indicates a serious problem, particularly schools that implement a high
standard. It is a boarding school and one,which is known in England. they love the school garden, not realizing that there is a glimpse of its actions, after school, they broke into the school garden, to be located in front of the building, being
immersed in love, security caught them was naked.

position to make powerless, Chief Correctional Institution (prison) for women near Sutton, Surrey, England, Russell Thorne (41), ask for casual sex ration of prisoners,To smooth the action was immoral.

Thorne lure women with the license number of prisoners for release. One prisoner said to admit women climbed onto the table before Thorne performing oral sex on her.

Women who do not want to be named, said Russell Thorne,spilling all the sperm to her face, and disgusted with this treatment in prison, another witness said, he also
made a sex slave for months by the warden.

Thorne admitted he was forced to follow orders, fearing the party was held for she's friends in prison will be canceled.
at the trial, which took place in Guildford Royal Court found married man uses the power of women is weak.

Thorne also take library space prison and place of manufacture of the Cabinet, as a place of execution of lust.
At trial, Russell Thorne comes with a number of exhibits between the Argos catalogue, Red Bull energy drinks, cookies, and to authorize the release of women prisoners in exchange for sex, if you're ready to her.Thorne, the final sentence within 5 years of imprisonment.

Pademangan Police Police examine a number of rides game Fantasy World,Ancol Dreamland, Pademangan,North Jakarta.Indonesian

Because the vehicle Tornado game, suddenly halted due to a sudden power supply out. Terrible incident occurred Wednesday (20/11) who made 15 visitors at a height of 5 meters fear.

According to the Public Relations of PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Cakti Ni Ketut Sofia on Thursday (21 / 7) as confirmed tornadoes confirmed that the vehicle is not functioning. "Indeed there are many visitors as 15 people to enjoy the trip," he explained.

But Sofia has denied, the news if there are victims who were injured when
a tornado does not work.

"Please check if there are casualties, we will Ancol responsible party," he
explained. According to Sofia Tornado damage, because turbinnya damaged. Tornado vehicle is said to Sofia,has been awarded ISO 9001-2008 certification.

In fact, already doing a routine check. He explained, Tornado strike at around 18:00 pm. Admittedly, about 15 visitors who were enjoying the rides his face pale and panicky. Meanwhile, police chief Ahmad Daud Pademangan Police Commissioner, said it is examining a number of officers from Ancol Tornado.

He explained that when a tornado suddenly stopped suddenly lights off. It takes 30 minutes to evacuate 15 guests during the tornado which is about 5 meters.

Evacuation went smoothly because of the World Fantasy (Dufan) has been
running with good operational procedures, "explained the visitor in the vehicle, did not fall because they are locked by a seat belt .

We have also examined the police, to find out what caused the spacecraft's
systems work disrupted . 'vehicle temporarily closed, until the condition of the engine can be ensured safe to use, "he said.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hell Kitchen is a TV phenomenon featuring world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay putting aspiring chefs through rigorous culinary tests.
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The game recreates the pressure cooker atmosphere of the event as a player completes a series of kitchen and dining room challenges to find out if they have what it takes to be a "Five Star" chef.

Obeying the order requires three important phases - preparation, cooking and service, all of which players must master the progress.

Prepare ingredients, cook them for the correct quality and get food out of the kitchen on time.

Each complete meal judged by Chef Gordon Ramsay to make the kitchen boot camp experience of life.

Manufacturers' Kitchen Hell "Fox are in search for the American culinary elite who not only has experience, but the stamina to cook with a famous, and sometimes famous, Gordon Ramsay.

Do you think you have what it takes to work shoulder to shoulder with world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay? Gordon Ramsay is back for another serving Hell Kitchen sizzling unscripted series and he's putting 12 new would be restaurateurs on his
chopping block!

Manufacturers Chef looking for outspoken,competitive, passionate, and skilled at their craft and aim to become the next winner of "Hell Kitchen". It is a culinary
opportunity of a lifetime!

Friday, 15 July 2011

PSSI orally Wim Rijsbergen has been chosen to head the national team of Indonesia long-term program, including seven-year age group have been prepared. PSSI chairman Johar Arifin at a press conference at the office of PSSI, Senayan,Jakarta 14th june 2011, announced plans to form a national team of Indonesia with seven levels of age groups.

"As the Executive Committee meeting on 11 and 12 July the team yesterday about
Indonesia in the future, we are programmed there are seven national team in future U-16,. U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20, U -21, U-22, U-23 and seniors, "he said. "God willing, starting next season.

" Johar explains, each age group will have a coach and his staff each of which will be coordinated by the national senior team coach.

For the national senior team coach, PSSI has dropped the option to Wim Rijsbergen, the former coach of Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup and last gush Indonsia PSM Makassar in the League.

"Wim will be programmed what to do in the youth team and junior team have what it takes to give the senior team.
Such a system is implemented by the Netherlands and Japan, which we already know the global achievement," continued the former PSMS Medan( north sumatera)

ASEP maskar finally opened on his marriage had been with Dorce Gamalama, after so much time felt cornered by the media about his existence as Dorce husband. The men who had worked in ski resorts of Bulgaria.

That the initial meeting with the woman lies in the social network Facebook, "I saw on television Dorce was pleasant and fun, but the more time there is a
change, which often fight only minor problems, but I tried to silence"Asep said with a sigh."" I had to speak.

because of the media as if it could push our State is married or marry
under the hands of Siri, June 30, 2009, and we got married through teleconfrence with Prince Damanhuri Ustadz. Dorce ask parental married a month after we come to know "argument that often occurs after irritability Dorce marriage, which kept me
strong often ashamed of my family and I will try to open a new
page in my life"

what he love when I get back, including blackberries and house certificates.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Title Best Performance by a Supporting Actor Role Picture Series, Mini-Series or Motion Made for television this year fell into the hands of Chris Colfer who played Kurt in Glee series.

Besides saying thanks, Chris also utilize this year's Golden Globe stage to send a message to those who often become victims of harassment.
Despite the claims of Chris Colfer shaky but still managed to joke by saying that heart fell ' as he walked to the podium and asked anyone who found it to be
returned to the heart".

"I can't believe it Thank you very much,Hollywood Foreign Press,I would also like to thank Ryan Murphy [the originator of Glee show] was like a father myself," said Chris who also do not forget to say to everyone in Fox.

As reported by MTV, Chris also not forget to send a message to those who often become victims of harassment  before closing his speech..

According to Chris Colfer, Glee is basically about people who are alienated from their environment and always get the scorn of most people. Glee Chris hopes to be an inspiration for those who suffered the same fate so that they
can stand up and ignore the scorn of people.

Colfer was born in Clovis, California on the Clovis school as student. East high school, was involved in speech and debate, Eoin Colfer, he won the title, including placing ninth in the interpretation of the State contest, drama, drama club, FFA," President of the Writer, editor of the School literary magazine", and Captain destination imagination" in high school, he wrote, starred and directed Sweeney Todd parody entitled" Shirley Todd where all the gender roles reversed. One of the real experience of school and then turned into a sub story with characters in Glee when teacher-high school teachers the opportunity to sing" was dismissed by Defying Gravity" traditional music performed by women since then. His grandmother, Minister, his sang in his Church.

Colfer has born at Clovis,south california
Three explosions rocked India at the same time, it is in Mumbai on Wednesday (July 13, 2011) in the evening, killing at least 25 people and wounded more than 110 people, announced the Ministry of the Interior in New Delhi.

Number of recent victims have been revised earlier deaths of 13 people gives
authorities in Mumbai. Bombs exploded in a crowded area to the South of the city, the same area that was the target of two and a half years ago, armed gunmen, who killed 166 people.

"is yet another attack on the city of India, another attack on Mumbai," Chief Minister of Maharashtra State,said Prithviraj Chavan proposed the possible involvement of foreign persons address " to the sovereignty of India ".

India's Ministry said at least 25 people were killed and 110 wounded, many of them in serious condition. Interior Minister P Chidambaram told reporters in New Delhi, it is "a coordinated attack by terrorists" and the whole city of Mumbai in the state of alert. Targeted attacks include middle-class area residents, the gold market, and a building that into jewelry and jewelry stores. All three blasts
occurred within 15 minutes, starting at around 6:30 PM local time.

"It is clear that the attacker wants to hurt as many people as possible. Many people were injured," said a minister in the state of Maharashtra, Chagan Bhujbal, told reporters.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but initial suspicion is directed at two groups of Muslims who invaded India in the past, the domestic Indian Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba based in Pakistan.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

organization of Human Rights Watch , called on the United States President Barack Obama to conduct a survey of former President George w. Bush and senior officials are authorized torture of detainees and prisoners suspected of terrorism cases.

As indicated in the business release received today, Human Rights Watch found
compelling evidence of the existence of torture perpetrated by the Bush administration against prisoners, with the permission of former President George w. Bush and other senior officials.

In addition, the Obama administration is not complied with the obligations of the United States to the Convention against torture to investigate cases of torture and
other ill-treatment of detainees, thick in 107 pages in the report entitled" Getting Away With torture -the Bush administration and the ill-treatment of detainees, " Human Rights Watch gives you important information for investigating
crimes against Bush and his senior officials for their role in the practice of torture.

Among senior officials,former Vice-President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet. Torture committed in the U.S. government's official approval of a. l water boarding or drowning heads of prisoners in the water, the use of secret CIA detention centers, and prisoner transfer (rendition) to countries where they were tortured.
"There is strong evidence to investigate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Tenet,
who allowed the torture and war crimes" said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch.

President Obama, he added, treats torture as bad policy and not as a crime. His
decision to end the practices of violence in interrogations could easily be changed unless the prohibition against torture is legally enforced return. Human Rights Watch assess if the government of the United States did not pursue criminal investigations with a credible, other countries have to indict U.S. officials.

involved in crimes against detainees, according to international law, according to Human Rights Watch,"The United States has an obligation to investigate those
crimes" said Roth.

"If the United States does not do that other countries should prosecute them \." In August 2009,U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was appointed special prosecutor John Durham to investigate the illegal torture of detainees. That is, the investigation does not include acts of torture, including water boarding and other ill-treatment is permitted by the lawyers of the Bush administration, despite working against domestic and international law.

On June 30, holder of Durham received a recommendation to conduct an investigation into two alleged CIA prisoner deaths from Iraq and Afghanistan. Human Rights Watch claimed a narrow mandate to make the job of Durham can not reveal systematic torture.

"The pattern of human rights violations The United States Government in some countries is not the result of deviant acts group of officers who break the law,
said k. Ross.
Torture, he added, is the result of decisions taken by the United States, all sort of officials who are rejected or ignored by the law.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Last sequel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 finally released in London, England, Thursday, July 7 2011 london time.

Thousands of fans thronged the appearance of Harry Potter film premiere location. The rain that fell in the city of London did not dampen the fans to meet with the
cast of Harry Potter.

Fans who come not only from Britain but also from around the world. Some of them even stayed around Trafalgar Square and erecting the tent. As quoted from page
Femalefirst, novelist'Harry Potter', JK Rowling and actor
Hermione Granger, Emma Watson is able to hold back tears while attending the premiere of the last Harry Potter sequel.

In front of the fans of Harry Potter, Rowling would like to thank them for already bought his novel during this and willing to live in tents overnight. While Watson was seen crying while listening to Radcliffe and Grint told reporters about
the their experience of playing in the movie harry potter.

Tya Aries ever got harassment in public places
Artist difficult Ariestya tomboy said that it was necessary to pay more attention when traveling.
What happened with Widy Vierra was close to home difficult, in Kemang area.? But it would be good that came out at night must be accompanied.

"do not go in the morning, at least there are friends that in house with you" If there is a perfectly natural purposes,If does not exist, so there is at least a company.
If you take a taxi, ask a taxi to security guard,"said after making the Pro Care treatment in a salon, for artists who are immersed host field, which prefer to wait for a taxi to walk alone to go home, even in areas near his home.
"I'm going to take a taxi, take into account the number of the taxi sent to the bride, or to people we know," that had never experienced abuse while staying in an event.

"If harassment however, when it lost the right out after show,there is no ass touching, immediately she's screaming"said.

The House would not be complete if you have family members that complete and perfect. Maybe this is something that felt Aurel,daughter of Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti who will soon
live in their new home in Cinere area. Impatience often visit this girl when met at the exhibition Strikes RCTI, Kebon Jeruk,West Jakarta..

Aurel talked about she's new House soon want to share with she's father and brother," Now don't look home
Cinere. Only a month ago seen. I think wanted to see again,but still have time at the end of this year, I think so, said Aurel".

So, what about the Ashanty, friends and lovers Duet of shes father, Anang Hermansyah?" course, if there's cheeks in the House of aunts Shanti more saturated, as a rule, three people only not too cool" she's said.

Aurel also said that she's could not wait to remodel she's own room, although now the plan is still secret. When doing are move,aurel?" in 2012 times more likely to be renovated again, "

she's concluded. the girl with the song "scolded God " a duet with her father treated Anang ready to accept she's presence in the middle of the new mommy in their families, and hope will be better in the years to the future.

Monday, 11 July 2011

some tips If you have a car, you can try to buy the cheapest car insurance but do not have enough information to make choices.

You can find a variety of insurance companies that offer discounts so that you can minimize the expenditure budget Here are simple tips in choosing the cheapest insurance for your car.

If your policy will soon be over, try again review the insurance contract who want to end it, compare it with quotes from other insurance companies .
Study the offerings of other online insurance companies.
Compare and see which insurance companies can give you a big discount to cover larger Try to negotiate with service providers to provide discounted car insurance and lower your premiums.

Purpose, you can get a more favorable deal with your current provider or insurance company that gives you the best discount to meet coverage better make sure that you are dealing with a reputable insurance company.

You can check it out on the Internet or You can see some problems that may arise in the case of claims to these companies.
You can choose an insurance company with the lowest complaint these simple tips you can follow so you can choose the cheapest car insurance for you.

Selection of the best providers that offer the best price and quality ratio, so you'll feel in the world, knowing that there is someone you can count in the event of unforeseen developments, which we don't.

That's some tips for decide Cheapest car insurance.

Agnes Monica reportedly died. Chain messages on BlackBerry Messenger,its said after being treated in hospital for a back injury, Agnes overdose. "On May 28, 2011 11:00 pm agnes was died.
agnes treat at the hospital is in the nondisclosure terms of management, hospital and family sources said agnes died of drug overdose at a high level of Agnes is planned to be buried tomorrow and still not know where agnes buried.

This real news? This was rejected by the manager Agnes Monica brother, Christian.It's obvious she was cured today,she's condition has been recovered. The news is joax" Christian said when contacted, Sunday (29/05/2011).

Not only from refutation only Christians were reported, from his personal twitter account named Agnes Monica @ agnezmo, written when he was healthy again. Even now planned to be
released from the hospital. "RT @ agnezmo: Yaaaay .. start Today could be out of the hospital .. Praise the Lord.) Thank you, Jesus ...: ')" the contents of Agnes Monica twitter account, a few hours ago. Agnes Monica lying at Siloam Hospital, Kebon Jeruk starting on Wednesday (05/25/2011). Agnes Monica
reportedly injured her back.
David Beckham stated that his wife Victoria gave birth to a daughter. Thus, quoted by the BBC.
The representative of the Beckham Simon Oliveira from a pair of Twitter calls the 'am happy to announce the birth of their daughter,girl you know its name, was born at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles ,United States, on Sunday.

Twitter also noted that the three boys, Brooklyn Beckham (11), Romeo (8) and Cruise (5)are happy to greet they sister,Victoria Beckham (37), the now fashionable women after previous success as a singer with the Spice Girls.

When the Spice Girls known as Posh Spice him and dominate the charts in the late 90s with several hits like 'Wannabe','Mama' and '2 Become 1 '. British female singer group was also briefly held a reunion concert in the world tour in 2007, and
sold more than 75 million albums. He was married to David Beckham in 1999 when a players career shine.

Beckham is England's most frequently played for the national team and has
served as a captain. He won six English Premier League and Champions League with Manchester United.

Then won the Spanish league with Real Madrid after United's sold at a price of £ 25
million before finally joining the LA Galaxy and loaned out to Italian giants AC Milan.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lilis was forced back to being a dancer in the dance group jaipong Goyang Karawang, after so long the world has ever made
she's name which she left for a wedding. Aji as Lilis husband,
no longer able to prevent because Aji helpless because the
economic conditions of household mess since she's layoffs and unemployment. The return of Lilis make tremendous changes.

Lilis always the center of attention of visitors of the
"Bintang kejora "pub. As the belle of the current group of Goyang
Karawang, Neneng feel threatened by the return of Lilis.
By all means Neneng trying to maintain sh's position, what
more for a degree that requires struggle and tremendous
sacrifice for Neneng. Lilis Oversized rocking the stage and
drain pocket early as visitors make Mr.Awal pubs owners put Lilis
as a major star to replace Neneng ,both more attractive and

Thursday, 7 July 2011

With a cash value decreasing because of the burden of the cost of much additional insurance, then feared the lack of funds until a certain age limit, what You will experience a double loss, the cash value is depleted, leave protection,If Andrew wanted the cash of the protection of the insurance value is more than that to
decide is shed protection extra, choose some of the more appropriate not to include all members of the family in the insurance program, but he chose the benar2x need to policyholders, so the investments will be maximum this discussion applies to unit-linked insurance basis.

So there is nothing wrong to exclude additional insurance in order to maximize our basic needs with good decision mature course.

Insurance companies recognize the offered products. No need to rush into buying insurance products,but also not too long, because remember that insurance protection is necessary in this unpredictable world,we don't know when we are sick, we have the misfortune, or even death? Now, to determine the credibility of the company is not easy, but at least the following points should be considered.

Company business age will determine the credibility of the company, as evidenced by the existence of companies that will continue to operate the economy hit by a series of difficulties from time to time.

It's just that sometimes life is not directly proportional to the service of the company and the quality of the product, because sometimes you have a long standing, but linked to the management model of age by what it does not develop. But at least the beginning of this into account the need to be asked. b. Award for the credibility of the company also relies on the ability of the company for awards in the field of the event, such as customer satisfaction, etc.

brand award. The participation of the insurance companies in the show up as this competition is very important because the basis of the insurance business is the service, so the commitment to serve customers, as well as evidence of the seriousness of the company in the maintenance of confidence of the client.

BC's capital there are many opinions that are not local insurers are stronger than local insurers. This opinion is not bad, but not exactly.
Because it is, in fact, there is a local insurance in bankruptcy due to a strong capital and not just as an arm of the company conglomerate that already exists.
But if you do not see a few national companies of insurance also lingered too long, even now still exist.

This shows that the company is able to withstand the economic storms that hit our
country. This is different from the company's safe no-local,as well as that should be audited by the strict criteria in the Department of finance for doing business in a world, which also has a capital base in some countries could help
the other if no economic crisis in other countries. Thus in societies without local equity participation in insurance cannot be trusted.

The following will be discussed on the boards to choose from a variety of insurance products that offers not only on the Great Eastern, but also the insurance products that are outside.
If there are doubts about other insurance products can ask to your insurance in this guide.

To Ensure that the agent insurance salesman licensed and products specifically to
insurance companies that recommended you.
The first tips ;
tips is important to confirm if the seller is an authorized or corridor just only insurance agent,What is the importance of these issues? If a person becomes an official agent then he really responsible of products sold and what is more
responsible than visiting customers.

If it is not the official agent of the motivation to sell a little questionable
insurance products, the important thing is whether he was a runner is likely to have problems if there is a claim because three times a day he could not directly, but this is very bad for clients who take insurance products.

How can we confirm that the agent authorized agent? Specifying member of insurances products that they offer and Every official agent must be either a temporary ID or full license,So ask not for whom their membership if you offer insurance products.

This is done to agencies that offer such products can help you in case of
claims or take care of the Administration and etc.If it has no ID, it " as will in the future the Council.

Identification of needs and opportunities we have in the past, a new look at the offered products and Often we do not know exactly to our needs into buying something. Purchase an insurance product is not the same as buying products material products that you can see, touch and saw, such as cars, homes and any other thing

Insurance is intangible products we have not seen addressed let alone seen, but the effect you get a life, so the initial review is crucial, because if it is not the right choice of loss that is felt in life and although we can stop at any time, to cover our insurance policy, but it means we are loss.

When it decided to consider the possibility of acquiring an insurance policy from an insurance company's products,we must define our needs in the first place. Examples are:
Stephen married and have two children, she has $400 income per month, he plans to purchase insurance products to protect himself and his family and What should I do if the product is correct for Jhon and his family? After the interview requirement, that Stephen would like to:

  1. All members of the family are protected when he died.
  2. All members of the family are protected when a disease to hospitalization.
  3. Members of the family are protected when undergoing critique of the disease.
  4. Stephen wanted a premium not to be missed and will continue to grow in value.
  5. Members of the family are protected when it crashed.

Stephen saw the need, of course, there are insurance products that can meet all these needs. But with four hundred per month income,the important question is how funds could be provided to pay the monthly premium, after all, satisfied daily needs? By the time we are going to Stephen wanted to set aside funds amounting to $60 a month. Consider the following.

Please note that life contains elements of the insurance core is death and disability insurance, life insurance for all insurance products can have this clause (often referred to as the insured sum). Protection, as well as others is only an additional insurance and Basic , additional insurance costs they have to be paid within a period of time, you have a lifetime, it is not temporary. This fee will be deducted from the premiums paid. This means that if Stephen and wanted
by the effective value of the premium is not reduced meaning that it is in terms of investment insurance.

That they want to, then he must sacrifice the desire to obtain the desired protection,Because if Stephen wants that all members are protected, then you can have a cost determined monthly insurance is going to be very high and means that it will reduce the premiums earned of the planned usd cash value only $60. On the other hand, if the premiums paid by $600 that can determine all the protection you can get.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kyai Haji

Zainuddin MZ obituary, or better known as Kyai surprise
greeting million faithful from all sides. Because Zainuddin
to this day still look healthy travel on television stations
gave the typical propaganda. Full name Zainuddin as Zainuddin
Muhammad Zein is the original figure of Jakarta. He was born
in the capital on March 2, 1951. Turmudzi partners and
children only had shown talent since childhood Zainabun speech.
Zainuddin Not infrequently a small rise to the table
pretending to speak. He spent his early studies at IAIN Syarif
Hidayatullah. While stopped at an honorary doctorate from
University country of Malaysia itself. Zainuddin speech
proficiency dragged into politics since the New Order.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Manohara severely tested world views, in fact, She took a
private tour guide event to hone skills. For the first time,
the former wife of Prince of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry
this will be the MC for the international event, the President
Cup 2011

For Mano, so She usually called, is an honor to guide the
international arena open amateur boxing match that will be
opened on July 4, 2011 (today) at the Tennis Indoor Senayan,
Central Jakarta,Yes this is my first experience, excited
and honored. Because after talking to my public school, a job
now accept MC for the event that an unusually large due to be
attended by the President. This is a competition for amateur
boxing athletes from different countries so I'm nervous,
Honored, excited at the same time.story in Senayan City,
South Jakarta.

According to her, leading to the current little difference,Many features, especially in the sound."of course there are similarities rather than differences. As a sound,intonation was how to proceed. If a side event, we must act,even if we are sad we have to watch the hilarious",she said." thank God, once in the first days were employed as this. To make sure that I  will try to best, and I will give 100%, said manohara