Friday, 15 July 2011

PSSI orally Wim Rijsbergen has been chosen to head the national team of Indonesia long-term program, including seven-year age group have been prepared. PSSI chairman Johar Arifin at a press conference at the office of PSSI, Senayan,Jakarta 14th june 2011, announced plans to form a national team of Indonesia with seven levels of age groups.

"As the Executive Committee meeting on 11 and 12 July the team yesterday about
Indonesia in the future, we are programmed there are seven national team in future U-16,. U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20, U -21, U-22, U-23 and seniors, "he said. "God willing, starting next season.

" Johar explains, each age group will have a coach and his staff each of which will be coordinated by the national senior team coach.

For the national senior team coach, PSSI has dropped the option to Wim Rijsbergen, the former coach of Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup and last gush Indonsia PSM Makassar in the League.

"Wim will be programmed what to do in the youth team and junior team have what it takes to give the senior team.
Such a system is implemented by the Netherlands and Japan, which we already know the global achievement," continued the former PSMS Medan( north sumatera)


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