Friday, 7 June 2013

         beaten sriwijaya air stewardess,nur febriyani by a passenger as is his a head of capital investment coordination board at bangka belitung, zakaria umar hadi continue as to beam. This incident began when on a flight of sriwijaya air  with flight number078 of cengkareng to pangkalpinang, wednesday ( 6 / 6 ).
 Then when febby looking at a cellphone zakaria still active. The plane had entered boarding poses here. As usual when the boarding process , stewardess on duty to do displays way safety to the passengers. But when her a seat with number 12e occupied zakaria still a power on his cellphone.

it  had been sitting near to emergency door is not far from where she stood. Spontaneous, Febby directly go to Zakariya and asked him to immediately turn off  his cell phone.
" I saw the telephone keypad of your still burning, so I ask for off  his cell phone," said Febby in a press conference at she's sister  residence, Shita Destya, at Kemang Utara, South Jakarta, Thursday (7/6).

   Febby twice rebuking Zakaria. sHe said both politely and firmly. The second strike, answered with the words of Zakariya. He said it was turned off her cell phone. Not only that, his cell phone and issuing give Zakariya to advance his sign was Febby in conditions off.

Febby  has got rough treatment by Zakaria behind ask, "excuse me, Mr. why Brutes? I only ask that You turn off the PHONE,"  she said. After that, the aircraft take off to Pangkalpinang. Shortly before landing, Febby was at the rear of the aircraft resumed checking passengers. Turns out, she scolds the last passenger has not yet satisfied roughing up Febby. When going down, Zakaria last leave the plane more than other passengers. When other passengers have left the plane depart, Zakaria thus came to Febby.

Anger soon re-emerged when Zacharias saw Febby. He immediately went to Febby and removing the words with a tone of hard. ' Don't be rough, next time, ' said Febby parroting the words of Zechariah while Sniffling. After that, any blows landed on one cheek Febby. Realized her gets rough treatment of Zakaria, she called pilot and tried to save themselves.
 But Zakaria managed to hold her, and for twice men were back hitting Febby. According to Febby, second blow much louder than the first blow. Febby was terrified seeing Zakaria who hit her. SHe immediately grabbed the phone in aircraft. SHe immediately called and told the pilot of the occurrence accidentally overwrite her.

The Pilot then there in the room steering wheel straight out. With the help of some passengers, finally managed to capture Zacharias. However, Zakaria instead rebelled and he was the all-consuming.
"I am the passengers, a king. I buy tickets using money,let her wary" said febby quoted anger zakaria when secured pilot.
Then, zakariya will be brought to a branch office of sriwijaya pangkalpinang airport. But the office had cleared because a late. Finally, sriwijaya crew direct provide reports at a police station pangkalpinang. While febby undergo care and medical check.


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