Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kyai Haji

Zainuddin MZ obituary, or better known as Kyai surprise
greeting million faithful from all sides. Because Zainuddin
to this day still look healthy travel on television stations
gave the typical propaganda. Full name Zainuddin as Zainuddin
Muhammad Zein is the original figure of Jakarta. He was born
in the capital on March 2, 1951. Turmudzi partners and
children only had shown talent since childhood Zainabun speech.
Zainuddin Not infrequently a small rise to the table
pretending to speak. He spent his early studies at IAIN Syarif
Hidayatullah. While stopped at an honorary doctorate from
University country of Malaysia itself. Zainuddin speech
proficiency dragged into politics since the New Order.


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