Thursday, 14 July 2011

Title Best Performance by a Supporting Actor Role Picture Series, Mini-Series or Motion Made for television this year fell into the hands of Chris Colfer who played Kurt in Glee series.

Besides saying thanks, Chris also utilize this year's Golden Globe stage to send a message to those who often become victims of harassment.
Despite the claims of Chris Colfer shaky but still managed to joke by saying that heart fell ' as he walked to the podium and asked anyone who found it to be
returned to the heart".

"I can't believe it Thank you very much,Hollywood Foreign Press,I would also like to thank Ryan Murphy [the originator of Glee show] was like a father myself," said Chris who also do not forget to say to everyone in Fox.

As reported by MTV, Chris also not forget to send a message to those who often become victims of harassment  before closing his speech..

According to Chris Colfer, Glee is basically about people who are alienated from their environment and always get the scorn of most people. Glee Chris hopes to be an inspiration for those who suffered the same fate so that they
can stand up and ignore the scorn of people.

Colfer was born in Clovis, California on the Clovis school as student. East high school, was involved in speech and debate, Eoin Colfer, he won the title, including placing ninth in the interpretation of the State contest, drama, drama club, FFA," President of the Writer, editor of the School literary magazine", and Captain destination imagination" in high school, he wrote, starred and directed Sweeney Todd parody entitled" Shirley Todd where all the gender roles reversed. One of the real experience of school and then turned into a sub story with characters in Glee when teacher-high school teachers the opportunity to sing" was dismissed by Defying Gravity" traditional music performed by women since then. His grandmother, Minister, his sang in his Church.

Colfer has born at Clovis,south california


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