Saturday, 27 August 2011

If you are interested and language enthusiasts, and diligent in improving the English vocabulary, you are definitely interested in the game Scrabble.
Scrabble board game is one of the sata one of the most popular intellectual in the world because of the nature of his game that requires players to master a vast  vocabulary.

Scrabble board has 225 squares Of these 225 boxes, 25 of which have a value of 'double letter score' which are bright blue, 12 of whom have the value 'three-letter score', 16 dark blue in between having a 'double word score' value of bright red, and 8 of they have a 'score of the three words' of a dark red.

Scrabble also comes with 100 sheets of letter or called tiles, each of which has a value of letters such as Q10,, z10 X8, J8, K5, H4, M3, D2, A1 and so on. Two of the 100 letters are left blank.
Blank letter could serve as any letter in accordance with the will of the players who get a blank tile.

Tricks to play Scrabble.

Place the letter tiles are of great value in the box as the letter is worth
double three-letter score, and if possible, place the words in the box that says is worth double score three words. use the letter S only if there is no other word because there are only four S of 100 tiles.

Pluralize word's no good, or to add the S on the back of the verb. use if you're pressing the letter N, I, G. Because of these letters can form words ending in ING, which has the potential to play bingo is poured.

Of course all depends on your vocabulary and the size of the tiles you get. If not go to the tile you want, replace the tile with the risk of losing a turn. If you've got to play bingo, but there is no place called bingo homeless, can not pass up bingo location.


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