Thursday, 21 July 2011

position to make powerless, Chief Correctional Institution (prison) for women near Sutton, Surrey, England, Russell Thorne (41), ask for casual sex ration of prisoners,To smooth the action was immoral.

Thorne lure women with the license number of prisoners for release. One prisoner said to admit women climbed onto the table before Thorne performing oral sex on her.

Women who do not want to be named, said Russell Thorne,spilling all the sperm to her face, and disgusted with this treatment in prison, another witness said, he also
made a sex slave for months by the warden.

Thorne admitted he was forced to follow orders, fearing the party was held for she's friends in prison will be canceled.
at the trial, which took place in Guildford Royal Court found married man uses the power of women is weak.

Thorne also take library space prison and place of manufacture of the Cabinet, as a place of execution of lust.
At trial, Russell Thorne comes with a number of exhibits between the Argos catalogue, Red Bull energy drinks, cookies, and to authorize the release of women prisoners in exchange for sex, if you're ready to her.Thorne, the final sentence within 5 years of imprisonment.


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