Friday, 15 July 2011

ASEP maskar finally opened on his marriage had been with Dorce Gamalama, after so much time felt cornered by the media about his existence as Dorce husband. The men who had worked in ski resorts of Bulgaria.

That the initial meeting with the woman lies in the social network Facebook, "I saw on television Dorce was pleasant and fun, but the more time there is a
change, which often fight only minor problems, but I tried to silence"Asep said with a sigh."" I had to speak.

because of the media as if it could push our State is married or marry
under the hands of Siri, June 30, 2009, and we got married through teleconfrence with Prince Damanhuri Ustadz. Dorce ask parental married a month after we come to know "argument that often occurs after irritability Dorce marriage, which kept me
strong often ashamed of my family and I will try to open a new
page in my life"

what he love when I get back, including blackberries and house certificates.


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