Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pademangan Police Police examine a number of rides game Fantasy World,Ancol Dreamland, Pademangan,North Jakarta.Indonesian

Because the vehicle Tornado game, suddenly halted due to a sudden power supply out. Terrible incident occurred Wednesday (20/11) who made 15 visitors at a height of 5 meters fear.

According to the Public Relations of PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Cakti Ni Ketut Sofia on Thursday (21 / 7) as confirmed tornadoes confirmed that the vehicle is not functioning. "Indeed there are many visitors as 15 people to enjoy the trip," he explained.

But Sofia has denied, the news if there are victims who were injured when
a tornado does not work.

"Please check if there are casualties, we will Ancol responsible party," he
explained. According to Sofia Tornado damage, because turbinnya damaged. Tornado vehicle is said to Sofia,has been awarded ISO 9001-2008 certification.

In fact, already doing a routine check. He explained, Tornado strike at around 18:00 pm. Admittedly, about 15 visitors who were enjoying the rides his face pale and panicky. Meanwhile, police chief Ahmad Daud Pademangan Police Commissioner, said it is examining a number of officers from Ancol Tornado.

He explained that when a tornado suddenly stopped suddenly lights off. It takes 30 minutes to evacuate 15 guests during the tornado which is about 5 meters.

Evacuation went smoothly because of the World Fantasy (Dufan) has been
running with good operational procedures, "explained the visitor in the vehicle, did not fall because they are locked by a seat belt .

We have also examined the police, to find out what caused the spacecraft's
systems work disrupted . 'vehicle temporarily closed, until the condition of the engine can be ensured safe to use, "he said.


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