Thursday, 28 July 2011

Betty Broderick became famous in 1986 when she shot her ex-husband and her husband's girlfriend, his actions make the wife refused to folk hero: she had

financially supported her husband through school, raised their children and help to achieve wealth and distinction as a lawyer San Diego, California , only to be discarded when it loses such a handsome young man. And Broderick gets custody of children and community property laws mocking, suggest the authors, without interference from the local legal community.

When the defense argued that her ex-husband had abused Broderick
And psychologically, the jury hung. Repeat the results in conviction on charges of second-degree murder and the maximum penalty, 32 years to life in prison. Schwartz-Nobel, Mary Beth Whitehead with, the story Mrs.

offer less than the true-crime study compared, in his words "a journey into in the soul of a woman. This view Broderick as the victim, she was raised in a society that taught to trust their future wedding of the Prince. Elizabeth Broderick followed all rules.

She married young, and supports her husband, when she received the degree of doctor of medicine degree.
She raised their four children and mother superior of the American dream. Then she decided when her husband, Dan, 40, she no longer needs it. she began a subtle psychological warfare against his wife of 20 years, she's was convinced that this is an old, thick and dumb.

She believed him. That she's did not believe that he would give his life together and married a young man of 20 years.
And Broderick used his power as a lawyer and a doctor of Elizabeth on the future of the apparel,
home and children. she's uses the force he left: 5 November 1989, she entered the room.


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