Friday, 22 July 2011

Because the use of the hijab or veil is banned in France last month, French police had stopped 50 women who wear veils in public places.

Over 27 people were fined or given a choice of French citizenship training,One of them, Marie, she said, the police stopped the car while driving and wearing a headscarf.

She was given the option to pay a fine of 71 Euros or Citizenship classes. She chose to pay a fine of not wanting to appear in public without a veil. She said it had received much ridicule road, but she will not release the hood.

Minister Claude Gueant said concerns about the headscarf ban is unfounded,
Gueant said the rule was unenforceable, but so far no problems.

He said there were American woman who was arrested at Charles De Gaulle Airport outside Paris between the people arrested for wearing a headscarf. Before the ban was imposed, the French government estimates that there are only about 2,000 women who wear the veil in France.

But the government insists the rules are very important to ensure conservative Muslims who abide by the rules state that separates religion and state and also for security reasons and protection of the rights of women.

A neighboring country Belgium France is also a step forward in enacting a similar ban, which the lower house of parliament approved a ban in late
April. But the ban remains controversial and divisive about five to six million Muslims living in France.

Some moderate Muslims support a ban,But others, like Yamina 24 years old,who want to wear a veil that covers full or genitals but not wearing the hijab, against it, I thought it was an unfair decision. Because it is not the hijab that interfere with the French government, but Islam, "he said. Internet Service reported that the ban has sparked calls for an Islamic militant Internet site took up arms against France.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden that U.S. special forces killed this month called on to oppose headscarf ban in France.


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