Monday, 6 February 2012

         Singer Madonna is praising Kate Middleton as ' pretty girl with a great fashion sense ' and admit that she  is obsessed with members of the Royal family of the United Kingdom.
' Wedding dress made Alexander McQueen is extremely beautiful. I like the choice of her (Kate), ' says singer, aged 53 years.

          She is elegant but still know how to have fun. I am a fan of him, '' said Madonna was quoted as saying the page December 7,2011 edition of the Telegraph. Middleton styled Duchess of Cambridge is always young, simple and elegant. His performances have been stealing the attention of Madonna, who has always been performing with unusual clothing fashion, ranging from the cone bra to suit he wore when strict lurex which appeared on the Dance Floordays.

       Since married with Director Guy Ritchie and living in the United Kingdom in 2000, Madonna claimed to be obsessed with the Royal family of the United Kingdom started with the obsession to Queen Victoria.
He was buying a House with a thousand hectares, where she could learn hunting, shooting, and fishing.
Madonna has also become a fan of the fashion tastes of Duchess of Windsor. ' She is dressed with develop
his own style, it doesn't matter whether anyone else likes it or not. I admire individuality, She said.

          by the press in england madonna dubbed ' madge ' who makes songstress this hate until he was told that  this name has links with the kingdom ' i hate when first them (  press ) called me by this name ,
 ' she said .  then a friend tell you that the name was kependekan of ' your majesty ' and so i said
 ' ok , i love  it .


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