Friday, 22 July 2011

Lawyers, better known as the counsel must be a noble profession, if they are properly.
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Unfortunately, many of whom have fallen low level work justifies any means, bribery of law enforcement officials and the police,Prosecutor or judge that his client won. Lawyers caught red-handed practice probably just a little dirty.

The practice of giving money from lawyers in the public prosecutor in the trial, the tape showed the existence of extortion by the Prosecutor. Although the lawyers caught red-handed bribing only slightly,but the fact a lot before.

The reason for this diversity from a to z, I recall the story of a college people who was direct, Idealist, let's call it advocate, who had a profession of lawyers and opened his own Office, but then pop wheel to another. I once met and asked why the change of course. advocate said about corruption, extortion, the squeeze-squeeze has become a daily ration.

any way reliable as your argument as a lawyer, if you do not have the money then you will lose, Ge good lawyer or bad,it's part of the legal description of the world.


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