Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lucille Frances Ryan is an actress and singer is also New Zealand, which is famous for his role as a powerful woman in the television series Xena: Warrior princess 1995-2001. Through Lucy's role so quickly become known in the community, including in Indonesia.

which witnessed a series of TV stations nationwide sawsta. The actress was born in Mount Albert, March 29, 1968, started acting since I was studying at the University of Auckland, although it later came out of college and struggling with the acting world is marked also support a series Shark in the park 1990 and Hercules and the amazon woman 1994.

Along with that, her marriage to Garth Lawless school friend in 1987, making him have to move to Australia and the world of films in the land of the Kangaroos trough in. However long the marriage was not long, exactly in June 1995, to divorce
and become single parents, for Daisy Lawless born July 15, 1988. Lucille next married to film executive producer of XENA,Robert Tapert on March 28, 1998. From this marriage is blessed with two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert was born 1999 and Judah Miro Tapert was born in 2002, both born in Auckland, New Zealand.

In addition,Lucille Vagina Monologues support the show and guest star in the series The x-files, Just shoot me,The Bernie Mac Show, two and half a man and Veronica mars. He also appeared in TV series, Tarzan,a cameo role in the flm Eurotrip, Spider-Man and horror movies, ghosts. Since her role as Xena,Lucille began her career as a singer, but a new beginning  debut when appearing at the Roxy in Hollywood on January 13, 2007, with the release of the album, Come2Me besama RuPaul.


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