Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lilis was forced back to being a dancer in the dance group jaipong Goyang Karawang, after so long the world has ever made
she's name which she left for a wedding. Aji as Lilis husband,
no longer able to prevent because Aji helpless because the
economic conditions of household mess since she's layoffs and unemployment. The return of Lilis make tremendous changes.

Lilis always the center of attention of visitors of the
"Bintang kejora "pub. As the belle of the current group of Goyang
Karawang, Neneng feel threatened by the return of Lilis.
By all means Neneng trying to maintain sh's position, what
more for a degree that requires struggle and tremendous
sacrifice for Neneng. Lilis Oversized rocking the stage and
drain pocket early as visitors make Mr.Awal pubs owners put Lilis
as a major star to replace Neneng ,both more attractive and

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