Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Noble Duke of York, KG, visited Indonesia in 5 to 7 April 2011 as the British Special Representative for international trade and investment. During his visit to Jakarta, his Majesty met with the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Foreign Minister, Coordinating Minister of economy, the Minister of finance.

Minister of Commerce and head of the investment Coordinating Board. His Majesty also met with senior representatives of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, also number visiting for events with British companies and Indonesia, including a meeting with the Alliance of low-emission of carbon business Indonesia (ALBI) and the meeting of infrastructure, to support.

the development of bilateral trade relations. Ambassador Martin Hatfull said:
"The United Kingdom is committed to strengthening ties with Indonesia." The development of trade and investment has become an important key to the achievement of it.

Visit the Highness Duke of York to Indonesia in his capacity as Special Representative of the United Kingdom trade and investment is an important step ". Duke of York was invited to the role of the Special Representative of the United Kingdom for international investment and trade in 2001, after serving 22 years of service in the Navy.

Working in close cooperation with the Government, and, in particular with the UK trade and investment (UKTI),the role of honor include: to promote the UK as an attractive investment location for foreign investors to establish more favourable conditions of business for British companies that invest in overseas and help British products from leading companies developing markets and potential.

To meet this challenge, the Duke of York is not paid, although some of the expenses of the authority of the Special Representative is supported by UKTI and transportation departments.

The demand for Noble increased service since 2001. Duke of York has been involved in a number of large transactions on behalf of the British company that led to some success. Duke of York's program focuses on the markets in which the role provides a very significant impact in an effort to create and develop relationships for the sake of British interests.

The main markets are the focus of attention is the Middle East, Central Asia, India, China, and North Africa.
Noble believes that with the support of British exports would create jobs in the UK and abroad.

Honor Role ranged from direct involvement in meetings with ministers and senior officials on behalf of the British company to build long term relationships and promote UK expertise and experience at the highest level.

Duke of York's role is considered vital for British companies, particularly in
some regions such as The Middle East, where its long-term commitment to this work enabled him to gain access to decision makers at the highest level.


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