Thursday, 28 July 2011

Financial factors in mind often that someone decides to marry or remain a single State.

The amount of the cost of several projects of law, the housing needs of children, to the education of insurance can be a scourge for finding a partner. Make no mistake, a study in Britain shows something very different. Life as an expenditure of money one over which they married. On average, a single £ 3,500 more profligate to those who have a family. Investigations
carried out financial entities in the cooperative United Kingdom discovery, the cost of living
per year on average, only a little less than £ 14,000 per year. All rates are usually based on
the draft law is not important or significant as going out to eat and exercise in the gym.

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On the other hand, someone who has been married has a level of expenditure, about £ 10,500.
This is because the bills, taxes and other fees are divided between the couple. If the expenditure
incurred is not important, waste a single-digit increase, reaching more than £ 5,000. The
researchers also found that married couples more often for shopping or eating out because
they have fewer bills. In fact, single people should pay extra taxes on foods they buy.
The study was conducted on 1,000 adults in various segments of society. Found, singles spend
at least 51 percent of their income. Compare with people who have been married, only 30
percent of revenue. UK Statistics said the number of single people increased by about 145
thousand people per year. And now, the population is getting older. Ed Mayo, secretary
general of the British Co-operation, said all people experience greater pressure on household budgets.

"But, more single people than married people suffering than before," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.
He mentioned, in order to overcome the additional burden, the people who live alone can do simple
things such as sharing or renting a car on the way home with friends. The study found one spent about
£ 7,400 for housing, and those who are married £ 4,000. All kinds of bills reaching £ 3,200 singletons
than married couples £ 2,000 per year. Sole spend £ 14,000 per year for food from around £ 10,000 for
couples. Expenses are not important for single people than married couples £ 1300 £ 820 Single £ 738
spent on appearance such as hair, clothing and exercising in the gym. But people who are married spend
a lot more, nearly £ 22,000.


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