Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia citizens in dialogue impressions were surprised, former Treasurer of the Democratic Party,Nazaruddin with television stations. This is the reason these escapees still are not tracked.

Many must be wondering where Nazaruddin call?,According to observers in the field of information technology when Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, technically, practicing Telematics already know how to track it down.

Taking into account modern communication technologies are already digital, the phone with the length of the course can be traced Nazaruddin,Then why Nazaruddin didn't know about this? Nazaruddin is currently the most wanted people in Indonesia and at every step of any trail, which leads to its existence is very pricing
information. Thus, he had to try really anonymous (identity unknown). Nazaruddin not so naive to dare to call without ensuring its security.

On the basis of the sound quality of conversations that occurred,Nazaruddin rang from the mobile device. " more likely, he had to call using the calling card.
This can be known through some things. Firstly, to communicate with people who use CC has sound just like the picture that is in there, Nazaruddin pause.

Secondly, the CC is the easiest way to communicate securely and anonymously as you can buy anywhere, even without units. Third, the CC usually uses VoIP technology (Internet connection).
Nameless, using the infrastructure or the introduction of the digital mediation
through the Internet,In this technology, since the end of analog, the transformation of the sound quality is reduced, especially when the sound of a cell phone rang when spoke at the Metro in 0: 0: 46 to 53
and 1: 1: 22 to 25 seconds.

In addition to the CRIMINAL CODE, other safe methods that can be used Nazaruddin is conferencing (CF),Thanks to this method, Nazaruddin communicate with his partner, his first partner call Metro or TVOne.

After you connect the Metro or TVOne Nazaruddin and can speak and colleagues Nazaruddin silenced. Through the number recorded in the aircraft receiver number Nazaruddin colleagues Nazaruddin,not quantity.

One of the key for the disclosure ofsecrets is the TV recognized, however,Nazaruddin could call directly to the PSTN networks, television station " is also possible, and usually also reduce sound quality ". However, due to the press laws that protect the informant, the police is not simply to do tracking, but looking for data on Telkom to check an incoming call through the PSTN, when the true number,of course, very much. If yesterday Nazaruddin call through his personal cell phone, confirmed the flight later today is unavoidable, Nazaruddin using one of two ways, or even a combination of them, freedom can be much more.

In addition, the telecommunications analyst Budi Raharjo said there are several ways to do tracking Nazaruddin via telephone connection. Tracking can be through phone calls, and tracing the use of base stations.

Using records of calls, the location and other details could be known and obvious. Tracking method can be applied when the concerned telephone calls. But, unfortunately, the capture process using this method requires a very long time.

Tracking via the base station operator can also be done, but the authorities must cooperate in advancing with foreign operators.While I can't exactly point to the place via the BTS, the area where he may be a known fugitive. With regard to tracking the location of the fugitive via BBM BlackBerry Messenger, cooperation with the company Research In Motion and operators abroad becomes a necessity.

If Nazaruddin was abroad, the Government or the authorities could not do anything.
There should be cooperation in advance with operators abroad in order to continue the follow-up can be done if Indonesian Nazaruddin, monitoring can be done very easily.


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