Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vindictus team released the latest update version of this game is a 1:31 version with the title "Karok" Pillar of Strength "which means that inevitably you have to download a new client installer again the size of 2.52 GB. Even if you already have a client 1:28 version.

basically since January 2011 since the security update that makes the players outside the United States or Canada can no longer play this game through proxifier Is downloading the new client when there is a release of the latest updates. should not depend on the auto update.

it's just will take you to download a new client installer again to issue the latest update,in accordance with its title, in this update there are some major changes from the emergence of new jobs, which is tangible Karok giant pillar with a gun following a team official video Karok Vindictus :

This update also raised conversion stage 2 Paladin and Dark Knight. In addition to this there are several updates that also means good news for you fans, as well as player Vindictus,among other things, to download the latest version of the client update, full version Installer 1: 31 (2: 52 GB)


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