Monday, 11 July 2011

Agnes Monica reportedly died. Chain messages on BlackBerry Messenger,its said after being treated in hospital for a back injury, Agnes overdose. "On May 28, 2011 11:00 pm agnes was died.
agnes treat at the hospital is in the nondisclosure terms of management, hospital and family sources said agnes died of drug overdose at a high level of Agnes is planned to be buried tomorrow and still not know where agnes buried.

This real news? This was rejected by the manager Agnes Monica brother, Christian.It's obvious she was cured today,she's condition has been recovered. The news is joax" Christian said when contacted, Sunday (29/05/2011).

Not only from refutation only Christians were reported, from his personal twitter account named Agnes Monica @ agnezmo, written when he was healthy again. Even now planned to be
released from the hospital. "RT @ agnezmo: Yaaaay .. start Today could be out of the hospital .. Praise the Lord.) Thank you, Jesus ...: ')" the contents of Agnes Monica twitter account, a few hours ago. Agnes Monica lying at Siloam Hospital, Kebon Jeruk starting on Wednesday (05/25/2011). Agnes Monica
reportedly injured her back.


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