Sunday, 9 June 2013

        The former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was rushed to HOSPITAL due to a lung infection disease ever suffered from a relapse. He was rushed to HOSPITAL in Pretoria.
      Medclinic Heart on Saturday early morning local time. a statement from the Presidential spokesman active currently, Mac Maharaj, the circumstances of men aged 94 years it's been stable, although the disease he suffered more serious.
      Mandela is known to have been suffering from pain during the last few days, but his condition suddenly worsened on Friday night.,The situation is indeed serious about it this time, but the doctors have confirmed that Mandela was in good shape and comfortable, ' said Maharaj .
         Maharaj called the moment Mandela in a conscious state and still breathe using lungs, respiratory tools installed. ' He can still communicate well with relatives who are on the side of his bed,said Maharaj. Today Mandela is in RS is accompanied by all members of the immediate family who is next to his bed.

       While his wife, Graca Machel, who is in London to attend a meeting of the high level directly back to South Africa Saturday and accompany her husband. The doctor also promise to do our best to restore the health condition of Mandela.
      While the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, in a statement that Mandela's nephew was immediately recovered. Except that he asked the public to give space privacy south africa to mandela health to get better soon.

      Utterance was also delivered by british prime minister, david cameron. Cameron ever met nobel peace in 2008 ago, convey his prayer over twitter.
my prayer will always accompanies nelson mandela currently being treated in hospitals in south africa, ' wrote cameron. But according to a spokesman for the ruling african national congress ( anc ) jackson mthembu, public south africa must also prepare for the worst of conditions, considering age mandela that no longer young.
        we will always pray for president mandela and his family. And also urged all residents of south africa and the world to do the same thing for statesman and beloved, our icons madiba, ' mthembu said.


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