Monday, 8 August 2011

Tumenggung Jalaturangga still trying to steal the show with a girl who wants to guess Prince Seta Ardha and showed a picture he made. Once approved by the Seta Ardha Prince,then Tumenggung Jalaturangga began to spread his men to find a girl named Raminten as in the picture. Ario Tumenggung who heard the news, of course, very concerned and afraid of losing Raminten.

He still hides Raminten at his home, despite having different with his wife who wanted to send Raminten to the palace.
Nyai Roro complained about the obstinacy Tumenggung Ario on Indrajid. Feel this is a good opportunity to get rid of live Tumenggung Raminten Ario,it plans to report the existence of Indrajid Raminten to the palace.
But the plan was known Raminten which then informs Tumenggung Ario. Consequently Tumenggung Ario with some people and try to intercept the trip Indrajid sister-in-law attempts to thwart.
In the fights that occur, Indrajid killed. This makes Tumenggung Raminten Ario gets confused but calm and called for the death Indrajid kept secret. In the palace, Puspo Kenongo because Tumenggung who were sent scrambling to find Raminten, have yet to find the girl. Gripped by a deep longing in Raminten, Ardha Seta finally slipped out of the palace to find your own girl is his idol.

Ardha Seta departure that the country "is aware", making Puspo Kenongo worried, and asked Tumenggung all included Raspati to find Ardha Seta returned to the palace safely. Ranggawuni,Jalaturangga men accidentall met in the woods after sucking Raminten Indrajid Sari. They follow the direction Raminten departure,which turned out to house Tumenggung Ario. Ranggawuni immediately reported this to be passed on Puspo Kenongo Jalaturangga.

On orders of heir to the throne ,Puspo Kenongo, Tumenggung Tumenggung Jalaturangga Ario went to the house with the intent to pick up Raminten.
But Tumenggung Jalaturangga not find Raminten there, which occurred at the time lost.
Tumenggung Ario was relieved from the fear of losing Raminten. Failure Tumenggung Jalaturangga bring Raminten to the palace, making the wrath Puspo Kenongo and said Tumenggung Jalaturangga can only boast.
Puspo Kenongo increasingly confused and worried, because the circumstances Seta Ardha-Prince became worse because Raminten.


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