Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The President of Indonesia replied to a letter dated August 18, 2011 Nazaruddin ago. It only took three days, which is also a former cadre in the Democratic Party Nazaruddin ,Susilo bambang yudhoyono ( SBY ) receives an answer from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party,As predicted earlier, Nazaruddin letter was clearly impossible given by SBY.

The substance of the letter sent Nazaruddin, asked Yudhoyono to intervene in legal cases that befell him and his wife Neneng Sri Wahyuni. "In any legal case, involving anyone, I never, never, and indeed should not, interfere in the legal process that must be independent, free from any intervention," Yudhoyono
said in a letter signed on Sunday, August 21, 2011 this .

In a letter read out by the Special Staff of the President of the field of law enforcement and eradication of corruption, the President also asked Nazaruddin
to convey the information he knows. "Tell all the information you know to the Commission, to be judged before the law,so it all becomes clear and complete. Includes information about who should be responsible,irrespective of any element or political party, "writes Yudhoyono gave support to Nazaruddin"

Member of Parliament from the Party "Gerindra" Hutabarat Marin Law Commission judges have the right answer to the President Nazaruddin. Just, Martin warned that if Nazaruddin back to write, the better the president to ignore it "I suggest that SBY does not need to respond again,Simply just this once,"said Martin in Jakarta, Monday .
He was warned not to be impressed by a letter ventilation between Nazaruddin and SBY who have absolutely no legal effect.

While member of the Law Commission of Parliament from PKS Faction Aboe Bakr Al-political Habsy assess correspondence between SBY and Nazaruddin increasingly assert any internal politics in the Democratic Party hostage "There is or there is no letter, Nazar silent or not, the KPK should also check the names of the previously disclosed Nazar and call witnesses in the trial Rosa," he said via BlackBerry Messenger Aboe assess the scarcity of answers a letter to President Nazaruddin.

Because before, said Aboe, Coordinating Minister for Political Djoko Suyanto said the president will not reply to a letter Nazaruddin."In fact it turns out the
answer is read Dean Indrayana. Many other letters sent by the community but never got a response," he remembers.

Answer the President for Nazaruddin is like giving a strong political message to Nazaruddin,Proposals received Nazaruddin president. Although not explicitly found in the letter. Nazaruddin letter which also means an open space eventually filled by the President of the negotiations. Not a message that appears on the outside, but the message contained in the second letter.

point thread SBY-Nazar letter will end up looking Nazaruddin vocal against what he knows. At least, by mail,SBY is expressly commanded to open Nazaruddin convey anyone involved. You can guess from the thread SBY-Nazaruddin this letter. Names that have been called Nazaruddin involved in a series of corruption cases,
are unlikely to be immediately dealt with the law. Call it Anas Urbaningrum, Angelina Sondakh, Mirwan Amir and others.

This means that the reply letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees SBY's Democrat Party is tantamount to an injection of energy for the suspects.


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