Friday, 3 February 2012

         in the family planning , we need to think resolution for various positive change in any area .
one of the field which is very important than our careers , certainly are the families . success in career  and served 'll gone pales family unkempt well . any success comes from the planning that  is ripe .
        home curriculum made is a series of agreements done parents and all the household to do the joint activity achieve certain goals . to be discussed because this script will include all those who are in the house . make an agreement how to do it , or what if it turns out that the rule violated .

it is going to grow responsibility of any member of the family . the thing is also important ,
if it becomes mutual agreement and everyone way to remind and give strength to one another to succeed to
 accomplish a purpose ,any parents need to understand that success was aimed at planned manner . is quite impossible to say  succeed in doing something if no indicator success itself . then in this , the target curriculum being  yardstick attainment .
                  the family curriculum might contain a plan or the target should get every family  over a given time . can weekly , monthly , or annual . example picture monthly home based curriculum is
as follows :
the first month , target behavioral change of you as parents and children . e g : timely .
 point point including the timely can : home school timely , feeding on time , prayers timely ,
and so forth .

the second month , if assumed your family been able to reach the targets of first ,
then you can add new targets , e g : keeping clean . things can fit into these targets is disposing of
garbage in place , store of all goods in place , or tinkling no smoking House. Do not forget to set up the trash for supporting this target.

3rd month , if the assumed target in January and February have been successful and are still being carried out, give a new
target. Take it easy example: fix communication. You can together agree to get conducted 3 S (smiles,
greetings, say). It can also add salim (Kiss the hand) if the child is going to go the school or home

4th month, tinkling target frugal. That is, each person must do savings: save money shopping,
frugal, frugal electricity allowance, saving water and so on. Can just this month you are your child's
 learning saving in banks, or you install energy-saving stickers at some corner of the House.Set goals accordingly hope your family. As parents, of course you have to be the first person to do things
within the target family. Minimize the failure by doing simple things first dajulu. Simple things such as
daily habits can become a priority the attainment of the first few months. The achievement of all these
simple things will give rise to a feeling of success precisely and passion to achieve higher goals.
Believe it or not, the success of planting character education starting from the easy things like the above,
 at home. If the child is already used to doing this, he will still do it at home or at school.


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