Monday, 20 May 2013

when was a child, singer nicki minaj admitted ever becoming the bully by friends school. The judges of American Idol admitted raised in family problems and this often make it moves school. ' every time my parents quarrel, my mother asked us to move and i should move to new school . Which means i must adapt again with new friends, ' the story ' i met young maidens who like envy. The molester is wanting me bowed she's self to them and me not to do so. Sometimes there are fights among us. What is clear i will not allow myself to be played. ' chanter song beauty and a beat is also struggling with of commentaries negative about himself, especially since he became a star. However, minaj not respond to that. ' me tell to the youth. If people kept mocking you people and you continue to serve it  was poison, she said. -->
           Who ever of scratch out at the filming, tipped in prison. Is what happened on julia perez who odds with dewi persik. Both mutual report to police, but things jupe who ealier process. Then, what about things depe?
    is long, for all jupe first; depe next. Not concurrent she's cause. Jupe first was tried, been decided. New later in court depe decided.
    At first registered first indeed jupe than depe, ' said public relations east jakarta state court djaniko girsang when met by birenews in his office, thursday ( 4 / 24 / 2013 ).
      Docket depe until now is still in jakarta court east. Djatniko admitted until now his officials has not equipped such file,now again stage gather document completeness.
        Now are awaiting counter memory cassation of the defendant. There was no period, i forgot it. After memory cassation, they gave him a chance for counter memory cassation that. If he had not made The process of that which is admittedly take a very long time. In addition, he must also deals with south jakarta district court,
      the area in which living depe at the moment. ' somewhat long there also is why because we also there is a relationship with the district court south jakarta. We ask a favor to the district court south jakarta, because of its place depe the district court jakarta have it in the region.
      All notification letter from pn east is conveyed into the district court south jakarta. needs to be let me know the letters, ' he said. After this process, the sheaf will be directly proposed to the supreme court to be examined in a level cassation. ' later the award of the supreme court fallen to us. district court will be told the prosecutor and the defendant, both of them so that balanced must  know, ' " he added.  -->