Tuesday, 11 June 2013

        Thousands of indonesian workers in jeddah, saudi arabia raging in the consulate general affairs (KJRI), sunday ( 9 / 6 ) local time. They burned diverse utensil at the entrance of the consulate, and tried to break through to do the burning building. The action was sparked outrage upon the process of documentation.
    One Indonesian worker died during a fire in the office of the consulate general affairs and hundreds of people passed out. Before burn offices KJRI, Indonesian migrant workers had throwing stones because emotions have lining up for a long time, but had not served.
         Some 8,000 tki yesterday come to the office kjri in Jeddah to settle the status of immigration them as illegal foreign workers. The majority of tki this troubled was taking care of a letter travel as passport ( splp ) to get amnesty or bleaching.
       The letter was needed to make a passport or residence permit. Several people were wounded, 1 victims. we still check whether any casualties or how many workers injured, ambassador said indonesia to saudi arabia gatot abdullah mansyur. He said that all staff and diplomats consular safe.
       Crew, civil defense police special forces and an ambulance crescent- red down on the scene to restore peace.way into consulate closed. Witnesses said of flame still on until pm local time.
Firefighters are still seen trying to put it out. The unrest is aftermath of the incident on saturday ( 8 / 6 ).
       The Indonesian women workers raided the consulate to get documentation. At least three women wounded and fainted. The Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia who do not have permission to work, have a deadline of 3 July 2013 to legalized ,the existence and their activities. Document that must be ascertained they have is work visa. A feud between the workers the police, consulates and officials allegedly fueled frustrations workers because the length of the process of identity documents and a lack of organizing in the consulate.we've been having trouble with consulates since we arrived two days ago, said a household assistant from Indonesia who don ' t want her name was published.

              yesterday i fell and hurt because consulates do not know what they were doing and can ' t control masses. the other worker who claims to work in the fields of construction, complaining she can ' t go to the consulate to take care of documentation. believe me, today i just want to go home, he said.


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