Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chechnya - The interpretation of Islamic law in Cechnya hard. In the latest proposal, Chechnya prohibit all alcoholic beverages, including energy drinks.

Not only that, the Chechen Muslims are also required to wear the hijab while in state buildings.
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the proposal drew criticism, because it violates the Russian constitution,"Drink-energy is proportional to the beer," said Deputy Health Minister Rukman Bartiyev
Chechnya, on Thursday (21 / 7),But Chechnya is not only the first area who issued the ban on alcoholic beverages.

In April, for example, retailers in the region located in the Belgorod Governor Savchenko Yevgenny forbid the celebration of love or affection Valentine's Day for nearly two years, so it does not trade in alcoholic beverages.

The ban has the support of the local Orthodox archbishop, the form of resistance against the tradition in Russia.
In addition, local governments are also urged to voluntarily stop trading of energy drinks.

The ban will soon be a national decision. In the last month, the Russian parliament, the Duma, began debating a bill that would put the caffeine in energy drinks under the same legal footing with the beer, also prohibits
the sale to children.

Some brands of alcoholic energy drinks, has a fearsome reputation as the drink of
choice for thugs in the Russian cities. But the soft drink company claiming anxious over the proposal.

They say that caffeine-based energy drink is more harmful to young people than other soft drinks.


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