Tuesday, 11 June 2013

        Thousands of indonesian workers in jeddah, saudi arabia raging in the consulate general affairs (KJRI), sunday ( 9 / 6 ) local time. They burned diverse utensil at the entrance of the consulate, and tried to break through to do the burning building. The action was sparked outrage upon the process of documentation.
    One Indonesian worker died during a fire in the office of the consulate general affairs and hundreds of people passed out. Before burn offices KJRI, Indonesian migrant workers had throwing stones because emotions have lining up for a long time, but had not served.
         Some 8,000 tki yesterday come to the office kjri in Jeddah to settle the status of immigration them as illegal foreign workers. The majority of tki this troubled was taking care of a letter travel as passport ( splp ) to get amnesty or bleaching.
       The letter was needed to make a passport or residence permit. Several people were wounded, 1 victims. we still check whether any casualties or how many workers injured, ambassador said indonesia to saudi arabia gatot abdullah mansyur. He said that all staff and diplomats consular safe.
       Crew, civil defense police special forces and an ambulance crescent- red down on the scene to restore peace.way into consulate closed. Witnesses said of flame still on until pm local time.
Firefighters are still seen trying to put it out. The unrest is aftermath of the incident on saturday ( 8 / 6 ).
       The Indonesian women workers raided the consulate to get documentation. At least three women wounded and fainted. The Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia who do not have permission to work, have a deadline of 3 July 2013 to legalized ,the existence and their activities. Document that must be ascertained they have is work visa. A feud between the workers the police, consulates and officials allegedly fueled frustrations workers because the length of the process of identity documents and a lack of organizing in the consulate.we've been having trouble with consulates since we arrived two days ago, said a household assistant from Indonesia who don ' t want her name was published.

              yesterday i fell and hurt because consulates do not know what they were doing and can ' t control masses. the other worker who claims to work in the fields of construction, complaining she can ' t go to the consulate to take care of documentation. believe me, today i just want to go home, he said.
         Selena gomez again captured on film justin bieber and selena gomez paleness is shared buss behind stage the ' billboards music awards 2013 the '.
   Amidst rumors indicate they are breaking up or another date it seems only those who know. See it until now they still flirting before the public.
     Even there also they often show social networking intimated. The chanter ' boyfriend the ' and former player the ' disney the ' is reported will sit with award at the beginning.

        Yet they sat relatively far apart and interaction invisible the whole show. However, backstage at justin and selena looks close together each other and eventually sharing you hugs and kisses in the cheek.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

        The former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was rushed to HOSPITAL due to a lung infection disease ever suffered from a relapse. He was rushed to HOSPITAL in Pretoria.
      Medclinic Heart on Saturday early morning local time. a statement from the Presidential spokesman active currently, Mac Maharaj, the circumstances of men aged 94 years it's been stable, although the disease he suffered more serious.
      Mandela is known to have been suffering from pain during the last few days, but his condition suddenly worsened on Friday night.,The situation is indeed serious about it this time, but the doctors have confirmed that Mandela was in good shape and comfortable, ' said Maharaj .
         Maharaj called the moment Mandela in a conscious state and still breathe using lungs, respiratory tools installed. ' He can still communicate well with relatives who are on the side of his bed,said Maharaj. Today Mandela is in RS is accompanied by all members of the immediate family who is next to his bed.

       While his wife, Graca Machel, who is in London to attend a meeting of the high level directly back to South Africa Saturday and accompany her husband. The doctor also promise to do our best to restore the health condition of Mandela.
      While the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, in a statement that Mandela's nephew was immediately recovered. Except that he asked the public to give space privacy south africa to mandela health to get better soon.

      Utterance was also delivered by british prime minister, david cameron. Cameron ever met nobel peace in 2008 ago, convey his prayer over twitter.
my prayer will always accompanies nelson mandela currently being treated in hospitals in south africa, ' wrote cameron. But according to a spokesman for the ruling african national congress ( anc ) jackson mthembu, public south africa must also prepare for the worst of conditions, considering age mandela that no longer young.
        we will always pray for president mandela and his family. And also urged all residents of south africa and the world to do the same thing for statesman and beloved, our icons madiba, ' mthembu said.

             The ideal Final action on those women's singles tennis final French Open, Saturday (6/8/2013). which bring together Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, the top two seeded tennis player this year.
     Two of these are the strongest tennis players currently out Victoria Azarenka, and now controlled the three top world ranking.

      But if the talk record, Williams and Sharapova is not a balanced opponents. From 15 times to meet, Williams took the lead with a 13-2.
Sharapova wins occurred in 2004. This is the fourth meeting their semi-final doha, this year after the final miami and the final madrid.

       Sharapova prepare well before the match can maintain it for her. Russian this work went 2-0 up early in the game. But serena williams stay calm and stay focused.
       The 31 this year successfully pursuing, turned lead and eventually closes first set with 6-4 having fought in 51 minutes. In the second set williams gave no chance sharapova developing world. Award-winning olympic gold medalist 2012 it closed the second with a 6-4 in 55 minutes. This result ensure williams to the second french open after last gotcha in 2002. Last year serena williams came as fifth seeded, surprisingly, losing in the first round of virginie razzano.
         There is one word that is always in tandem with the world business: debt. Yes, debt as if into a thing that is necessarily in the business world.
     Some say that owe that ' s smart, it was good,indebted in business it even until dare say that owe it ' s an obligation. Really? Whether all successful businessman must be owed?
     Is there an instance of entrepreneurs who succeeded to establish business without a debt? If you want to be entrepreneurs , the position where did you ' re craving:

( a ) a little money have no debts
( b ) a lot of money and a lot of debt
( c ) a lot of money a little debt

       Third thing on top often came upon entrepreneurs in the world. Even our country built with the base of its debts. Then what should be chosen? In my opinion, a choice that is first enough tranquillize for a while.
A choice that is both extremely not advisable. Third, and choice enough advisable to increase to the next item: a lot of money have no debts.

     Yes, indebted  is always be a problem, many people say nowadays it is impossible entrepreneur without indebted,And whose name of its debts not maybe if without interest. So, indebted with interest what percentage would not be an issue, as long as we can have an strategy, if you have to do the manipulation of financial institutions, so that we can still can be richest while many of the debt.

     In fact, true, for an entrepreneur. Successfully without leave much is owed let become vision of major. How? This is where it takes intelligence, creativity, and innovation.
Why almost every entrepreneurs must always relies on indebtedness? And in the end a lot of being stuck in a convolution of a debt?

    It thereby could happen because he did not know when to forward, when to reverse, and when to rest. Emotions and the ambition of private audience who owes much, causing a brave person without regard to its ability, and when that his confidence will continue to grow that builds no effort might happen without debt. Debt in the end be a god, even as if into an obligation to businessmen. Many of them appear cool, fancy with clothing and vehicles super-villain fancy, although its debt more of his wealth.

  So how to deal with it? How if we've been stuck in debt? Of course, if you've been trapped in debt, the key one: pay it !. If you don't owe it, there are still many other ways can be done in building a business without debt.
    But don't have the capital to start a business? Then do a good debt,debt easing. Do not have the capital, forced to owe, or stuck in debt are often referred to as a problem. When true is problem ourselves. Problems that arise are simply signs of trouble. So the solution, change it first yourself, your own mental solve first, fix your own personality first, because that's the real issue in your life.

   an entrepreneur to do in a conscious, unemotional, not really  "crazy ". Why ? because someone who unknowingly in building his riches then he was unconscious build poverty.

Friday, 7 June 2013

       Seven victims the shooting in santa monica, california, united states, on friday ( 6 / 7 ).
      Meanwhile, suspects shooting also killed by gunfire the police. So provincial police chief santa monica, jacqueline seabrooks. Previously reported that the four got his players and arrested.
     police guesses suspects who engages in shooting it is white man wearing a waistcoat wearing bulletproof vest. Suspects armed was involved a shootout with police personnel before he was shot and killed in a library santa monica college.
      There are no police injured in the incident. Seabrooks said a second person which he described as ' a person who draws ', in such cases have been arrested. The incident occurred a few miles from the place of president barack obama is being attended the event the fundraising politics.
     Authorities also found two people were killed in location near fire a house. But, police said it was unclear whether the fire and events the shooting concerned. A spokesman for the california highway patrol had earlier said that some officers have received reports that a man who has some kinds of weapons.
      short, including gun barrel fired at a car passing and one bus in two locations near the college campus right to the west of los angeles. Some students in the library campus describes the state of being ' ve messed up.mean while, the sound of firing echoed so the university students topsy-turvy to seek shelter.

         beaten sriwijaya air stewardess,nur febriyani by a passenger as is his a head of capital investment coordination board at bangka belitung, zakaria umar hadi continue as to beam. This incident began when on a flight of sriwijaya air  with flight number078 of cengkareng to pangkalpinang, wednesday ( 6 / 6 ).
 Then when febby looking at a cellphone zakaria still active. The plane had entered boarding poses here. As usual when the boarding process , stewardess on duty to do displays way safety to the passengers. But when her a seat with number 12e occupied zakaria still a power on his cellphone.

it  had been sitting near to emergency door is not far from where she stood. Spontaneous, Febby directly go to Zakariya and asked him to immediately turn off  his cell phone.
" I saw the telephone keypad of your still burning, so I ask for off  his cell phone," said Febby in a press conference at she's sister  residence, Shita Destya, at Kemang Utara, South Jakarta, Thursday (7/6).

   Febby twice rebuking Zakaria. sHe said both politely and firmly. The second strike, answered with the words of Zakariya. He said it was turned off her cell phone. Not only that, his cell phone and issuing give Zakariya to advance his sign was Febby in conditions off.

Febby  has got rough treatment by Zakaria behind ask, "excuse me, Mr. why Brutes? I only ask that You turn off the PHONE,"  she said. After that, the aircraft take off to Pangkalpinang. Shortly before landing, Febby was at the rear of the aircraft resumed checking passengers. Turns out, she scolds the last passenger has not yet satisfied roughing up Febby. When going down, Zakaria last leave the plane more than other passengers. When other passengers have left the plane depart, Zakaria thus came to Febby.

Anger soon re-emerged when Zacharias saw Febby. He immediately went to Febby and removing the words with a tone of hard. ' Don't be rough, next time, ' said Febby parroting the words of Zechariah while Sniffling. After that, any blows landed on one cheek Febby. Realized her gets rough treatment of Zakaria, she called pilot and tried to save themselves.
 But Zakaria managed to hold her, and for twice men were back hitting Febby. According to Febby, second blow much louder than the first blow. Febby was terrified seeing Zakaria who hit her. SHe immediately grabbed the phone in aircraft. SHe immediately called and told the pilot of the occurrence accidentally overwrite her.

The Pilot then there in the room steering wheel straight out. With the help of some passengers, finally managed to capture Zacharias. However, Zakaria instead rebelled and he was the all-consuming.
"I am the passengers, a king. I buy tickets using money,let her wary" said febby quoted anger zakaria when secured pilot.
Then, zakariya will be brought to a branch office of sriwijaya pangkalpinang airport. But the office had cleared because a late. Finally, sriwijaya crew direct provide reports at a police station pangkalpinang. While febby undergo care and medical check.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

      Who does not know the Vitalia Sesha. Beautiful widow got two sons, she's named up to  skyrocket since the corruption eradication Commission (KPK)   
        associated it with the suspect beef imports and the cleansing of the money Ahmad Fathanah ( Chairman of the prosperous Justice Party ) PKS .

 Ahmad Fathanah indeed often type associated with beautiful women. In addition to Vitalia Sesha, Fathanah also associated with Ayu Azhari, Kirana, the Goddess and the Empress. Related Vitalia Sesha. Various media, both local and national mutual 3 man spread her name, not because she's as a  hot model of some magazine but because she,s received money and a luxury car from Fathanah.
    Then, who is the sexy women that have the original name Andi Novitalia until her ' Shower money  '  and luxury properties by Fathanah? Vitalia Sesha is a model for adult magazines at jakarta . In addition to the profession as a model Vitalia Sesha also participated in the creation of a number of music videos. Also, Vitalia Sesha has also been cast in several soap operas. As a photo.