Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Footprints in Sleman Yogyakarta, sleman residents startled by the discovery of giant footprints in the fields.
This invention is owned by the residents Ngaglik,Yogyakarta.

      According to locals, they admit not knowing the origin of giant footprint in the Sleman,But residents admit that the trail is a human invention, not a foreign thing.

    According to one resident who confirmed,Maybe this is the work of leading artists, Thursday Because of this action, residents said that there are some fields that collapse which is the land of the village treasury sultan ground who has on local communities,citizens actually have a few days to see a change this field. However, it was found that resembles a giant footprint on Wednesday, May 18 afternoon.

To avoid damage to form the police give the police line, making it easy to be investigated,Giant Footprints in Sleman that can be solved.

Obviously not known because the factors that cause it. but the police will immediately investigate any differences in the Trace Giant's Sleman. Things like this have actually happened in the first Jogjakarta.

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  1. hanya buatan manusia biasa,,lumayan kreatif,,sebagai bukti bahwa masih banyak manusia2 indonesia yg butuh perhatian, cari perhatian dan hidup sia-sia karena ingin dikenal banyak manusia lain. Tapi ada satu yg disayangkan, manusia semakin menjauh dari zat pencipta dan lupa bahwa ada Yang Maha Mengetahuinya.