Tuesday, 23 August 2011

conditions for practicing law is very diverse. There are lawyers,legal advisors,
legal consultants, and others. Himself the unwilling, the emergence of diversity, this term was not make trouble. Since then, various organizations that promote to cover.

In fact, today's organizations are doing their best to the Presidency, when they combined. Thin progress between supporters and lawyers. The term lawyer in fact coming from the Dutch language, the Prosecutor.
The word is synonymous with a lawyer. But the language of the era, firstly, in Indonesia, often referred to by counsel. Being a lawyer himself comes from the word " advocat ".

In addition,translated from the Dutch. This is the same as the " defenders of ". Well, the Prosecutor actually represents only one of the professions often defended," What about trial ", he explained. In the same way and with a lawyer. They are scientists who do not want to practice law in court.

No proceedings in the judicial process. Only serves as a legal consultant of companies on contracts and the like. After independence, the Indonesian nation is just beginning to know the lawyers. To get a driver's license in the practice of lawyers should be tested at the Ministry of Justice.

The story to achieve are maps, it was very difficult. the long and complicated Process ,a number of our lawyers in the first days of independence is still very small.

However, the status of the lawyer can trial all over Indonesia. Extensive work with the public. In contrast to the lawyer. In the era of the 1960s, the presence of lawyers has been recognized by the State,Practice permit issued by the High Court. Actually this method followed by the Dutch colonial era.

At that time, counsel for the postgraduate higher legal education. " there are no exams, they may be just so.

these models have become the country's independence. As a result, there are two models of issued permissions,Defenders of the processes in all Indonesia. Advocates of the practice in the jurisdiction of the local Superior Court. This problem extends to the question of the organization. Proponents of forming
its own container. Initially it was established that PERADIN. Then it changed again in Ikadin. Incorporated at the same time, is a defender only. "because of that it should be a lawyer, not a lawyer, said Otto Hasibuan, general President Ikadin to Balance. On the other hand, lawyers formed its own container.

Its name is the Bar Association's Legal Indonesia (IPHI). "We adjusted to the lawyers who are not incorporated in Ikadin," said Indra Sahnun Lubis, Chairman IPHI. However, continued the lawyer in Medan, if you want to compare, IPHI has a number of more members.


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