Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tya Aries ever got harassment in public places
Artist difficult Ariestya tomboy said that it was necessary to pay more attention when traveling.
What happened with Widy Vierra was close to home difficult, in Kemang area.? But it would be good that came out at night must be accompanied.

"do not go in the morning, at least there are friends that in house with you" If there is a perfectly natural purposes,If does not exist, so there is at least a company.
If you take a taxi, ask a taxi to security guard,"said after making the Pro Care treatment in a salon, for artists who are immersed host field, which prefer to wait for a taxi to walk alone to go home, even in areas near his home.
"I'm going to take a taxi, take into account the number of the taxi sent to the bride, or to people we know," that had never experienced abuse while staying in an event.

"If harassment however, when it lost the right out after show,there is no ass touching, immediately she's screaming"said.


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