Saturday, 11 February 2012

           Finally the world get to see what it looks like Beyonce's spouse and daughter face Jay-Z.
photos that appear on the site with your account specifically hello .
In one of the photos seen smiling while holding a Beyonce Blue Ivy.
    There is also a photo of Jay-Z hugging her daughter while sitting. blue-ivy-tumblrJay-Z also shares photos of her daughter on the website of  she's Life and Times while saying,we want to share our joy with you. "Thank you for respecting our privacy in this blissful moment". (Marked) Carter Family.

           Before a few days ago, a month after giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyonce appeared for the first time to
accompany Jay-Z sings at a charity concert in New York. Blue Ivy itself formerly we hear a new song in
 the tangisannya Jay-Z. He has been a sensation since it was born and now Blue Ivy Carter debuted in front
 of the public. Images which can be accessed online on the page
that includes a close-up photo of the baby as well as when she is embraced by both parents.

Monday, 6 February 2012

         Singer Madonna is praising Kate Middleton as ' pretty girl with a great fashion sense ' and admit that she  is obsessed with members of the Royal family of the United Kingdom.
' Wedding dress made Alexander McQueen is extremely beautiful. I like the choice of her (Kate), ' says singer, aged 53 years.

          She is elegant but still know how to have fun. I am a fan of him, '' said Madonna was quoted as saying the page December 7,2011 edition of the Telegraph. Middleton styled Duchess of Cambridge is always young, simple and elegant. His performances have been stealing the attention of Madonna, who has always been performing with unusual clothing fashion, ranging from the cone bra to suit he wore when strict lurex which appeared on the Dance Floordays.

       Since married with Director Guy Ritchie and living in the United Kingdom in 2000, Madonna claimed to be obsessed with the Royal family of the United Kingdom started with the obsession to Queen Victoria.
He was buying a House with a thousand hectares, where she could learn hunting, shooting, and fishing.
Madonna has also become a fan of the fashion tastes of Duchess of Windsor. ' She is dressed with develop
his own style, it doesn't matter whether anyone else likes it or not. I admire individuality, She said.

          by the press in england madonna dubbed ' madge ' who makes songstress this hate until he was told that  this name has links with the kingdom ' i hate when first them (  press ) called me by this name ,
 ' she said .  then a friend tell you that the name was kependekan of ' your majesty ' and so i said
 ' ok , i love  it .

Friday, 3 February 2012

         in the family planning , we need to think resolution for various positive change in any area .
one of the field which is very important than our careers , certainly are the families . success in career  and served 'll gone pales family unkempt well . any success comes from the planning that  is ripe .
        home curriculum made is a series of agreements done parents and all the household to do the joint activity achieve certain goals . to be discussed because this script will include all those who are in the house . make an agreement how to do it , or what if it turns out that the rule violated .

it is going to grow responsibility of any member of the family . the thing is also important ,
if it becomes mutual agreement and everyone way to remind and give strength to one another to succeed to
 accomplish a purpose ,any parents need to understand that success was aimed at planned manner . is quite impossible to say  succeed in doing something if no indicator success itself . then in this , the target curriculum being  yardstick attainment .
                  the family curriculum might contain a plan or the target should get every family  over a given time . can weekly , monthly , or annual . example picture monthly home based curriculum is
as follows :
the first month , target behavioral change of you as parents and children . e g : timely .
 point point including the timely can : home school timely , feeding on time , prayers timely ,
and so forth .

the second month , if assumed your family been able to reach the targets of first ,
then you can add new targets , e g : keeping clean . things can fit into these targets is disposing of
garbage in place , store of all goods in place , or tinkling no smoking House. Do not forget to set up the trash for supporting this target.

3rd month , if the assumed target in January and February have been successful and are still being carried out, give a new
target. Take it easy example: fix communication. You can together agree to get conducted 3 S (smiles,
greetings, say). It can also add salim (Kiss the hand) if the child is going to go the school or home

4th month, tinkling target frugal. That is, each person must do savings: save money shopping,
frugal, frugal electricity allowance, saving water and so on. Can just this month you are your child's
 learning saving in banks, or you install energy-saving stickers at some corner of the House.Set goals accordingly hope your family. As parents, of course you have to be the first person to do things
within the target family. Minimize the failure by doing simple things first dajulu. Simple things such as
daily habits can become a priority the attainment of the first few months. The achievement of all these
simple things will give rise to a feeling of success precisely and passion to achieve higher goals.
Believe it or not, the success of planting character education starting from the easy things like the above,
 at home. If the child is already used to doing this, he will still do it at home or at school.

      safety of the soul apriyani susanti now a first priority  of police . since official detained and become
suspect, alumni institute of  artistry jakarta it threatened she's soul .
has been  detected there was a threat of serious , be able to come up murder, ' a of investigators of drug polda metro jaya.
      for the reason of that , apriyani and three colleagues now get a kind of a sentry special .
each of the suspects accompanied a of investigators responsible of they safely . food of which was
consumed also absolutely sterile of which the origin of threat to it , officer the rank of akp this is
not publishing . that which is obvious , that information invalid because ber dasar intelligence analysis
of polda metro jaya which is also entangled .

    case are and it becomes serious , there is a team spy agent,drug and 've all coordination "he added .on the internet already springing group discussion that urges apriyani put to heavy  even insistence  dead punish . thousands of people a blasphemous apriyani and his friends because drunk in riding a car up to caused lost the life of nine people innocent .
confirmed about  this information , public relation of polda metro jaya kombes rikwanto give answers still in progress for now on.

      this is still  intensive investigation , and so it 's must be kept it used to be , he said . one way of
doing it with restrict the number of visitors . even , they of which there are still the family relationship
though remains banned to meet the suspects . shes after while attorney who are with , while the others are
not yet it used to be , said should indeed be guarded it used to be , he said . one way of doing it with
 restrict the number of visitors . even , they of which there are still the family relationship though
 remains banned to meet the suspects , attorney who are with , while the others are not yet it
used to be.

     Monitoring of this newspaper in front of  House Arrest ,Drug Polda Metro Jaya, all day yesterday
by  the prisoners. Since visiting hours at 10: 00 PM open until close at 15: 00 P.M., there
was only a guest that come. Some times look drug arrest war prisoners wears orange na Dimon out by
investigators. In other parts of the test drug Apriyani Lues flooded so discussion of police science
      Lecturer PTIK Kombes (pur) Dr. Bambang Widodo Umar judged somewhat awkward there are two  different urine examination results. officer  to be explaining because logically a bit strange  if negative, positive afternoon night, said. Moreover, the RS sukamto called checks it turns me
admit could miss not included.police must provide a full explanation to the public because it
concerns the attention of almost the entire society Indonesia,. Find greenbire  in Polda Metro
Jaya, Suharsono Rajab Kapolda Inspector Gladstone explained.