Saturday, 27 August 2011

If you are interested and language enthusiasts, and diligent in improving the English vocabulary, you are definitely interested in the game Scrabble.
Scrabble board game is one of the sata one of the most popular intellectual in the world because of the nature of his game that requires players to master a vast  vocabulary.

Scrabble board has 225 squares Of these 225 boxes, 25 of which have a value of 'double letter score' which are bright blue, 12 of whom have the value 'three-letter score', 16 dark blue in between having a 'double word score' value of bright red, and 8 of they have a 'score of the three words' of a dark red.

Scrabble also comes with 100 sheets of letter or called tiles, each of which has a value of letters such as Q10,, z10 X8, J8, K5, H4, M3, D2, A1 and so on. Two of the 100 letters are left blank.
Blank letter could serve as any letter in accordance with the will of the players who get a blank tile.

Tricks to play Scrabble.

Place the letter tiles are of great value in the box as the letter is worth
double three-letter score, and if possible, place the words in the box that says is worth double score three words. use the letter S only if there is no other word because there are only four S of 100 tiles.

Pluralize word's no good, or to add the S on the back of the verb. use if you're pressing the letter N, I, G. Because of these letters can form words ending in ING, which has the potential to play bingo is poured.

Of course all depends on your vocabulary and the size of the tiles you get. If not go to the tile you want, replace the tile with the risk of losing a turn. If you've got to play bingo, but there is no place called bingo homeless, can not pass up bingo location.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

conditions for practicing law is very diverse. There are lawyers,legal advisors,
legal consultants, and others. Himself the unwilling, the emergence of diversity, this term was not make trouble. Since then, various organizations that promote to cover.

In fact, today's organizations are doing their best to the Presidency, when they combined. Thin progress between supporters and lawyers. The term lawyer in fact coming from the Dutch language, the Prosecutor.
The word is synonymous with a lawyer. But the language of the era, firstly, in Indonesia, often referred to by counsel. Being a lawyer himself comes from the word " advocat ".

In addition,translated from the Dutch. This is the same as the " defenders of ". Well, the Prosecutor actually represents only one of the professions often defended," What about trial ", he explained. In the same way and with a lawyer. They are scientists who do not want to practice law in court.

No proceedings in the judicial process. Only serves as a legal consultant of companies on contracts and the like. After independence, the Indonesian nation is just beginning to know the lawyers. To get a driver's license in the practice of lawyers should be tested at the Ministry of Justice.

The story to achieve are maps, it was very difficult. the long and complicated Process ,a number of our lawyers in the first days of independence is still very small.

However, the status of the lawyer can trial all over Indonesia. Extensive work with the public. In contrast to the lawyer. In the era of the 1960s, the presence of lawyers has been recognized by the State,Practice permit issued by the High Court. Actually this method followed by the Dutch colonial era.

At that time, counsel for the postgraduate higher legal education. " there are no exams, they may be just so.

these models have become the country's independence. As a result, there are two models of issued permissions,Defenders of the processes in all Indonesia. Advocates of the practice in the jurisdiction of the local Superior Court. This problem extends to the question of the organization. Proponents of forming
its own container. Initially it was established that PERADIN. Then it changed again in Ikadin. Incorporated at the same time, is a defender only. "because of that it should be a lawyer, not a lawyer, said Otto Hasibuan, general President Ikadin to Balance. On the other hand, lawyers formed its own container.

Its name is the Bar Association's Legal Indonesia (IPHI). "We adjusted to the lawyers who are not incorporated in Ikadin," said Indra Sahnun Lubis, Chairman IPHI. However, continued the lawyer in Medan, if you want to compare, IPHI has a number of more members.

The President of Indonesia replied to a letter dated August 18, 2011 Nazaruddin ago. It only took three days, which is also a former cadre in the Democratic Party Nazaruddin ,Susilo bambang yudhoyono ( SBY ) receives an answer from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party,As predicted earlier, Nazaruddin letter was clearly impossible given by SBY.

The substance of the letter sent Nazaruddin, asked Yudhoyono to intervene in legal cases that befell him and his wife Neneng Sri Wahyuni. "In any legal case, involving anyone, I never, never, and indeed should not, interfere in the legal process that must be independent, free from any intervention," Yudhoyono
said in a letter signed on Sunday, August 21, 2011 this .

In a letter read out by the Special Staff of the President of the field of law enforcement and eradication of corruption, the President also asked Nazaruddin
to convey the information he knows. "Tell all the information you know to the Commission, to be judged before the law,so it all becomes clear and complete. Includes information about who should be responsible,irrespective of any element or political party, "writes Yudhoyono gave support to Nazaruddin"

Member of Parliament from the Party "Gerindra" Hutabarat Marin Law Commission judges have the right answer to the President Nazaruddin. Just, Martin warned that if Nazaruddin back to write, the better the president to ignore it "I suggest that SBY does not need to respond again,Simply just this once,"said Martin in Jakarta, Monday .
He was warned not to be impressed by a letter ventilation between Nazaruddin and SBY who have absolutely no legal effect.

While member of the Law Commission of Parliament from PKS Faction Aboe Bakr Al-political Habsy assess correspondence between SBY and Nazaruddin increasingly assert any internal politics in the Democratic Party hostage "There is or there is no letter, Nazar silent or not, the KPK should also check the names of the previously disclosed Nazar and call witnesses in the trial Rosa," he said via BlackBerry Messenger Aboe assess the scarcity of answers a letter to President Nazaruddin.

Because before, said Aboe, Coordinating Minister for Political Djoko Suyanto said the president will not reply to a letter Nazaruddin."In fact it turns out the
answer is read Dean Indrayana. Many other letters sent by the community but never got a response," he remembers.

Answer the President for Nazaruddin is like giving a strong political message to Nazaruddin,Proposals received Nazaruddin president. Although not explicitly found in the letter. Nazaruddin letter which also means an open space eventually filled by the President of the negotiations. Not a message that appears on the outside, but the message contained in the second letter.

point thread SBY-Nazar letter will end up looking Nazaruddin vocal against what he knows. At least, by mail,SBY is expressly commanded to open Nazaruddin convey anyone involved. You can guess from the thread SBY-Nazaruddin this letter. Names that have been called Nazaruddin involved in a series of corruption cases,
are unlikely to be immediately dealt with the law. Call it Anas Urbaningrum, Angelina Sondakh, Mirwan Amir and others.

This means that the reply letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees SBY's Democrat Party is tantamount to an injection of energy for the suspects.

Big Footprints in Sleman Yogyakarta, sleman residents startled by the discovery of giant footprints in the fields.
This invention is owned by the residents Ngaglik,Yogyakarta.

      According to locals, they admit not knowing the origin of giant footprint in the Sleman,But residents admit that the trail is a human invention, not a foreign thing.

    According to one resident who confirmed,Maybe this is the work of leading artists, Thursday Because of this action, residents said that there are some fields that collapse which is the land of the village treasury sultan ground who has on local communities,citizens actually have a few days to see a change this field. However, it was found that resembles a giant footprint on Wednesday, May 18 afternoon.

To avoid damage to form the police give the police line, making it easy to be investigated,Giant Footprints in Sleman that can be solved.

Obviously not known because the factors that cause it. but the police will immediately investigate any differences in the Trace Giant's Sleman. Things like this have actually happened in the first Jogjakarta.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Miranda Cosgrove Taylor or better known as Miranda Cosgrove, who was born in Los Angeles, California United States, on May 14, 1993, the original American nationality, in addition to being an actress in the film he's also a singer, a film that made she famous is the movie Drake and Josh, since 2001 she debuted artist, and a career in film and music.

Miranda latest film from the animated film "Despicable Me" as an orphan (Miranda Cosgrove)margo one who cheated by Gru (Josep seal) margo and two friends Edith (Gaier Fund), and Agnes (Elsie Fisher) to steal weapons from Vector (Jason seal) that can eliminate moon.

To open the intention is GRU including robot-shaped cake made by the doctor nefario (Russell Brand) vector infatuated with cakes that are sold Margo and her friend, and had captured the GRU weapons and get ready to steal the moon, and the spiritual bond between the GRU, Margo and his friends were getting stronger.

do not miss the chance to watch movies Nickelodeon production. Cast: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Danny McBride, Miranda Cosgrove, Jack McBrayer, Mindy pacing,emaine Clement, Julie Andrews

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Unrest continued in London on the third day and began to spread beyond the city. Violence erupted Saturday after a man killed by police in Tottenham, a region in the northern part of town, on Thursday.

According to observers, the riots has risen to the worst clashes in the country since World War II,More than 200 people have been arrested and at least one person was pronounced dead.

"Very disappointed with the small part of the community, " a British citizen wrote on Twitter,The violence spread rapidly to the north London to Birmingham city, where groups of young vandals smashed windows and looted shops of local businesses, the BBC reported.

The authorities sent additional police to quell unrest, "We will not tolerate mindless violence and destruction anywhere in the West Midlands, and working to ensure that the perpetrators be identified and arrested as soon as possible" said Assistant Police Chief Sharon Rowe Birmingham.

The unrest also spread to other parts of London on Monday night, with entire blocks burned around Croydon, according to Twitter.

On the streets of London, residents are asked to remain calm when the rioters pelted the windows, burned cars and damaged traffic signs. A middle-aged woman screamed when looters destroyed the window of an athletic store, The Telegraph of London reported"Stop this madness!" She was crying.

"We have stayed here so long, and now you are destroying our community you must stop the war or anyone will be killed Think of the children whose lives you are destroying" National Rail Station is closed due to civil unrest, Neal Mann, a journalist freelance for Sky News to write his tweet.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Gold prices rose more in electronic trading on Asian markets on Friday 5 august after a sluggish stock markets globally and regionally related to investor anxiety about the future of U.S. and global economy.

For delivery in December, gold prices rose U.S. $ 5.90, or 0.4%, to $ 1,665.90 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange in Asian markets. The increase is to cover the fall in the trading session yesterday at the North American market for selling to get the margin after the fall in
the stock market.

Today, Asian stock markets fell sharply after the collapse in New York trading around 4% after rising investor anxiety about the future of U.S. and global economy.

Today the market is waiting for the release of U.S. jobs data that will be announced Friday or Saturday evening U.S. time. And if the data that the result is negative, it will increasingly put pressure on the stock exchanges, while gold prices will soar to touch U.S. $ 1,740 per ounce, and silver rose to U.S. $ 46.80 per ounce.

Tumenggung Jalaturangga still trying to steal the show with a girl who wants to guess Prince Seta Ardha and showed a picture he made. Once approved by the Seta Ardha Prince,then Tumenggung Jalaturangga began to spread his men to find a girl named Raminten as in the picture. Ario Tumenggung who heard the news, of course, very concerned and afraid of losing Raminten.

He still hides Raminten at his home, despite having different with his wife who wanted to send Raminten to the palace.
Nyai Roro complained about the obstinacy Tumenggung Ario on Indrajid. Feel this is a good opportunity to get rid of live Tumenggung Raminten Ario,it plans to report the existence of Indrajid Raminten to the palace.
But the plan was known Raminten which then informs Tumenggung Ario. Consequently Tumenggung Ario with some people and try to intercept the trip Indrajid sister-in-law attempts to thwart.
In the fights that occur, Indrajid killed. This makes Tumenggung Raminten Ario gets confused but calm and called for the death Indrajid kept secret. In the palace, Puspo Kenongo because Tumenggung who were sent scrambling to find Raminten, have yet to find the girl. Gripped by a deep longing in Raminten, Ardha Seta finally slipped out of the palace to find your own girl is his idol.

Ardha Seta departure that the country "is aware", making Puspo Kenongo worried, and asked Tumenggung all included Raspati to find Ardha Seta returned to the palace safely. Ranggawuni,Jalaturangga men accidentall met in the woods after sucking Raminten Indrajid Sari. They follow the direction Raminten departure,which turned out to house Tumenggung Ario. Ranggawuni immediately reported this to be passed on Puspo Kenongo Jalaturangga.

On orders of heir to the throne ,Puspo Kenongo, Tumenggung Tumenggung Jalaturangga Ario went to the house with the intent to pick up Raminten.
But Tumenggung Jalaturangga not find Raminten there, which occurred at the time lost.
Tumenggung Ario was relieved from the fear of losing Raminten. Failure Tumenggung Jalaturangga bring Raminten to the palace, making the wrath Puspo Kenongo and said Tumenggung Jalaturangga can only boast.
Puspo Kenongo increasingly confused and worried, because the circumstances Seta Ardha-Prince became worse because Raminten.

Hip-hop singer Sean Kingston is known in critical condition at area hospitals Miami Beach after a jet ski accident on May 29 last week.

Sean had an accident at 06:00 PM when the jet ski he was riding crashed into a bridge. At that time, Sean also carry local passengers women.
lucky immediately help them through their lives can still be saved,Miami fire department team has also confirmed the news sean accident that brought passengers to the hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Sean reportedly suffered serious injuries and will undergo treatment of post-traumatic accident,According to some media, Sean allegedly drunk while driving a jet ski. However, the news is still not confirmed by spokesman Sean until the news was revealed.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vindictus team released the latest update version of this game is a 1:31 version with the title "Karok" Pillar of Strength "which means that inevitably you have to download a new client installer again the size of 2.52 GB. Even if you already have a client 1:28 version.

basically since January 2011 since the security update that makes the players outside the United States or Canada can no longer play this game through proxifier Is downloading the new client when there is a release of the latest updates. should not depend on the auto update.

it's just will take you to download a new client installer again to issue the latest update,in accordance with its title, in this update there are some major changes from the emergence of new jobs, which is tangible Karok giant pillar with a gun following a team official video Karok Vindictus :

This update also raised conversion stage 2 Paladin and Dark Knight. In addition to this there are several updates that also means good news for you fans, as well as player Vindictus,among other things, to download the latest version of the client update, full version Installer 1: 31 (2: 52 GB)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lucille Frances Ryan is an actress and singer is also New Zealand, which is famous for his role as a powerful woman in the television series Xena: Warrior princess 1995-2001. Through Lucy's role so quickly become known in the community, including in Indonesia.

which witnessed a series of TV stations nationwide sawsta. The actress was born in Mount Albert, March 29, 1968, started acting since I was studying at the University of Auckland, although it later came out of college and struggling with the acting world is marked also support a series Shark in the park 1990 and Hercules and the amazon woman 1994.

Along with that, her marriage to Garth Lawless school friend in 1987, making him have to move to Australia and the world of films in the land of the Kangaroos trough in. However long the marriage was not long, exactly in June 1995, to divorce
and become single parents, for Daisy Lawless born July 15, 1988. Lucille next married to film executive producer of XENA,Robert Tapert on March 28, 1998. From this marriage is blessed with two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert was born 1999 and Judah Miro Tapert was born in 2002, both born in Auckland, New Zealand.

In addition,Lucille Vagina Monologues support the show and guest star in the series The x-files, Just shoot me,The Bernie Mac Show, two and half a man and Veronica mars. He also appeared in TV series, Tarzan,a cameo role in the flm Eurotrip, Spider-Man and horror movies, ghosts. Since her role as Xena,Lucille began her career as a singer, but a new beginning  debut when appearing at the Roxy in Hollywood on January 13, 2007, with the release of the album, Come2Me besama RuPaul.

Friday, 5 August 2011

car maker Honda back problems. Due to problems with the automatic transmission in cars,Honda was forced to pull back (recall) 1.5 million cars including the Accord and CR-V. This is done in the U.S. Honda to up-date software that controls the automatic transmission in the Japanese car manufacturers is to ease the transition between the teeth and prevents damage.

Without updated software, the secondary bearing automatic transmission (automatic transmission secondary shaft bearings) on vehicles that get into trouble can be damaged if the transmission has a gear shifting faster than neutral to drive.

A faulty bearing that can cause trouble to take the car parking gear. "The software update will ease the transition between gears to reduce the possibility of damage," said Honda, However, no injuries or deaths have been reported in connection with this problem. Given the unclear whether will only happen in America or would
involve other Honda cars in the country. Remember he will touch on various variants owned Honda began production of 4-cylinder Accords in 2005 until 2010, the CR-V Element production in 2007-2010 and 2005-2008 production.
policies to recall the products made by Honda for the common good

After 219 years as a symbol of U.S. capitalism, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) took another step was taken over by Deutsche Borse AG, and become the largest financial market in the world.

Besides New York,the NYSE will melt the four exchanges in Europe to the Deutsche Borse. This takeover is a way so as not to miss the smaller exchanges are now quick to join. If an agreement is reached, the prestige of New York, as the central financial transaction, will fade because of investors from other countries can trade from their respective countries, at any time. "Wall Street will be very important, but not as a financial center,because the capital markets already exist everywhere," said Michael LaBranche, Director of LaBranche & Co, a company whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange for 87 years.

Antitrust experts have warned the deal will hit the strictest regulations in the European mergers,Because the new shares will dominate stock trading and derivative transactions in the EU and America. As many as 60 percent of new stock shares owned by Deutsche Borse, and the rest of NYSE Euronext.

Merging the two exchanges to create a market capitalization of U.S. $ 25 billion (USD 225 billion),German Stock Exchange executive, Reto Francioni, will become
chairman, while the leader of NYSE Euronext, Duncan Niederauer will become executive director.

The headquarters will be divided exchanges in Frankfurt and New York. List of global stocks and trading will be based in New York, while the global derivatives transactions based in Frankurt.

While Paris became the basis of technology development and trading of European stocks. In 2006, Deutsche Borse NYSE Euronext beat when buying, based in Paris. In 2008 and 2009, Deutsche Borse and NYSE to discuss the possible merger, but failed due to internal disputes in the management of Deutsche Borse.

A Canadian sports announcer fired for supporting the manager who criticized the hockey athlete support Sean Avery on gay people. Sean incident began when a videotape shows support for gay marriage in New York.

Sean is the first athlete to openly support gay NHL. Therefore, old-fashioned homophobia hockey manager named Todd Reynolds objected. So, when the news
is displayed, the announcer Damian Goddard, events Connected openly agree with homophobia manager.

"I am 100% supportive Todd Reynolds and the support of traditional marriage and the REAL meaning of marriage ,that marriage is only for heterosexuals." It was stated in a twitter in the Toronto Star.

When Sports net TV station bosses read it, Damian was fired ,One of the athletes selected, Henrik Lundqvist, who admitted receiving gifts valued above this.

New York Rangers hockey players the club are even planning to show the Forbes article in his locker door. "I want to always see the text in order to boost my confidence," said Lundqvist. In addition to,the Rangers other players, Sean Avery, who entered the Forbes list also expressed appreciation for the
positive. Appearances athletes can now say a dream most people because they illustrate the perfection of man talented, a lot of money, champion, has good hair, and of course a dress. Even best athlete on the list has remarkable achievements and popularity on average. In addition to Brady,sean Avery,
Beckham, Lundqvist, Wade, Davis, and James, there are some big names in. 15.

The new film from Hollywood called Apollo 18 is the horror genre, tells of the journey of the astronauts to the moon.

scary stories and other stories during the mission to the NASA moon mission that went to the moon ended when they flew Apollo 17 on December 17, 1972. After that the United States decided to stop the lunar exploration.

Unbeknownst to the public, NASA actually launched one more mission to the moon, but the mission ended tragically, and the government was forced to assume this mission never existed. Intermittent one year from the launch of Apollo 17, NASA sent two astronauts actually they use the Apollo 18 flight.

Place so that the goal remained: the Moon. Unfortunately, unlike previous missions, NASA's current mission can not be considered a success. There's something that makes this mission ends messy and forcing NASA to cover the existence of this mission. Apollo 18 successfully landed on the moon.

Unfortunately,the astronauts discover that they are not the only living creatures on earth satellite. There are other creatures that are not of the earth and they are really not friendly. The fate of both astronauts and NASA ended tragically forced to assume this mission never happened.

Meeting of the American economic recession hit the United States Vice President, Joseph Biden with a delegation of Republicans in Congress, failed and ended without reaching any agreement.

Fars news agency quoted the Fox New reports say, Biden failed to persuade lawmakers to agree on solutions enhance the government's debt limit. Level of U.S. government debt will reach its limit at the beginning of the next August and when the time comes and the government of the United States can not find a solution, then the administration of President Barack Obama will be declared bankrupt.

In conversation, Biden begging Congress fails to approve tax increases that would increase government revenues. Following the deadline approaches, Biden and the U.S. Treasury, Timothy Geithner, a closed session for half an hour with a high level delegation of Congress, discussed the plan to increase taxes.

Government proposals to raise taxes Obama is firmly opposed by the Congress at a time when America is currently facing an economic crisis. United States Senate majority leader from Virginia, Eric Cantor,who represents the Republican camp stated, "The government's efforts to increase taxes in the House in Republican hands, will not be approved.

An increasing number of government debt and the continuing economic recession in the United States, increasingly eroding the savings credit of this country.

Coorperation Moody, an international financial research firm and commercial analysis in the United States some time ago, warned of the risk of increased government debt, and if Congress does not reach an agreement in this case, then Washington will be declared bankrupt.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Have you heard or even witnessed the Blind disabled can drive on the highway?
it seems will soon become a reality it seems.

Check this out, the last peak at once noble and creative efforts of students at Virginia Tech who has designed the vehicle can be driven by blind individuals with disabilities. In short,the train type vehicle equipped with a dirt detector array laser, voice command .

interface and a few other systems that respond to the driver about what
around is visible. To be sure this project is the best project of virginia student and not just a record of tech own design.

Because basically, the project has been ongoing and is being tested with a driver off Blind, However, regrettable is the absence of information about what is planned and carried out subsequently by the team for a homemade vehicle.

And of course the glorious hope that virginia tech project be continued at a later date to produce the right vehicle and benefit all.

Today, the Dow Jones index on Wall Street fell sharply during the day.
The Dow Jones fell 250 points, or 3: 41%. It is a record drop since May 1997.
Investors worried about the steps taken by President Obama will not emit a more
effective impact on the stock situation. President Obama began the incentive
package to stimulate the economy to a better America.

Dow Jones shares traded Tuesday (10/12), a decrease of vigilance due to the cargo company FedEx Corporation's earnings fell, and the urge to downsize after the investor made a profit for two days.

Reuters launch, the transportation sector led stocks fall with FedEx drop
by 14.5 percent after the company's statement about a possible decline in profits in 2009 due to global economic slowdown. While the average transportation stocks fell more than 5 percent.

According to Co-Commerce Manager Joe Saluzzi Themis Trading, there are still fears that haunt investors. Trading Yesterday also saw the confusion on the sale of debt securities U.S.Treasury securities are considered the safest in the world.

The Dow Jones industrial stocks fell 242.85 points, or 2.72 percent, to 8691.33. The broader Standard and Poor's 500 and Nasdaq composite index fell 2.31 percent respectively to 888.67 and 1.55 percent to 1547.34. While total sales in perdangangan in New York trading at $ 1.44 trillion, under a year ago, is expected every day at U.S. $ 1.9 trillion, "There is still much fear Now the government pays people to take their money .. There is something wrong, "he said.