Thursday, 21 July 2011

Two teenage boys and girls expelled from school for getting caught having sex in their schools.
Similarly told The Sun on Wednesday (07/20/2011). Two teens each 13 years old was sent home from school those who achieve an annual cost of 30 thousand pounds ($ 413 million) on the grounds of sexual acts is not responsible.

Both teens were allegedly drinking whiskey from a local store Waitrose. "There is concern from parents about the dangers and why this is happening," said a source.

This is a prestigious school and a host of famous names such as singer Lily Allen ever attended school there. Famous actor Daniel Day-Lews and model Sophie Dahl has also been studied in school.

A spokesman from the school,located in Petersfield,Hants, England said the action indicates a serious problem, particularly schools that implement a high
standard. It is a boarding school and one,which is known in England. they love the school garden, not realizing that there is a glimpse of its actions, after school, they broke into the school garden, to be located in front of the building, being
immersed in love, security caught them was naked.


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