Saturday, 11 February 2012

           Finally the world get to see what it looks like Beyonce's spouse and daughter face Jay-Z.
photos that appear on the site with your account specifically hello .
In one of the photos seen smiling while holding a Beyonce Blue Ivy.
    There is also a photo of Jay-Z hugging her daughter while sitting. blue-ivy-tumblrJay-Z also shares photos of her daughter on the website of  she's Life and Times while saying,we want to share our joy with you. "Thank you for respecting our privacy in this blissful moment". (Marked) Carter Family.

           Before a few days ago, a month after giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyonce appeared for the first time to
accompany Jay-Z sings at a charity concert in New York. Blue Ivy itself formerly we hear a new song in
 the tangisannya Jay-Z. He has been a sensation since it was born and now Blue Ivy Carter debuted in front
 of the public. Images which can be accessed online on the page
that includes a close-up photo of the baby as well as when she is embraced by both parents.


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