Tuesday, 27 November 2012

       Competition in world gadgets specially tablets getting hotter where many products .
new products springing who want to compete with products more first out. But do the old product will win against exodus newest product?
     Or is the newest product can control market? We see footage news here.
Tablets nexus 7.environment google versus ipad apple. Service providers warranty electronic company square trade hold the two tablets popular resistance, products the nexus 7.environment ipad exodus google and output apple. resilience test tablet carried square trade, product considering they do business in the field of electronics, providing garage services including warranty

      Unsparing; resilience test performed starting from test tough but up to waterproof. First,test tough but done when thrown from shoulder height man. When done, turns ipad from apple defect in form of scrapes and her screen also cracks. While nexus 7 only scraped a little at the back. As is slam test of the height of the table.
     Again nexus 7 from  google superior with total scrapes less than ipad. Last, square trade immerses nexus 7 and ipad th in bath that contains water. The trial is considered important because to anticipate users often wearing or plays tablets in the bathroom. Formerly, the two tablets equally twisted song. Both dipped in tub for awhile, later appointed. Yet,of both products that, nexus 7 at all is no difference. All the functions ran as before products dipped.

        Sounded tuneful, kept the music so also with touch screen. The opposite happened on the ipad. The function is still normal, touchscreen but the voice of song have not been heard from again. Of the outcome of the trial, you don ' t need to do so at home,Enough experience from the results of your resilience test the product of nexus at square trade this.

     Need to know, google and apple is same producer tablets that are currently being compete. Apple as the champion now must face with google that have just launched a tablet of his new deal, namely google nexus7.  -->
        Actor Angus t. Jones, who starred in the television comedy series on CBS in obscene Two and a Half Men, asking the viewers to change the channel. It conveys this request after he claimed a religious enlightenment that make it feel bad liver plays a role in the popular event that teenagers preferred .
      Jones (19) for nine years starting with his role as Jake Harper, son of Alan character played by actor Jon Cryer, invites fans to stop watching the series it and stop ' fill your head with dirt. '
        In a video distributed on YouTube and he made for the Forerunner Christian church based in California, Jones said the teachings of the Gospel has made him uncomfortable with the raunchy humor of the series that became one of the most watched comedy on u.s. television.

        If you guys the audience Two and a Half Men, I beg you stop watching Two and a Half Men, ' said Jones in a YouTube video. ' I was on Two and a Half Men and me (actually) do not want to be there. ' ' If I do bad, I don't want to do it here.
       I don't want a share in the plan of the enemy,You could be the one to fear God if it is on a television show like that, ' he said Reuters was quoted as saying.

        Jones admitted to having studied the Gospel, he felt discomfort again portrays the events in the television series. The makers of comedy series, the television network CBS and Warner Bros., declined to comment on the statement of Jones Have recently character Jones offensive actress Miley cyrus who became guest star with a role as the tempter episode woman in october last year.
      Statement jones on youtube that would create problems for the event comedy that which is already shaken in 2011, following the dismissal of its star charlie sheen, due to the behavior nasty off the screen and clash with the producers of the event.

      Sheen played a figure by which love to women at once selfish named charlie harper. The character of a figure is dispensed to been replaced by a figure of billionaire the internet who played ashton kutcher. Reuters said the event of a comedy had entered 10th season has been watched by around 14 million americans including indonesian and broadcast all over more than 20 countries around the world.

Monday, 19 November 2012

    Singer Christina Aguilera and Rihanna to be a guest star on the show X Factor finals held on Sunday (12/12/2012).
 Because it was too vulgar, their appearance was reaping the protests. United Kingdom television station that aired the talent kicks it received more than 1,000 letters of complaint.

   Their protest with the appearance of Christina and Rihanna is too vulgar when performing at the event. Moreover, the X Factor is showing on the main broadcast.

    By the protestors, clothing worn by Christina when singing his latest ' Express ' was considered too open. The dance Christina and her backup dancers are judged too erotic and not worth watched by children.

    It is similar with rihanna, appearance chanter hits ' umbrella ' it look too Vulgar. When appearing on the stage, rihanna looked costumed as the underwear.
And what responses christina protest against it? ' i thought no said vulgar if it comes to art, ' christina aguilera said.